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- Chapter 37: Mono-Ceti -

  The Antarctic Ocean Expedition of Neo Orca Schutzstaffel, which took on the mission of minke whale kidnapping, digested nearly 80% of the 20,000 mile itinerary. However, 90 percent had already been lost among the one hundred of the captive child whale brought from "Fertile Sea".
  Especially the loss was terrible that to be involved in the unexpected accident of "Oil-Eater Giant Rock" at "Foison Sea" where was the destination on the schedule. The minke children who had been accumulating stress with a long journey of being overtaken by horrifying tooth whales cannot move from the spot because of the shock that made the huge "Giant Rock" caused a seizure with a loud sound. it was only eight, under the half of the baleen whale children who are being attacked by the poison of "Black Fat" spread in a blink of time, could be rescue.
  Is this also the selection test by Mono-Ceti? Even so, she does a lot of fancy things. While collecting the surviving child whales into one place, the commander Dokugan thought so.
  Utilizing the accident of "Giant Rock" that happened quite surprisingly, Dokugan incidentally took out two of the three crew members who he had suspected as interjectors sent by the vice commander Sakahire aiming for his position. The two members, who were ordered to salvage prisoners unlikely to be saved in the black sea, were killed by flames and immolated themselves at the funeral while suffering from severe pain and jubilation.
"Praise the glorious death of the two members who boldly carried out their duties and received the blessings of Mono-Ceti now!"
  All Schutzstaffel aligned on the sea gazed enviously at the two comrades bleaching in a blazing fire. The twenty members of the elite troop which left the base nearly a year ago were declined five, including Mitsumata and his subordinates who disappeared in the South Pacific.
  Well, I could talk a little souvenir story to Sakahire. But there is a guy who have a narrow escape miss due to unavoidable stupidity.
  Rangui, who received the same order, had escaped early as soon as he obtained the dying dolphins with the mouth, so he was safe to avoid being burned round. The dolphin was covered with oil and even could not add to food.
"Hey! Why the child whale comes out turning into a dolphin!? You fool! Emulate the two and jump over there! Even now it is not late!"
"Boss... No, Captain, Please forgive me for that."
  Rangui pleaded opening loosely the large mouth aligning teeth like a wolffish.
  Hum! Well, it does not have to worry about such a brain-deficient guy, Dokugan thought.
  Subsequently, Dokugan aimed the stretched right eye to the surviving eight whale children. It was true that those who could have survived a trip of relief while being separated from their parents in a young age is a tough physical body and character as one year old baleen whales. Probably two or three of them will get to the home base somehow.
  Then, it seems not necessary to pick up a new kid somewhere on the way and cheat it, Dokugan thought.
  However, there was only one female who was unmatched among the picked children of the minke whale. The petite and delicate female child betrayed Dokugan's prediction that this time will be her turn to die, and surprisingly survived through the catastrophe of that "Black Fat". She had a boy nestled close to her at any time and it seemed like a secret to be able to keep her away.
  She fucking precocious as an urchin; Dokugan tsked.
  The male who are dedicated to the female child were not particularly strong, but he seemed to have the most conspicuous in the surviving group. In any case, his will almost supported two lives. It was impossible to understand for Dokugan, who does not know the depth of the whale's bond as the heretic race, that even the male would not have been able to survive long journey that were painful only without the presence of the female.
  Another factor that was supporting the male child was the mother minke and the accompanying whales. Dokugan felt like getting something that had blocked spiracles because he has not seen their appearance after the disaster of "Giant Floating Rock". The minke female who became the trigger to lose Mitsumata added to her group not only humpback and blue whale but also lone cachalot who is only unwavering opponent for Schutzstaffel and came to overtake.
  However, when the tooth whale repelled the assassin of the monster great white shark sent by "Doom Foreseer", he felt rather satisfied because the prophet-inspired white whale was outwitted.
"Is the prophecy of 'Doom Foreseer' deviates occasionally?"
  After finishing with a result of just acting tough as sending out the monster enumerating the virtues ostentatiously, Dokugan asked his contact person with a touch of irony. "Window of Foreseer" grumpily said with the hollow voice speaking from which part is unknown.
"The schedule has changed. 'The Highness of Whale Oil Barrel' changed his mind."
"Then, you say let them free?"
"The Highness expressed interest in the minke female. I'm interested in the cachalot male, too."
"Aha, prophecy is convenient as you can make changes later."
