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- Chapter 30: Noble Hearts -

  Since the affair of Cherokee occurred, Claire only got an ambiguous reply when Sharon talked to her between work. Sharon racked her brains a change in her attitude, but since there was no days until the Super Pod and she was forced to prepare for it, so she had no time to confirm the source of misunderstanding.
  Claire thought that only some injustices were threatening Cherokee, it did not mean that she could not trust Sharon or her "District" itself. However, she could not solve the vigilance at any cost. The information about the abductors did not reach at all, so she felt irritated that she could only wait for it.
  Looking at such a depressed mood of Claire, Douglas went to consult with Stella.
illustration   Next day the four whales were invited to the orca race "Chief Governor" and came to one quiet cove where the orca themselves also rarely visit. The big trees growing on the shore have calmed Claire's mood without knowing why. There was a sacred atmosphere that was convincing to have a special meaning for killer whales.
"Welcome, everyone. Thank you for accepting my invitation."
  The old female chief greeted customers with only her alone without accompanying.
"Isn't it annoying for us to partner in the busy schedule?"
"I leave the command to Sharon and all the young whales are working tirelessly, so do not worry about it. It is a strain on the old body not to take a break even me. It is not healthy as a whale to work non-stop all day long, isn't it?"
  Stella joked with a gentle smile and negated diffidence of Claire who felt sorry for her concern.
"I'm sorry that I could not bring in useful information even though I had kept you by force. Here is the cove that our 'District' uses for reminiscences. Let me show you the story of the orca race after this. Legally speaking, we do not disclose to different races folk tales that have been inherited from generations, but I must make amends for sinful acts by those who divide the same blood. I think that this story will be helpful you to know a little about the opponent who confronts you."
"No! There is nothing to do with you and everyone of the Vancouver 'Scale Faction', and those who kidnapped my son are completely different creature who are similar in appearance but contents are not similar to you orthodox killer whales!"
  Stella continued ahead with a gentle look full of gratitude and consideration to Claire who strongly denied the responsibilities of them.
"This is not only for you but also for our own responsibilities to Meta-Ceti. If you listen to the story I'm going to talk, you can see the reason. I have also been training as 'Narrator of the Past'. Serving as 'Chief Governor' for a long time, I feel that I have need to acquire skills for other occupations as well. I can not speak eloquently like a professional 'Narrator', but please lend me your ears for a while."
In a place for folk tales where seemed to be a silent world created at the border between the earth, the sea and the sky, a stagnant story of the modest elder orca has started.

On the nobility of orca "If any creatures eat and be eaten, which kind of species will you stand on the top? Have you ever felt doubtful so? All creatures keep balancing without being increased too much by being eaten by natural enemies, but as the relationship of to eat and to be eaten continues, in the end, it should be reached one species who only eat unilaterally without being eaten anyone. If so, will that animal multiply enough to fill the ocean to eat all other creatures, and then eventually even destroy themselves?
"The answer is simple, the top creature is nothing after all. The relationship of to eat and to be eaten is not only one set for each race and also not a one-way traffic. No matter how strong animals have natural enemies when they are young or when they grow old, and even they can not resistant to parasites or pathogens. Besides, the relationship of to eat and to be eaten is not strong and weak but it is equally important to each other, so that worry is useless. That is exactly as written in the first article of 'Co-existence Contract' which we creatures interact with everyone.
"Though, you may think like this. It may be so in terms of relationship among species, but eventually, is there a strong and weakness when comparing power between each individuals? That strong animal is superior to other animals in terms of horsepower, speed and brain, so the race someday may develop such abilities and try to eradicate other living things to take advantage as a group?
"Indeed, the fact is that there is no universal power or wisdom which can be applied to any environment and any opponents in the diversity of the natural world, and each species has its own personality and strong point. However, when thinking about a landscape such as the sea, the forest, the grassland and the sky, there are certainly strong animals that are located at the top of each ecosystem. Speaking of the sea, one of them is orca, that is our race.
"Such powerful races may have wickedness to conquer other creatures and dominate the ocean. Sadly, because Meta-Ceti did not like to completely stereotype living things she created, it could not deny the possibility of such a situation by any chance. To avoid it, Meta-Ceti made them have some traits. It was 'pride' as the race. In preparing this property, it was not easy even for Meta-Ceti to do with it and she seems to have had a lot of hardships. Let's see how much she had struggled.
