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- Chapter 21: Triangular Fangs -

  Dokugan, the commander of Neo Orca Schutzstaffel paused the group which he is leading and gazed backwards.
  The number of minke whale children who have been taking as prisoners was now less than thirty. The speed did not increase even though the number decreased, there was a fear that they would soon be annihilated unless they take rest frequently since the majority of the remaining calf whales were considerably exhausted. Thus, neo orcas were forced to go very slowly.
  However, there were those who steadily follow the expedition which progress at a snail's pace. The assistant of commander of Neo Orca Schutzstaffel and two subordinates, who were in high credit and sent for repulsion, had not only failed in this very easy mission, but got missing. Besides, the two baleen whales who caught them from the Polynesian waters, have increased their numbers three. It seems to be an adult blue whale estimated from the size.
  I've never heard of such a silly talk; Dokugan thought.
  Of course, just because of the large one is added, it does not go into trouble for Dokugan. However, he felt unspeakable irritability to the baleen whales who are hanging on without giving up despite the clear difference in power.
  It seemed that baleen whales in the back were not grasping the location here. However, since blue whale can use low-frequency sonar with longer propagation distance than any race, discovering them will be a matter of time.
  Dokugan swam to the portside of "Window of Foreseer" who is not sure whether he is sleeping or awake.
"Hello, 'Foreseer'. Is your switch on? Or are you off for work?"
  The eyes of red-eyed orca got suddenly vivid colors and gazed arrogantly at the right eye of the leader of expedition team.
"What is it, the commander of Schutzstaffel? Do not call me who is the Highness' right fin for boring reason."
"Well, see the back for a while. I want you to quickly understand what I mean as you have a big nickname."
  "Window of Foreseer" responded with a displeased voice without giving an eye to behind.
"Pshaw! I know. What a crowd of two or three bearish baleen whales? Do you worry about such a boring opponent as the commander of Schutzstaffel? I did not know that you are such a timid neo orca."
"I'm not worried about it. But, as my intuition..."
"Will you intend to propagate oracle to 'Doom Foreseer'? I never mind. I can read you like a book. Let me show you if you want to see my power."
  As he said, the spokesperson for "Foreseer" turned direction, and drew a circle around the flock like dancing strange dance.
  After a while, a huge shadow approached neo orcas rapidly from the other side of the water wall. When the identity became clear, all of the members of Schutzstaffel held their blow. Even Dokugan felt itch his dorsal fin for a while. The prisoners of minkey children started crying all at once at the front of a horrible monster.
  The red-eyed orca who lent his body to others declared with a ruthless smile.
"Make sure of the power of 'Doom Foreseer' with your eyes. Go, the emissary of Mono-Ceti! Give eternal death to the vaulting whales!"
  "Death Emissary" casted gaze that never feel warm them, quickly turned around and aimed at the direction of the south waiting for the prey. Its big circle eyes were shining a magical red light like the moon on the horizon same as "Window of Foreseer".
  After seeing off the second attacker backed again to the other side of blue haze, Dokugan turned to Joey who trembled closely with Mel and said with a voice of compassion.
"Well, Boy. Your mum also got a very short straw. It would be better to be killed by our charitable fins than to crunched with such large triangular fangs, wouldn't it?"

  Claire and her two colleagues tried to enter the sea right under the equator by changing the course from east to north. There were several reasons to change the course.
  Claire and Cherokee asked from Douglas that he was on the way to "Back side" from "Front side" in order to compare his entries with history. The old "historian" passed between both hemispheres every few years. Because of the elderly, Douglas pledged to abandon social life and devote himself to his own destiny and was on a journey on a cruising history that would not be tied to a regular round trip course. Three whales took actions differently from their companion due to their circumstances, so they met each other at times and places where it could not be thought normally.
"I do not care about delaying it one or two years."
  Although Douglas said so, Claire decided to go over the equator and head to the sea of "Back side" together as she should not interfere with his precious work. Cherokee also agreed wholeheartedly as a unique opportunity to see the world opposite to where he live for the first time.
  Also, there was reasonable collateral as she decided to go north. Maintaining a straight course to the east, they will hit the Humboldt current that northwards the continental west side. But it is hard to imagine that the killer whales accompanying Joey go back to the Antarctic Ocean in the midst of the cold weather.