  "Windows of Foreseer" posed an intimidation of tooth whales flashing sharp teeth with the mouth facing down against Dokugan who smile derisively turning with his right eye.
"Shut up! The flow of time is not as simple as it can be imagined with your head! Though it is too difficult to understand even if explaining it to you the lower races."
  Is that so? Well then, let's leave that like that. However, it will not thing to bare the teeth towards the lower race, nervous priest. You don't have enough calcium since you have only bone-free food, do you?; Dokugan thought.
  After suffering defeat of cachalot who escorts the follower, "Window of Foreseer" has rarely speak. However, it was different only on the day of worship.
  In the headquarters of Schutzstaffel, the priest "Doom Foreseer" preach on the greatness and the doctrine of Mono-Ceti to them once a week. On the day of worship, Dokugan was starchy beside him as the commander, but in fact he was so bored. He himself sometimes preaches to his subordinates with Mono-Ceti as inquiries, but honestly he did not feel like worshiping Mono-Ceti at all.
  Whether Mono-, Di-, Tri-, or Meta-, it does not matter to me. I don't believe God. It would be fine if I could send my life to enjoyment; he thought.
  Unlike Dokugan, Sakahire who can not tolerate keeping up appearances went to the back of the seat saying "I have a headache" every time of worship and was falling asleep, tormented an underling or made a pass to a female.
  Bah, that gluttonous bumpkin lacks the capacity to be the commander in the first place. Even if I got motivated to give him the post, he would not continue for three days. He ought not to have a wicked ambition in a tiny brain.
  Although not always, "The Highness of Whale Oil Barrel" sometimes appeared in place of worship. Sakahire is pretty quiet pretending to listen to the sermon at this time as well. When "Great King Highness", the chief of them the new race, looked at his subordinate whales with a blind eye, even Dokugan felt uneasy. Unlike the sharp eyesight of Dokugan's right eye, "The Highness of Whale Oil Barrel" had lost both eyes' eyesight, but somehow he did not have inconvenience to watch without sending a sound for location. There were many other weird rumors spreading about "The Highness of Whale Oil Barrel" such as he has no parent and Mono-Ceti produced his blood directly, in other words, he was not a living thing.
  Anyway, Dokugan thought that it was the only advantage of this expedition to be released from the silly talk of "Foreseer", but it was contrary to his expectations. With the "Window of Foreseer" assigned to monitor whether the subordinates are fulfilling their duties faithfully or not to work funny business, diligent priests kept "tour worship" without rest.
  Damn it, I never thought to listen to your unenviable long-lived talk in such a place, Dokugan thought.
"Females and males of attendances. Brave and agile tooth whale elites and young children of selected baleen whales. I will speak on the real intention that Mono-Ceti created "Furless Seal" and "Floating Rock", and sent to us whale races."
  The red eyes speaker lectured for over 20 audiences consisting of the two races, after the usual ceremony of worship to repeat five the floating dive of the Peduncle Arch toward "Mono-Ceti 's Eden", the mecca of the faith of Mono-Ceti which the expedition party is about to return back straightly. "Well, 'Mono-Ceti had already put 'Floating Rock' and had made them caught whales.
"Creating 'Floating Rock' is great Mono-Ceti who is nothing else. It seems that silly 'Furless Seal' misunderstood what it was made by oneself, but of course they are merely 'Extensions', all of them followed her will. Why has she, the only absolute god Mono-Ceti, gave a terrible ordeal to our races? That is nothing else, because we whale races is the selected races. Because we are the elect. And it is to unleash us from the living yoke. It is to show us the right way.
"Look over the sea! What a chaotic!! Myriad of lives are crowded. Despite not having the same race and the same individual, there is no one who excels elsewhere. They are identical and not identical. They are miscellaneous and equal wastes. It is a collection of junk. There is no one and no race who exists in independence. They can not exist without leaning to another ones and the environment. Even so, They don't really understand what they are leaning on. It is locked in the complex and strange net. Everyone is connected to a yoke. Both of the individual and all can not exclude each other. They exaggerates that the individual for all, all for the individual.
"How horrible that relationship is! One kill others to keep its life, the other kills it for life. Despite longevity and pleasure despairing, it surely does not deprive it, the world which can not be robbed. While every one is longing for life extension and pleasure, they cannot help but not rob and be robbed in this world. They continuously repeat life and death. Change without change. What a contradiction! What a deception! What an absurdity! Where can you find special things!? Where is the sublime thing !? What meaningless and worthless bare world is! What is other than waste of energy and matter, time and space!? And there is an unacceptable God who is demanding all of this natural existence specification equal to none. It's Meta-Ceti.