"Meta-Ceti has really created various types of creatures so far, but she does not have an intention to expand endlessly. For example, she stopped to enlarge creatures size until as blue whale or giant sequoia, and set limits for each in terms of speed, endurance, depth of dive and so on. Nevertheless, because she arranged all species to have humorous individuality without superiority or inferiority, there was never a loss of nature's richness.
"In such circumstances, the killer whales were the top class talent in various abilities including swimming speed, strong muscular power of the tail, powerful fangs, high sensitivity sound wave detection ability, and so on, so literally they are number one in the marine living world in the total score. In terms of wisdom, they have aptitude to hunt in cooperation and to devise capturing difficult prey. They are also not very particular about food, and eat everything such as squid and fish (including sharks in it) of various size, penguins, seals and fur seals, dolphins and porpoise who is their closest relatives, even huge whales, and moreover they were gluttons. In addition, they settled in the oceans all over the world, from the polar sea north and south to the equatorial sea, from the coast to the middle of the ocean.
"At first Meta-Ceti thought that there might be such type of animals, but after a while she said 'Oh dear!' regretting to create them a little. Though, of course, she is a modest female so she does not loud. They had spread quickly in the ocean and increased the population.
"When She bothered her mind, the killer whale themselves brought an appeal against her.
"'What's up, my dear grandchildren belong to the orca race?'
"'Ye Meta-Ceti, the great whale created our race. We are in trouble as food becomes less gradually. What should we do? Maybe, is there something shortcoming with us?'
"The representative of 'Chief Governor' of orca widely spread black pectoral fin to her and said so. Meta-Ceti asked their own ideas on this occasion.
"'To tell the truth, I am also a little puzzling about that as well. I can not leave something as it is without taking a measure. I will deprive you some of the ability I gave you, or, I will give you attribute of the "pride" instead. Which is better for yourself?'
"'We feel sad that we have lost the abilities you gave us expressly. So, it is better to be given that "pride".'
"'It is OK. Then, let's envision that way.'
"In this way killer whales got 'pride' as new ability from Meta-Ceti. However, the situation had not improved even after the lapse of time. Since it is no good at this rate, the head of the killer whales again appealed to Meta-Ceti.
"'Oh, Meta-Ceti Almighty. Unfortunately we are still in a state of plight. We don't quite understand yet how to use "pride" you gave. What is "pride" in the first place?'
"'I have already given you the ability to feel something "proud". However, it is up to you to decide what to "pride" for and how to set "pride" socially. You are the first in the creatures to have the "proud" nature. So, for me, this is one bet. But with that, you can break through the situation and save yourself as well as other creatures. I do not want to think that the wonderful abilities that I gave to you are "evil" that can not help you for destroying other creatures by having it, and I also want you to prove that is not true. Do you understand?'
"'I can not say that I understood it well enough, but let's make efforts to live up to your expectations.'
"Certainly as she told, the 'proud' mood was vaguely captured, but it was still ambiguous like the pattern of the light that insert from the waves. Then the killer whales gathered the forehead protruding roundly and discussed seriously.
"Some one said; 'It is "pride" to respond to the trust of Meta-Ceti.'
"And another said; 'It is "pride" to open our way by ourselves without relying on Meta-Ceti. If we do just as she tell, Our "pride" will be hurted.'
In any case, everyone's opinions were in accord that 'pride' is very difficult. "Anyhow, they decided to gradually learn how to use 'pride' while keeping communication with Meta-Ceti for the time being because they think that it is only way to improve according to the situation while operating.
"One orca proposed to put the various abilities given to Meta-Ceti as the subject of 'pride' for the beginning. Then they decided to 'pride' for the excellent power and wisdom of their race. Many orca members accepted this "pride" quickly. However, they became enthralled by their own abilities, trained skill with disciplining, competing for deftness, and showing off how they are winning over others. Therefore, the amount of prey has become increasingly scarce.
"The representative of 'Chief Governor' again asked for assistance to Meta-Ceti.
"'We still can't master "pride" satisfactorily. What is wrong with us?'
"'The fact that the result is getting worse is because there may be a problem somewhere. What do you think of yourself?'
"'I feel that our ability as a gift from you is certainly "proud". So, perhaps the cause seems the way to hold "pride".'
"'What does that mean, for example?'
"'Chief Governor' answered after thinking about it.
"'I think that we could not handle the abilities that should be "pride" as worthy of "pride".'