  And although the last motivation was not particularly grounded, it was the most important thing. Claire 's sixth sense was telling her that Joey is moving north. Its sensitivity gradually increased compared with the past, became easy to grasp the direction and distance as well, and now it was working as a compass for her. Whatever else other plausible reason be, she would first have listened to her son's voice in her heart and chose the way to go.
  On the ocean near the equator where the trade wind from the north and south collides and cancel each other, the wind blows hardly. Instead, seawater warmed by intense sunlight evaporates vigorously here, clouds are made one after another, bringing rain. The equatorial zone of the everlasting summer where annual rainfall reaches ten feet is the most heavy rainfall in the world. Water repeat rising up the sky and falling down the sea, there is no time to really rest. In the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean where Claire is located now, the water temperature is not so high as the tropics due to the influence of the cold Humboldt current, but cold water supplies steam more quickly by touching the warm atmosphere.
  Claire and colleagues spent the day when the sun shining high above the sky and the days when the gigantic columns of cloud cover it and the rain pours down in turn. Large grain rain hitting the water surface was a hindrance for searching Joey. On a rainy day they dive into the depth except for rising to the sea for breathing and wait patiently for the rain clouds to squeeze the moisture completely or they have moved to a sea area without rain.
  Compared to the caprice sky, the south equatorial current with fast flow velocity in the sea holds the westward flow stubbornly. Since the equatorial sea runs strong current such as south equatorial current, equatorial countercurrent, north equatorial current alternately in opposite directions, even whales can hardly break through here.
  Douglas who has experienced breaking through the equator many times, proposed that it would be better to consider looking for Joey after going "Back side" since the killer whales are not staying in the gap between the currents of the equator.
  Claire got a little uneasy whether she could grasp the call of Joey, who had been separated at all in an unknown sea, but she decided to accept Douglas' opinion here.
  On the day they decided to go through the mainstream of the current, the sun has seen his face from the clouds after long rainy days. Claire and her colleagues made a triangle formation and progressed. If the first whale becomes tired, it is the dimension to change in turn.
  As usual it was only when passing through the storm zone around Antarctica that Claire crossed the strong tidal current. Since the flow is opposite to Westerly wind drifts, the water pressure is sensed on the right side of the body, so she felt that she is on the way of leaving "Embrace Sea" and entering "Fertile Sea" despite pointing north. But even though it has kept the remnants of the cold current that turns off the coast of South America, she did not feel the coldness that will tighten her body.
  While traversing the South Equator Current, the three whales continued to swim smoothly. When they are trying to reach the median strip of two tidal currents going backwards beyond the flow path, Claire who was at the head suddenly eased up the speed.
"What's up, Sister?"
"It's cold..."
"What? Here's just above the equator?"
"Shall I change?"
  Cherokee and Douglas cuddled closely with Claire who ceased swimming and was trembling.
"Someone is watching..."
  Claire, who was holding the pectoral fin, cried out as she raised her face.
"Something happened to Joey!"
  The two male whales who did not feel such a strange feeling looked at each other's faces. However, Douglas perceived some sign in the north direction after a while.
"Someone's coming to here."
"Are those killer whales?"
  Cherokee asked in wonderment.
"No, it's alone. Besides, it's so big size."
  The three whales watched by ears behind the water wall separating the western stream and the east stream. Soon after, Claire and Cherokee also knew that the big shadow came towards them at high speed.
"It seems to be a total length of sixty feet."
"Then, is not a fin whale? Maybe, it is a 'Historian' of a journey like you, or 'Evangelist' who goes from 'Back side' to 'Front side'."
  Cherokee who was struck with terror for a moment as thought that it was pursuer of killer whales, felt relieved. He relaxed early as he found a new talker, but Douglas and Claire did not break the attitude of vigilance.
"No, it seems that the situation is different for the same whale fellow."
"I have a bad feeling about something..."
  Certainly, if the opponent is a whale, it should send them one of the greetings as soon as it is closer. But this new big creatures came straight to Claire in silence without saying anything just like aim at the prey.
"Apparently it looks like a shark."
  Whale with horizontal caudal fin and fish fellow shark with it vertically have different directions to undulate the body, so it can be quickly distinguish by how to swim.
"You say about a whale shark, don't you?"
"Unfortunately it is incorrect."
  Cherokee was meant to refer to a whale shark which is swimming in the South Sea alone. Even though they say sharks, they are a gentle type to eat plankton, and baleen whales have a close affinity with this large fish which is similar in character. They are also the only bulk owner, comparable to whales as normal size. However, it is impossible for a easygoing whale shark to bring out such a tremendous speed.