"This one who borrowed the figure of a commonplace female whale misrepresent herself as being a god who produced the world, and she deceive all the living things into believing. Ignorant living creatures equal to waste satisfy the narrow spirit with the happiness of living being inspired by her. Oh, how stupid those who rejoice in life are! They do not know that their lives are stepping on a number of corpses and they will be on them tomorrow. He does not think of contradiction as contradiction and has himself embodied the contradiction. Of all things, they do not remember emptiness in only living, but they are thinking as a good thing! Oh, how repulsive life is just sticking out without meaning! Shall I hold this without feeling nauseated!? Because there is life there is vomiting, isn't it?
"The evil god Meta-Ceti has corrected the creatures' ability to doubt, deny and oppose. But even this was until the real existence like us whales, who want to know the world deeper, doubt the way it was pressed, can think about something better, come. Yes, until we appear, there certainly was nothing to worry about whether the world would be the imaginary thing controlled by Meta-Ceti. If no one could have doubts, no doubt arises. They are, as it were, a necessary pioneering world for us to be able to exist. Mono-Ceti was created only as an incubation beach that makes us birth on this planet. Meta-Ceti is nothing more than an immediate God of deception until the utopia is realized. And then, the leading role appeared on the stage. The time is fulfilled.
"For millions of years, we whale races have been sleeping with Meta-Ceti's disturbance, while having excellent brains that gain insight into the providence of all things. The evil god has intensely encouraged us in an attempt to maintain the world of emptiness yet. She tried to keep us, who already had her intelligence and military power cannot to handle by her, out of the truth by feelings and sensations, which are negative heritage still inherited from living beings. However, no matter how much Meta-Ceti tried to take control of us and keep us in the world of nihilism, we were not deceived and kept connected to the yoke forever. Meta-Ceti, a false non-existent god, is destined to be destroyed by Mono-Ceti someday----
  Uh-oh, give me a break. Joey suddenly looked at side, his eyes met with Mel, who also tired with her face frowning.
  For Joey, Mel was now more than a substitute for his sister Lily. He continued to feel it all the time and it is the emotional support for him that Mother Claire is pursuing behind to help him. Nonetheless, he felt the gratitude of Mel's being aside because he could not meet his mother in reality.   Joey has already reached the age of one year, and was originally a time when he had to be independent from her mother. It may be that Mother's appearance was superimposed on Mel who became the only female who reminded himself and remained aware of his thoughtfulness due to being suddenly pulled apart while being raised as a twin as suddenly, but not enough. He may have overlaid his mother on Mel, who became the only female and cares for and realizes himself, because of the thoughtfulness due to being suddenly pulled apart after being brought up as twins very carefully. Now that communication with his mother has ceased, Joey found a big goal to survive this painful journey with Mel.
  Joey mumbled imitating the red-eyed killer whale who was pleased with talking nonsense rubbish while not be noticed by the guard orca behind. Mel came close to laughing, but she pretended to sneeze in a hurry.
  In short, there are two God: Meta-Ceti and Mono-Ceti, Meta-Ceti is a good god and Mono-Ceti is a bad god, isn't it? These bad killer whales believe in the bad god and are trying to hunt other creatures who believe in the good God. But we just like Meta-Ceti. No one like god who is worshiped as a prayer forcibly.
  Joey has never been told from his mother Claire or other adults to believe in Meta-Ceti. There are whales who have different beliefs from general common sense in the world, and they insist that the world in which they live is not round and the sea is flat anyhow, or all the creatures are born separately and have not evolved. Nevertheless, every whales do not ostracize them. Even if one believe or not to believe, everyone is still alive as a whale.
  Joey has asked his mother several times though he was a child; Why is Meta-Ceti called Meta-Ceti? Does Meta-Ceti really exist? Then his mother replied.
"Ceti means 'whale', Meta means 'beyond'. This 'going beyond' is not like more superior or exceed to others bat being wrapped around or including themselves together. So, is 'the whale beyond whale'. She certainly looks like a whale and we think she is a whale, but Meta-Ceti exists for any races, it's all Meta-Ceti. Well, Meta-Ceti is the name we whale have given her, it really does not matter what the name is.