"'That is correct point. I gave "wisdom" as one of gifts for you. Use it as much as you can "proud".'
"Well, as a next attempt, an opinion was submitted that it should put the foundation of "pride" on the orca race itself with a lot of such abilities. This "pride" also established as soon as possible. However, this eventually led to a sense of superiority of their race. Tendencies to show the differences with other races and to disdain other creatures as being at a lower level than them were spread.
"'Why do we necessary to think about other poor living things despite being such excellent race?'
"Some of the owners of extreme 'pride' have begun to hold up the claim so. This should not make situations better.
"'Oh Meta-Ceti, Mother whales. Inconveniently, it seems that "how to pride" has become strange again.'
"'I agree it seems like that.'
"'It's hard to say, but there are those who advertise that "Your lesson is wrong, you should bring grace only to the orca race" among us. Erroneous "pride" got rampant and I was in trouble as "Chief Governor".'
"'There may be such a "pride". Don't you think so?'
"'The orca's leader was baffled to the word of Meta-Ceti. Please do not say such a thing. I understand that such "pride" is wrong as "pride".'
"'How is it wrong?'
"'That is because ... we would swim the way to destruction as a result. "Pride" like admitting the current situation can not be said to be wise "pride".'
"'Then, my idea "pride" itself may be wrong, right?'
"'It's too humble! Perhaps we still do not understand the nature of "pride" well. there may be something missing. We will try again.'
"'As they can not fail this time, the group of selective administrators of the orca race devised an idea to make 'love' as 'pride' after a long discussion. This 'pride' had taken more time comparatively to popularize to everyone. Because 'love' is also a concept that was hard to define as well as 'pride' itself. Although, since there were also familiar love like as to children, pair partners and pod companions, so they tried to hold 'pride' in love on that line.
"This attempt seemed to be a success somehow, but bankruptcy gradually began to disappear. As killer whales love those who are familiar and make the depth of their affection 'pride' too much, so they have forgotten the care for others. They gathered only those who were tied to strong affection, and a perilous mood was born with other groups. In order to prove how deep their love are, those who began fierce conflict had appeared. It had been bogged down and not an occasion for recovering normal order to the living world of the sea.
"'Oh, Meta-Ceti! We are lost! We may not have any qualifications to get "pride" either. Neither sea nor the orca race will be spoil as it is.'
"The representative of 'Chief Governor' mourned to Meta-Ceti.
"'It does not like the "proud" killer whale race to say such whining. You have been certainly on the right track and you can analyze and judge the reason for the failure, so you will not give up yet.'
"'I think that you are not fully utilizing matters for reflection that you have considered exactly. Please think about carefully just one more time. It is not too late to forsake "pride" even after winning "pride".'
"Following the recommendation by Meta-Ceti, the killer whales decided to rework the problem again. The reason they first made a mistake was because they did not use powerfulness and wisdom to 'pride' since be constrained its content. They already have what they can be 'proud' of, but when they show off it throwing their weight around 'proudly', 'pride' has become an unreachable thing. Next, trying to attach 'pride' to the meaning that their race is a different exception from other races was the source of failure. They regretted that before they thought that they were the 'proud' race, they should have acted as the 'proud' race. Thirdly, it seems wrong to select love as a object of 'pride' merely. They should think more about not what we can 'proud' but why we can 'proud'.
"Then, how should they behave as truly 'proud' race? How can I alive 'pride'? The orcas suddenly came to realize that they would become the first race to have 'pride'. They can truly 'proud' superior talent when they can make good use of the ability, which is possible to break the good relationship with other races and make Meta-Ceti sorrowful, without making mistake and runaway.
"As a result of frequent reflection of the situation, they learned to save power. Because of their mighty strength, they bear in mind modest and discreet attitudes. So they showed inherent wisdom. Orcas dispersed and got the bread according to each nature. This is the origin of the separation of 'Fur Faction' and 'Scale Faction' and various eco-type under the sects. They respected courtesy and built various unique manners, ceremonies, and strict rules. 'District' and pod system, moderation in breeding, etc. were introduced at this time. They strived not to arrogant with 'pride' rising, and learned to respect and to live together those who do not have strength and could be killed easily if they want. They felt 'pride' when they could find dignity and love for everything, not make blind and selfish love as 'pride'.
"At first it was thought as contradictory to nobility, but they found that unexpectedly they can feel 'proud' honestly when they tried it, and also become to be looked awesome from different races. The orcas who woke up to the real 'pride', after that, have never again lost it as a slave of 'proud'.