  The second candidate was the exact opposite type to them, and this was the opponent they do not want to become closer.
"It's a great white shark."
"No way!"
"You must be kidding! I have never heard of such a big great white shark!"
  Great white sharks living mainly in the tropical ocean area are the most feared types of ferocious carnivorous sharks. They are threatening their name as a gang of the sea all over the world, and a few child whales in "District" have been their victims every year. Some of great white sharks grow rarely more than adult minke whales. However, the size of the opponent who is approaching them now was more than double of the maximum size, it was exceptional.
"There is not such a record in my history. It may be a new species. But I would not bet."
  At that time, a metallic sharp sound reached the ears of the whales. The shark rocked his huge triangular fangs. The three whales scared to that horrific sound by threat in an instant.   In particular, for Cherokee it was awakened by a fear experience of childhood not appreciated. When he was still tiny, he was being chased by a great white shark and nearly being bitten a fin. He was safe because his parent came, nevertheless, the memories that felt horrible at the child age haunted deep inside his heart like anisakis sprawling into the intestinal wall, and now he got to jump up just by hearing a shark. Perhaps, his trauma may be tailing to his unwillingness.
"Let's turn back!"
  Cherokee turned over before he finished talking, and ran at full speed.
"Wait, Cherokee!"
  Claire also chased after the Cherokee who ran without looking aside. Douglas raised his voice trying to hold back the two whales.
"Don't go over there! If you go against the flow you will lose your speed and your physical strength will be exhausted! Besides, the shark sniffs the smell. Proceed downward of the stream!"
  However, Cherokee got into panic completely and he seemed not to enter his ear the two colleagues voices.
  I did not think that he is strong against sharks, but I certainly did not think that sharks were the best weak for him; While looking at the back of Cherokee who screams and escapes, Claire murmured in her heart. Douglas also followed them from behind reluctantly.
  The three whales entered the midst of the current again with the flow left. The great white shark still kept going for them.
  Shark's family have a variety of sensory organs outstanding among the creatures of the sea. Unlike whales who can not sniff, they have a very well-developed sense of smell and are sensitive to even a slight smell of blood. Their sharpness of hearing as well as whales, so they can hear faint sounds when a hurting fish struggle from a distance of thousands of feet. Also, their eyes with excellent sensitivity to light accurately capture the position of prey in dark water. In addition, even in a muddy ocean where the vision is not clear, even in the violent flow that sound and smell does not reach, they have a great way to explore prey. There are organs that feel weak electricity emitted by living things at the tip of their sharp heads.
  Equipped with these excellent detectors, sharks are transforming the whole body into weapons to capture prey. Their streamlined body creates high speed propulsion, and tough skin efficiently transmits muscle power from the head to the tail. Their skin do not get wrinkle with slacking inside when the body is bent, so it is possible to turn freely without lowering the speed.
  And, most of all, their weapons are a sharp teeth and a powerful chin. Unlike the bony fish such as tuna and snapper, all the skeletons of sharks are made of cartilage, but only teeth are prepared firmly covered with hard enamel. The teeth that have mountain shape and sawed edges are fallen inward and never miss the prey captured once. Spare teeth are tightly overlapped inside the teeth aligned in line in the mandible, waiting for turns to break the bone and flesh. Even if their teeth are missing or chipped, they will not inconvenience to capture food as old age because there are as many changes as possible.
  In the severe survival struggle of the ocean, the sharks mobilized all these abilities and survived as many as 300 million years, still reigning as the strongest creatures of the ocean world lined with killer whales.
  The huge great white shark was pursuing them in defiance of strong flow of the current. Meanwhile, the three whales have begun to feel shortness of breath since as soon as they have struggled hard current and have turned over again. Cherokee, who left Claire and Douglas and went out first, came to the end of the three and was breathing hard. So you should have heard what Douglas says; Claire thought but it was too late now. Douglas could not swim as fast as young whales because of his age, Claire was running out of fuel because she had not given enough nutrition in "Fertile Sea" and had brought out a tremendous speed anymore.
  The great white shark has finally approached so close that the nose tip reaches Cherokee's tail at last.
"Go ahead and go away! Eating a humpback whale is not good!"