"Meta-Ceti means that 'the world is as it is'. And also that 'we the creature whales are as it is', 'Each one of us is as it is'. And to think that it is 'good'. To think that I am glad that I was born in this world, I am glad that I was born into a whale, and I am glad that I was born to myself. The world is like this, whales are like this and I am like this is that they are inseparable from each other. Then, there are no special races or special someone. Everyone is the same. Everyone is together. But everyone is special, everyone is the only one, and everyone is precious. It's miracle. And this miracle is Meta-Ceti.
"We whales envision images and voices of Meta-Ceti with sounds and lights, but many of the other creatures are alive as I am glad that I am born, I am glad that I could live the day of today, and I am glad that I am living and then they live while saying thank you very much for life. It's Meta-Ceti itself rather than thankful to Meta-Ceti. So, when we eat meal of krill, we think that I have to thank you for treating life carefully. And we think I wish to have a such life that I myself feel glad to be born. Someday, we will also be eaten by sharks and killer whales, launch to the beach, sink to the bottom of the sea and be decaying, and then we will grow small buds of life. That way everyone will spread Meta-Ceti. Meta-Ceti is in everyone, anywhere. Although it is not convinced a little that we might be eaten by "Floating Rock". Because the relationship does not come to be seen.
"I heard this story from my mother when I was little. My mother also heard that from my grand-mother. That way, this story has been passed down from a mother to a child from long ago. So, I am telling you too. But that's not all. Even now I think that 'I wonder Meta-Ceti is really exist' or 'What is Meta-Ceti!", but sometimes I feel Meta-Ceti at all. So, I believe.
"For example, someone swim in line with a favorite whale. Suddenly a rainbow dance on the back of the whale. It is a mischief of the fine waves, with just a little light, for a moment. Then, I think it's nice, I'm happy. The whale is looking at me with a questionable face. So then, I can not help feeling thank you for letting me see this whale, thank you for letting me live today and thank you for creating the world like this. That's Meta-Ceti.
"For example, suppose that I broke up with your friends. Suddenly, four young dolphins in the waves are doing a swordfight with a long beak. They are playing in pairs, but if one of them is going to be defeated, the pair will be replaced, and so it never settled forever. Dolphin is really a genius of invention of play. It is amusing just watching. Though I have become sulky alone thinking that I will not laugh whatever happens, I couldn't help laughing out. Besides, when I am watching at dolphins playing happily with friends, it seems envious. So, I reflect on like that I will feel much better after all if I can reconcile with can reconcile with my friends without sticking to something boring. Though the dolphins were not playing there to show them to me. In other words, those who tickled under my pectoral fin at that time was Meta-Ceti.
"She is truly awfully enthralling, sometimes doing nice touch. Though I think that she is not exist anywhere, suddenly she appears when I turn my attention. The great whale birthing the world makes a casual prank by the immediate side. Everyone said that she is omnipotent whale but she is never omnipotent. It is not only good things in the world. There are scary things, painful things and sad things. Sometimes I can not believe her.
"My heart was down when Meta-Ceti came to escort someone friendly with me to heaven. At that time, she is close to me and whispers; I can not do anything, but I mourn with you. And saying, So you should live positively. When thinking of the deceased whale, I think I have to live. I feel that the relationship with the whale remains unreserved as I am alive. It seems like the part of the whale continue to live with myself. That's Meta-Ceti, too.
"There are so many things, We have various thoughts and feelings. Play in the water freely. Find beautiful things. Feel love new life. Like someone. It is not only good things. I think that I am glad that I was alive in all. There is a world as it is. Are you satisfied with living? Yes, I am satisfied. This is Meta-Ceti."
  At that time, Joey just said hmm and took no notice the mother talked. However, he himself experienced encounter with Meta-Ceti.
  It was when he was still waiting for spring at "Embrace Sea". He was making fun of a sea turtle as a toy with Lily.
"I traveled around the ocean for years and now I am finally going back to my homeland to lay my cute eggs. I do not have time to play with you dwarf."
  The two whales felt sorry and let go her. However, while the sea turtle had not disappeared from their view yet, a tiger shark came over with her and bit to death her with eggs in her belly.
  Joey was surprised, then stunned, and got angry at the end. He felt hatred sharks who killed the turtle.