"'Oh Meta-Ceti, great whale nurturing all living things and watching the world. We seems to be in time somehow. This is all thanks to "pride" you gave us. I appreciate for your patronage. We are very incomplete, so we find pleasure of life and "pride" for that reason. We will continue to devote ourselves to the future without haughty, so please lend us wisdom and help to inexperienced our race.'
"The heads of the killer whales met Meta-Ceti with uneventfully fresh feelings.
"'I am also happy. I am "proud" that you have confronted the difficulties with yourselves and learned how to solve it. Please do not forget it.'
"At that time the representative of 'Chief Governor' noticed that Meta-Ceti always directed them to think themselves and to reach there without damaging the 'pride' of the race, and appreciated her again.
"Then Meta-Ceti has made each of the other whales, including other whales, hold up 'pride' in the way that is appropriate, as one of the prescriptions of trouble in the more complicated world. We orcas being their descendants are very 'proud' that they were chosen as the first candidate and did not disappoint her expectation."

"How was it? It seems to be somewhat self-praising. This tale is originally for the same race and to instruct as reprimand and encourage the race when we are losing 'pride'."
  After finishing talking, Stella like a model of humility added.
"Well, I guess when watching everyone of orcas belong to Vancouver North 'District'. You have been keeping the nobility same as the tale."
  Both Claire and Douglas agreed with Cherokee's impressions. But only Jansen, whose talent is rude manner, expressed his thought typical of him;
"I feel that it seems like your race, but I don't think that it is good or bad particularly."
"Then, maybe you will understand why we indignant against the heretical killer whales you chase."
  Stella casted down her eyes and blew sigh. In other words, that killer whales group broke the oath to Meta-Ceti for the first time in history of the race, and brought disgrace on their "pride". Her heartache was understandable.
  While listening to the tale by Stella, Claire had one thing to felt. Though it is a mighty being as an enemy of the same minke whale, it means that there is too much difference between "Furless Seal" and a killer whale. It is that there is too much difference between "Furless Seal" and killer whale as both races are the same enemies for minke whale and mighty existences. If killer whale is the "proud" race, "Furless Seal" seemed not to have a piece of "pride". Although orcas are far from "Floating Rock" regarding the force.
"What does you think about 'Furless Seal', Stella? Because, it seems that the tale of your race talks a lot about them, and the killer whales who kidnap Joey are related to 'Furless Seal' somewhere as I feel."
"Of course, I know well about 'Furless Seal'. Actually, 'Floating Rock' often appears in this neighborhood, so we have many opportunity to observe it."
  Stella added in haste, looking at Claire who was startled after hearing her words.
"You don't have to worry, 'Whale-eater Rock' will not come. They are mostly 'Fisher', 'Watcher' or mere 'Passerby'. 'Furless Seal' has been living on the banks of the continents and the islands for quite a while and have harvested salmon. However, it is the event during the past several generations that the new 'Rock' appeared and began to catch quite a lot. Since salmon is very abundant, they have not interfered up with ourselves or other salmon eater races such as seals (with fur) at present. they stretch 'Ghost' into the 'Dining Area' and pursue salmon there in this season. There is somewhat similar to our fishing. Although they tend to prefer to monopolize prey more. Until a while ago, 'Fish-eater Rock' also hated us a lot. Some colleagues have died of a mysterious death by approaching 'Rock'. There was also 'Floating Rock' to abduct members of our 'District'.
"Did you say abduction!?"
  Claire startled and got stiff.
"Yes. More than ten orcas were missing in a certain year. I don't know where they were taken away and what fate they had. However, there was only one orca came back suddenly in a few years. Well... he was caught at a young age and had already grew an adult, but he completely forgotten the words and behaved as if the baby did the same way. He could not catch fish swimming without knowing how to use sonar, was not energetic and his dorsal fin which is our trademark fell off. It is impossible for us to swim hundreds of miles a day. After that, he has managed to live somehow, but his memory has not come back. However, he occasionally caused strange behavior. He spun round the same point as if he was trapped in a tidal pool even in the ocean. I wonder where and what kind of experiences have you been doing..."
  Claire trembled thinking about what happened to that killer whale during the few years when he had been missing. What kind of life did he live taken to a heterogeneous environment and alone without any friends? She guessed that maybe "Furless Seal" let killer whales kidnap Joey for similar purposes.