  Claire retreated to made Cherokee go first, and she sailed zigzag while watching the attitude of the enemy which is twice the size of her body. Sharks often come to sniff the smell of blood at birth in "Embrace Sea", so mother whales are bullishly chasing away sandbar sharks and tiger sharks who persist babies. Although the opponent was smaller than her, of course. However, the huge great white shark did not go through with the protruding nose as Clare's gesture saying "I'll break your nose with my tail when you approach even a single swim!".
  The great white shark did not immediately attack the whales, but overtook them and tried to go in front of them from the side. Claire tried to turn the course to the right, but the huge shark skillfully turned and blocked their retreat. The three whales were forced to stepping on at last, and has only watched the monster shark who swim around them gradually narrowing the radius while drawing a circle.
"Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Meta-Ceti! Please help me!!"
  When it might already be the last time, an idea not suitable for this scene came across Claire's head. Sharks that take away the lives of baby whales are definitely natural enemies that can not be liked for whales, but the elders have always admonished that you should not hated even if children are killed. Same as we are guaranteed tomorrow by eating krill, sharks or killer whales are connect their own lives in those ways.
  Sharks are passing by a cold-blooded creatures that they become not to understand the prey from the colleagues if they smell of blood, but they also have their own society, and they are communicating with each other. Some races hunt together in cooperation with the group. According to the "Bio-observer", many species of sharks are ovoviviparous, so mother sharks bear up baby in their belly as well as whales until they can live on their own. Spiny dogfish, the small shark living in the deep sea feeds the unborn baby longer than a whale, for as long as 20 to 24 months. Also, the species that lay eggs protect the inside baby with durable shell. The shell of that egg is strangely impressive in shape with a long string-like protrusion or a spiral shape. Sharks standing at the top of the sea creatures are living a way to nurture a few children as much as possible. When there is no appetite usually, they will not look out as well even if a small fish is doing fine in front of them.
  The sharks called the outlaws of the sea coexisted with many weak races in accordance with the rules of the natural world properly set up by Meta-Ceti.
  Nevertheless, why did this monster great white shark have aimed at them? Would it be something special purpose to take three healthful adult whales at the same time? Sharks are not sure what they are always thinking, but Claire felt somewhat intentional on the cold crimson gaze of this shark poured into them.
  Suddenly, Claire remembered the cold that struck her just before this shark appeared. She thought; maybe the fear that Joey felt when seeing this shark was transmitted at that time.
"Did you stay with a child of a minke whale, Shark!?"
  As Claire tried to go out toward the shark suddenly like she was mad, the other two whales held her in a hurry.
"Don't lose your mind, Sister!!"
  When three whales were engaged, another black shadow unexpectedly appeared. It came up from the depth, turned quickly, and rushed to here.
"Someone newly came! The total length is also sixty feet."
"Eek, have the fellow come!?"
  The shadow shrank away and jumped into the bosom of the gigantic great white shark in a straight line while they were looking. "Watch out!"
  To the sudden happening, the three whales did not understand exactly what happened. The next time they saw the appearance of the great white shark, who received a body contact of the newcomer on the embankment and was struggling with his body being twisted. they came into their eyes was the appearance of a white shark, who received a body contact of the newcomer on the belly and struggled.
"Who is it!?"
"Is he a cachalot whale?"
illustration   The giant great white shark who suffered damage once got back on its way, and took a challenge to the newcomer enemy without being afraid of anything. The mysterious cachalot whale took Jaws' attacks with his firm forehead. The sharp triangular fangs which makes everything right in two if it enters into the mouth also unable to compete with the sturdy forehead of the emperor of the tooth whale, it only added a new one above the numerous scars that are proof of the battle. The cachalot whale continued to gave head-butt a few times on the side of face or belly of the shark, then put fins in his mouth and pressed.
There are also some weaknesses in sharks who seem no enemies. They can not breathe unless they swim all the time and send a fresh water current to the gills. The fish world champion was confined to the mammalian opponent whose size was almost the same and who is ahead of the stamina, rampaged at the beginning, but gradually fell into breathing difficulties and caused cramping.
  The cachalot whale finally swayed around the great white shark, and slammed the body with a tail made of a mass of muscle. shark cartilage skeleton with the weak structure did not have to endure repeated strikes, and the game was finished quickly.
  The monster great white shark sank down into a dark and stagnant depth, with its belly upwards waving the body in small waves. The vivid red color disappeared from the open empty eyes.

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