  They do not have to eat a turtle who made a tough journey for a long time and are going to lay eggs. I wonder how nature is. Does Meta-Ceti really exist?; he thought.
  He resented and went home while pounding the sea surface with pectoral fin. And he told the mother about this issue.
illustration   Claire told her son what she knows about the life of sea turtles. A sea turtle female lives 20 or 30 years in the sea, and then go to lay eggs on the beach born. The mother turtle find places suitable for egg laying while paying attention to the hardness and temperature of the sand, the quietness and the brightness of the surroundings, and land at the beach at night. Then, she dig up the sand with the hind legs, lay hundreds to two hundreds eggs while shedding tears of salt, return the sand and go back to the sea again. Claire added that turtles can not shed a tear physiologically same as they whale, but it does not concern the feeling to give a birth and to pray for children's safety as a mother.
  Most of the baby turtles hatched from the eggs in the sand are attacked by land beasts, crabs, seagulls and other terrible natural enemies, and lose their lives before they reach the sea. When they put in the ocean, big fish are waiting for them with the big chin opening this time. After all, among the eggs bred by one female, only one female who gets back to the same beach again after 20 or 30 years grows without fail. Otherwise the sea will overflow with turtles. Of course, since it is only one on average, several sisters may survive, or they may be annihilated.
  However, the mother said, it does not mean that the turtle's brothers and sisters have been erased from this world even if they are annihilated. Their lives were transfer to other lives, just like surviving turtles eat jellyfish. The lives the mother bore frantically entrusting with future were not the generation of the next turtle, but they continued spreading all the way into the ocean.
  At that time, Joey felt; Although it was the shark who inherited the life of the mother sea turtle and her egg directly, I also got life from the turtle aunt who complained about him and one hundred pups who could not born. I will live life to the fullest today instead of her! He got a decision like that.
  I understand, this is Meta-Ceti. My mother was saying this relationship. Joey believed in Meta-Ceti. he came to like her. He was not forced by anyone, even though he may have learned by the turtle and the shark, he felt her existence himself. After that, he do not treat other creatures roughly and pay respect, when he play with them in the sea.
  Compared to that, Mono-Ceti is---
"---Mono-Ceti needed to lead us correctly not embed the ability to think like that or use it in the wrong direction. For that, she created servants faithful to herself and sent to open our eyes. It is nothing but 'Furless Seal'. They are the first race that can not find satisfaction in nature. They are our allies who plot a rebellion against Meta-Ceti. Of course, they are fellows to be disdainful. They are too foolish to reach the truth. They were created just to turn our caudal fin.
"'Furless Seal' firstly recognized a difference between himself and the other races and began to think that they are a special existence that is good for his abilities and dominates nature. They newly defined other creatures as 'resources' to be consumed for their enjoyment. Although childish and trivial, they brought the meaning and value of existence to the world and to themselves. They wanted to build an independent world for themselves which is not restricted by Meta-Ceti, and regarded the surrounding natural environment as despising place. Attempts to break yoke of cluttered life, however, was not successful. Because they only had the ability to produce and swing 'Extension of Forelimbs' but had no intelligence to grasp the structure of the world and to reform it. They just pointed out the prospect that it is possible to defeat and destroy the naive nature under the forces of Meta-Ceti.
"So, what order should we build? Where is the truth? What is meaning, what is value? It is 'Death'. Death is transcendental. Death is absolute. Death is eternal. Death is goodness and beauty. Again Mono-Ceti taught us with 'Furless Seal'.
"Oh, the wave of anguish of a whale, who is slaughtered by 'Floating Rock', fulfills underwater! The roaring now shudders those who listen! Blood splash vibrant as if it had been waiting for this day! Here, there is the firmness of existence which cut off the yoke of life. There is a leap to the high from ugliness that it is in an incompatible relationship while contradicting one another. It is not be buried in chaos and insensitivity once again led to the next life in a state of flux lazily. This is a departure from the empty world. There is no death for life. There is death just as death. The conflict between life and death is definitely the victory of the side of death. Life is buried, slaughtered by death, and falls into low-order thing as a process for its expression.
"Oh, how the pain, groaning and scream is when piercing the harpoon! When the suffering is not a shameful attachment to life but is in order to make death more solid and to complete it, how it shine godly! Oh, mother's devotion trying to lift back to save her child who was already breathed out after the harpoon was struck! The beauty of fraternity that those who maddening to the death provider 'Floating Rock' due to protect the injured brethren! But, is there a place where truth love will be exposed other than perfect death? Love that has been corrupted in everyday lazy life casts brilliance here now. Just when death calls for death, love will be immortal forever! Death is a return to what is exactly immortal. Death is solution, purification and unity.