"Just about twenty years ago, 'Furless Seal' living here has shown a bit of moderate behavior to us. Meta-Ceti maybe left a share of 'pride' for them, he-he. 'Floating Rock' is annoying as it makes noise and disturbs our ears, and they are treacherous as constantly changing their attitudes, but no more bad things will happen, so we will keep watching on them for the time being. Recently it has been a bit of a problem that the traffic volume of 'Rock' has been increasing."
  Stella sighed again deep here.
"Did Meta-Ceti create 'Furless Seal' as a mighty creature like your race from the beginning?"; Claire asked.
"I don't think so. As for our orca, she would have been prepared a post as the top of food chain in the ocean, but as 'Furless Seal', maybe she would not have thought such a thing rather. They must be one species of mammals living on land in my conjecture, but they were not excelled at all in their ability as creature. So, they completely depend on 'Extension of Forelimb' such as 'Rock' or 'Ghost'. On the contrary to us, they may be a sample of a failure that strange 'pride' stuck as it is, he-he."
  Stella narrowed her eyes saying so, but she seemed thinking in the mind that it would be better if it was a problem making laugh.
"By the way, there is an interesting anecdote about 'Furless Seal', have you got tired of listening a story yet?"
"Oh, I like very much such a tale."
  Cherokee leaned forward.
"I would also like to listen."
  Douglas concentrating to memorize her story as a memorandum for history compilation also urged.
"Are you OK? It's really short, a bit of a fairytale."
"Yes, please tell us," Claire required, too.
  Jansen stifled a yawn, but he intends to give ears.
"All right. Then, let's get started."

"Furless Seal" brothers and orca
"It was when the 'Furless Seal' still had been powerless and had animal-like temperament, before they had fast phagocytosis "Floating Rock". Their species had made nest of each 'District' on the banks of the continents and the islands scattered in the strait, and spent days fishing by manipulating primitive 'Rock'. Unfortunately we can not tell the details of their lives and what kind of history they have passed. However, there was a time when they and we killer whales were surprisingly able to have a exchange temporarily.
"In this era, 'Furless Seal' has not abandoned faith to Meta-Ceti yet. They already invented various 'Extension of Forelimb' to compensate for physical weakness and became a powerful predator without anyone who would become enemies on the land like as orcas in the sea, but they remember honoring the animals who become their prey, and contact with them as an equal existence. They did not draw a boundary line between their soul and the world. Perhaps the richness of nature in this area including salmon made them play the role of keeping humility and "pride" for a while.
"For 'Furless Seal', notably we orca seems to have been regarded as a sacred animal. When they came out to the sea with 'Floating Rock' and encountered us, they were moved by our sizes and powerfulness and looked on admiration. They prayed to us for the success of the fishing. They tried to share in the good luck of us with superior hunting ability.
"Those who take the synonym of 'Polyphagous Seal' had eaten various living things since that time, but we were not prey and received the treatment as brethren who share the same seafood fortune. There was no confrontation over the prey yet. So, they wished to be friends by all means with our race. Sometimes they were trying to express fraternity to us talking in 'Furless language', singing and laughing. We also liked them so much and responded with blowing and bleaching.
"There were certain brothers among 'Furless Seal'. The younger brother was a 'Hunter' with a good skill, he was seen in 'District' as a reincarnation of a killer whale. There seems to be a legend that the soul of a killer whale who dead riding on the land inspire into 'Furless Seal'. And, they believed that those who transmigrated from a killer whale is brave, good at hunting skills, and had the ability to sympathize with nature, among them the ability to have conversation with killer whale.
"One of 'Extension of Forelimb' made by 'Furless Seal', there was 'Singing Stone' which can produce various sounds. Even we not related to 'Extension of Forelimb' just liked 'Singing Stone' playing music. The younger brother treated this 'Singing Stone' very well, and when he played it alone in the dusk, we orcas were unexpectedly attracted and listened to the sweat melody.
"The older brother gradually became jealous of his younger brother who had favorable rating in 'District' like that. That jealousy was also aimed towards killer whales who are also on good terms with his brother.
"One day, two brothers rowed around the middle of the strait with a small 'Floating Rock'. After a while a killer whale pod came to go through that strait. The older brother told the younger brother when the orca tried to pass by the side of 'Rock'.
"'Hey, brother. If you have an excellent hunting skill as reputed, try to the huge prey swimming there.'