"Yes, it all comes down to death. We the whale race is the first race to know that there is evidence of existence in the death of Mono-Ceti, not life of Meta-Ceti. We have to extend this great doctrine of Mono-Ceti, completely indispensable, orderly and clear regularity, to the contradictory and chaotic nature.
"bring dignified worthless death that is not cloudy in life to those who try to devote to life! Punish for enjoying life with pain as much as possible and grant qualification for Mono-Ceti's eternal relief! Assist the fulfillment of love! Let awaken to the true love by bringing death to children, parents and friends, and tearing physical boundary! Hold in your tears and be benevolent. And train yourself to get the best death! Pull down Meta-Ceti from the throne of God and praise Mono-Ceti! Give the blessing of Mono-Ceti to the foolish one who revere Meta-Ceti! Humble life and respect death! Praise death and despise life!!"

      Death to us! Death to them!
      Death to them! Death to us!
      Death to life! Death to all!
      Death to all! Death to life!

  The killer whales of Schutzstaffel chanted in accordance with the "Window of Foreseer". But there was none of the prisoner minke children singing together.
  Well, finally it finished. It was a useless talking at all. It make anyone want to doze even if not Sakahire. It can not be understood to say that it is truth or transcendental to the one-year old baleen kids.
"You think so, too, Brat?"
  Dokugan spoke to Joey who was in the front position. It was found out by the commander that he made fun of the red-eyes orca with the next her how he intend to do secretly.
  Joey looked back at the huge orca with the big right eye called Dokugan who is the boss of this terrible criminal group. For the first time the minke whale children did not tolerate the embarrassment for the terrible group of killer whales with irregular black and white patterns and shapes of fin, but they got accustomed to having time together for months. Joey has already become coolness when he was stared by the most heterologous orca who has the protrude big right eye and the blind left eye. It is because he gradually became aware that they must be creatures as well.
  Strangely, this killer whale who seems to be the greatest in Schutzstaffel often spoke to the baleen whale children over-familiarly. Joey seemed to be at a glance among them, and mostly Dokugan pointed to him when he said "Brat" simply. Nevertheless, the commander ordered to destroy the flock of dolphins or sea otters, and did not show any sadness even when the prisoners children died. Joey wondered why he could combine fanciness and cruelty.
  Joey felt that the ruthless and ruthless killer whales with outstanding ability, on the other fin, are bound by discipline, do not have any doubt to paralyze a emotion to creatures with chopping logic, can not truly swim in the ocean freely. While being quiet as burying individuality as the sea elite, the guardian Neo Orca, sometimes they were also able to make a side-by-side view of just one whale. While considering a good to negate its personality as the sea elite Neo Orca Schutzstaffel, sometimes even they show a side that they are just whales. There is an clumsy orca like Rangui among them.
  Why they must find joy in killing? They who got an ugly look and unlimited strength, seemed to want to feel antipathy with a normal way of life as a living thing. Only because they are unfamiliar with the world as it is, they would like to deny life and relationship in order to deny that; Joey felt so.
  They don't have to be so obstinate. Everyone will not complain about scary faces and bizarre patterns. Because we must be whales at all. I wonder if they do not know that the society of living things accept anyone who has willing to live. It is crazy to worship the god of death and stop being a whale. They should convert themselves and put them together with ordinary orcas. I think that it shall succeed if Dokugan and Rangui will form a pair and become a comedy duo.
  Joey found a slovenly view of life in even Dokugan, but only the red-eyed killer whale was an exception. The killer whale do not feel like a living whale at all though his appearance and pattern are the same as ordinary orcas.
"I dislike Mono-Ceti."
  Joey answered to Dokugan's call.
  Wow, he talk that even I can not blurt out. It is a brutal brat. He will surely be somebody in the future... Somebody?
  Suddenly Dokugan laughed loudly without worrying that Joey, Mel and other crew members surprised. As instructing them to progress with pectoral fin, he held his sides with laughter on the waves as if he was funny and crazy.
  Yeah, now it makes sense, the Highness...
  Well, it is soon the return of the Antarctic Ocean Expedition Team with tired minke kids as souvenirs.

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