"The younger brother, who wondered what they captured as the older brother took him 'Rock' without saying nothing, was surprised to hear that.
"'What are you talking about, brother!? They are orcas. They are 'hunter' same as us. Doing such a thing will touch the anger of killer whales' soul.'
"Humph! I can not call you a master of hunting with such a weakness. I guess you are the end result of that beast. I don't want to be called brother by such a liar and a similar of beast! Well, if you can not do it, I will shoot that killer whale dead exquisitely. I'll show you who is the real hunter!'
"The younger brother was shaken terribly talking so by the older brother. He did not want to break off with brother and it had upset him to abuse the technique of hunting or to be call a beast by brother. Although it was not his real intent to hurt a killer whale, the older brother picked up the harpoon and trampled on the edge of 'Rock', so he stopped holding him and picked up himself the 'Extension of Forelimb' which killed prey. The younger brother launched a harpoon quickly to one of the orca lying side by 'Rock' trusting on 'Furless Seal'.
"Fresh blood flushed and the orca struck the harpoon sank below the surface of the water writhing in agony. An exceptionally high whistle similar to the sound of 'Singing Stone' played by the younger brother echoed in the narrow strait, and then fellow's orcas rushed to the killed one. At the next moment, the 'Rock' two 'Furless Seal' riding was overturned, and both brothers were thrown to the sea.
"When he noticed, the younger brother lay somewhere on the beach of a small island nearby. His brother's figure was not found. When he looked around as his brother was washed ashore somewhere, he found black dorsal fin protruding from the wave of the sea just before.
"'You brought me here, didn't you? Do you know my brother with me?'
"The orca made an answer after quiet a while.
"'You killed a member of my pod. It must be balanced.'
"The younger brother understood the fate of his brother by listening to the words of killer whale.
"'We have treated your race as a friend. It depends on you whether our peaceful relationships will continue in the future or will only killed and be killed. I liked your songs.'
"Since then, the younger brother had been no longer a reincarnation of killer whale, just became mere 'Furless Seal'. Even he played 'Singing Stone' on the beach in the evening, the killer whales never visited again.
"After that, 'Furless Seal' with a strong sense of sympathy with killer whales has been born several times, but gradually the number has decreased, and 'District' which had a friendly relationship with orca itself had been annihilated imperceptibly. We are now reminiscent of nostalgic times about the times we were friends with them.
"Did that 'Furless Seal', who were weak but also strong, good while sometimes carrying a shadow, were really exist? Or, was it just a dream? We have the feeling in the story that they had certainly existed. Over 'pride' of the race, even now we never regard as prey them, who were the enemy powerful mighty without equal reigning in the living world, the extremely weak beast enough to kill easily, and the owner of a soul attracted wonderfully.

  Everyone enjoyed the lingering of it after the orca finished talking the second story, but Claire opened the mouth deliberately.
"It's rude to Stella, but I don't think it's a real story."
"I also feel it's a dream tale. But strange to say, occasionally 'Younger brother' sometimes appears now."
  They raised an exclamation of surprise as if they had seen ghosts.
"A few or one 'Furless Seal' riding a primitive tiny 'Floating Rock' come into our pods gracefully and play 'Singing Stone' (there are both good and poor), sing or want to just spend time together. A stubborn aged like me has a weird feeling stronger, but young orcas brimming with curiosity are approaching and 'Watching' each other."
"Yeah, I have also been 'Furless Seal Watching' with the gray whales. That may be kind of 'Younger brother' coming in the story."
  Cherokee gave response.
"Hum, fellows of 'Furless Seal' are double personality without thoroughly salvation so."
  Jansen exposed the feeling of contempt and faced away. Claire might want killer whales to beat just ’Furless Seal’, so she agreed to his opinion on this.
"This may be a foolish question, but can you eat 'Furless Seal' if you want? Did your fellow eat the 'Older brother'?"
  Cherokee asked from mere curiosity.
"Well, of course we never ate it, I wonder how is it. Somehow it seems to cause indigestion. I don't know until asking 'Fur Faction', but I guess they also don't feel like eating after all."
  I didn't think killer whales also don't eat them... But, if no one eat them, maybe 'Furless Seal' grows rapidly and cover the surface of the land and the ocean like as the first story?"
  By the way, here is another keyword 'Fur Faction' killer whale appeared, so Claire thought to ask Stella about them who likely to be related to the abductors.
"Uh, I think that it is very impudent to ask again, but can you tell us a bit more about 'Fur Faction'?"
  Stella gave a bitter smile to answer Claire's request.
"I'm sorry. I can not reveal to you about their predation methods. Though Sharon has shown ours plenty. After all... it is not fair, is it? Let's suppose that I taught you the secret of 'Fur Faction' hunting. As you become wise and able to escape, they become scarce and hungry for food. Then, they will put out fins on our food fish, and we have to compete for the same bait, although we had divide to eat well each other until then. This time we may get to include you in the menu. Can you understand?"
"Well, yeah. Of course, that should not be asked, teeheehee."
  Claire who could not deny such a motive was also cheated by making an elegant smile out of character.
"But otherwise it would be able. Those who belong to 'Fur Faction' are silent. They are not noisy unlike orcas in this strait. They swim and hunt quietly just exchanging a few signs. They love secrets and companions who share it. Their propensity will inevitably come from the inclusion in the prey list of the same cetaceans similar in how to assemble thinking and way of communication. Perhaps they are a rather modest and noble race than us. Actually, they are the originator of the killer whale race, and we are a branch. Salmon brings abundant food for us every year, so we 'Scale Faction' does not have to purposely chase and attack large beasts, so we can settle in narrow waters. There are quite a gap between 'Fur Faction' and 'Scale Faction' in terms of customs, rules, and political systems, and among them there are even more fine eco-type schools depending on the prey and the sea inhabited, but the old stories still inherit common things in both faction."
"How much intermingling is there between 'Scale Faction' and 'Fur Faction' each other?"; Douglas asked.
"It can not be said that the pipe of exchange is thick. Because the way of living and the meal content are too different, the necessity of information exchange is also not high. But sometimes we share knowledge as the same blood line. Since 'Fur Faction' is moving over a very wide range, a part of their home range have overlapped with us. Although they do not stay long and pass through temporarily. It is like a wandering people live drifting area while pursuing baits. They may occasionally appear in this area."
  Stella kept on in a hurry before Claire surprised.
"Of course, we guarantee your safety. Within our area our rules take precedence, so they must also obey it. In the open ocean this relationship is reversed. Although it is unlikely that we will go to the open sea where 'Fur Faction's territory. If by any chance they are going to stop here while you are staying, I will strictly negotiate so it's okay."
  Claire felt relieved with listening to it.
"We two faction killer whales are learning to respect each other's position as being heterogeneous. By doing so, we avoid misunderstanding. Troublesome occasions rarely happen and the relationship between the two faction may be nervous, but in such cases very various complicated procedures are taken to restore each other's equilibrium. Then there is a case necessary to provide someone of the group to the others."
"Does that mean eating!?"; Claire surprised and asked.
"No way! Even we killer whales not eat meat of the same family unless becoming crazy at a great famine. it is just adding it to the members of the herd. Our blood are not far apart as breeding is impossible. Actually, one of my daughters belongs to 'Fur Faction' now."
"Really? What is the circumstances?"
  Cherokee asked uncouthness questions.
"Well, there were various things..."
  Said so, Stella made an eye that looked far away. Claire thought her line of sight seems to go to the past.
"Now, everyone may get tired as expected. Let's close here today. If there is something still wondering, I will answer as much as I can, so do not hesitate to come and ask me."
"Thank you so much for today."
  Claire bowed deeply and expressed gratitude to killer whale "Chief Governor".
  Douglas and Stella nodded with a gaze.
"It's time for meals."
  Jansen immediately swam off the coast.
All the stories taught from Stella today were very interesting. Claire assented that they should not scheme to imitate the behavior of the heretical race abandoning "pride" or to overthrow the world of living beings conspiring with them even if there was temporary friendship between killer whales and "Furless Seal". However, more and more mysteries were deepening about abductor killer whales. Claire thought that she would again ruminate calm alone after returned room.
  Oops, I must check the matter of Cherokee before that; Claire thought.
  If their race honors nobility as Stella said, it is unthinkable that there are orcas who haze humpback within the "District". If so, what on ocean are they doing together?
"Ha, did you say something?"
"No, nothing is wrong."
  Pretending not to know, Claire blew the whistle imitated an orca. The suspect swam away with his neck twisting.
  It is too optimistic if you think to be able to keep something from me forever, Cherokee. I shall reveal your secret tomorrow.

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