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- Chapter 42: Bloody Cove -

  The four whales went westward south of "Whale-Eater Islands" where Kuroshio, one of the strong warm current over the world.
  Kuroshio starting from where the North Equatorial Current hits the Philippine Islands and turns its direction, first enters the East China Sea through the east of Taiwan, returns to the Pacific Ocean going through the Tokara Islands, then goes to east along the south of "Whale-Eater Islands", and encounters Oyashio there. The flow rate is estimated to be around 50 million tons per second, and the current plays a major role carrying the heat received from the sun from the equatorial region to high latitudes. In addition, Kuroshio is also a traffic route of southern fishes such as tuna and bonito. When the water temperature changes with the season, those fish settle down to the location of good temperature by passing through the current bypass. Part of the whale races of "Front Side" also take the water conveyor which used the rotation of "Child of Meta-Ceti" and temperature difference as pour source when traveling.
  Kuroshio current flows strongly at the speed of 2 to 4 knots, but the flow path is not always fixed. Cold water and warm water chunks are swirling in the ocean like as low pressure and high pressure in the atmosphere. The front line is the current rip that is between the cold water and the warm water, and the ocean current like Kuroshio flows through it, the boundary of the water. If one of such water chunks that repeats generation and extinction is made into the part called the Enshu-nada on the south coast of "Whale-Eater Islands", Kuroshio will greatly meander to bypass it.
  Claire and companions visited here just when the cold water masses that had been sitting for a year and a half off the Enshu-nada faded and disappeared, so Kuroshio was considerably close to the coast of "Whale-Eater Islands". They lost physical strength if they collide the front of the water current of four knots, so the four whales continued searching approaching the land as much as possible.
  They devoted some bays and overlooked the gently sloping beaches by ear, and then they came up to the peninsula protruding to the south, where the shoreline was somewhat complicated. It is Kii peninsula, the largest peninsula of "Whale-Eater Islands".
"If 'Cachalot-Eater Rock' doesn't come out here as well, It may be not bad to live."
  Jansen, full of happiness ate the squid at Sagami trough and Suruga trough beyond half a mile of water depth.
"What a selfish jerk."
  Claire, who has not grasped the next clue to know Joey's news after discovering the bizarre orca's corpse, complained him as he did not even know the feelings of others.
  They passed by a pod of 30 Risso's dolphins near one of the bay, but they did not get any useful information from them. One month has already passed since they started swimming around the shore of "Whale-Eater Islands" searching Joey and killer whales who kidnaped him, the time of sunset was rapidly advanced past autumn equinox.
  When Claire and companions went south the east coast of the Kii Peninsula and came close to the mainstream of Kuroshio, a fluttering voice began to be heard from the direction of movement. A lot of blow made the sea smoke looking. It was a flock of bottlenose dolphins. Bottlenose dolphins are the biggest race in dolphin fellows with beaks living somewhat close to the coast. They have a reputation as an energetic charm even among the whale races.
  Dolphins sometimes make a large herd over one thousand, but the members of the group are replacing and are quite versatile. There are sub-groups of dozens of units under an open large group, with a focus on these close groups resting, they are going to the "Dining Area", playing games, chatting, or going out for excursions. These flocks are somewhat different depending on the races and "Large District", but it is mainly distinguished into a group of young dolphins before adulthood and two ones of adult dolphins. One of the adult groups is a group where females concentrate on child rearing, and the other is a group that spends honeymoon with a pair of opponents. Because females have a pregnancy period of one year and a breastfeeding period of more than one year as well, so females who are in the same sex condition consult each other with parenting troubles, and complain about the cheating of the husband. The behavior pattern of dolphins is divided into small groups near the shore during the daytime, and it is common to get somewhat offshore at night and catch squid or fish in the depth. When they are feeding, they take over the role of monitoring and babysitters in turn.
  The flock of about eighty bottlenose dolphins now came around this peninsula pursuing the nearby fish of bait while comfortably riding Kuroshio. There is a large sunken reef of 300 feet depth just off the cape at the tip of the peninsula with many cliffs, and the current ride here become a torrent and flow into the east coast of the peninsula. The dolphins did not know there was a trap waiting open mouth there.
  When the distance with Claire was still away, suddenly more than dozens of "Floating Rocks" appeared offshore. The small "Floating Rocks" quickly expanded and surrounded the dolphins herd in a semi-circle. It was an event while looking on in blank amazement for the four whales and they had no time to talk to the dolphins.
  When Claire tried to urge attention towards her companions, loud noises reverberated in the sea. That sound that caused headache and led to considerable disturbing thoughts was a little less than the "Noisy Rock" that she encountered before, but this time the whales did not get entangled in by chance. Dissonance emanating from a dozen sound sources clearly had one plan. The audiences were dolphins, and they are prey.
"Can't you do something, Douglas!?"
  Claire heard the dolphins' screams mixed noises with unfortunate ear can not be blocked.
"What's happened!?"
  The dolphins who were besieged and threatened by the sound were forced to change the course and gradually caught up to a small bay which opened a little away from the cape at the southern tip of the peninsula. When the prey entered firmly, "Ghost" was introduced this time and closed the exit by partitioning the entrance of the bay. It was impossible to escape for the dolphins.
  The eighty dolphins were surrounded by "Floating Rock" and "Furless Seal" which got off from the small "Floating Rock", and were flooded to shallow water.
  Claire, who was closely watching the work of "Furless Seal" off the coast of the bay, cried unexpectedly.
"Don't look!"
  Jansen slid his 65 feet body and blocked her sight.
  Cherokee's eyes started out of his head and was trembling his big mouth with baleen.
"You too, Youngster!"
  Although he could blindfold and not show them the painful scene, he could nothing about the sound. A slight tweet of dolphins arrived in Claire's ears who was in a state of emptiness in the shock, along with a dull sound of smashing their head.
"My blood..."
"My blood is loosing..."
"My blood has been loosing..."
"My blood..."
illustration   The sea surface has been dyed by bright reddish blood in a moment. Blood that has supported the activities of life in their body: A 40 knots run towards the horizon, a 30 feet leap towards the void, a 1,000 feet dive towards darkness, day after day they surfed with lightly riding on high waves which is a huge toy got from the planet, its strange feeling that they could see the sea surface from above underwater, voices of living creatures full of the sea, the fun of deciphering them one by one, smooth feel of companions' skin, a singing voice that is comfortable to the ear, a humming voice by themselves, an encounter with a big race, a gaze exchanged silently, wind, rain, cloud, sunlight, freedom, blue water anywhere, knowing love: Blood circulating throughout the body to make all their experiences possible: Blood that has melted memory that is not enough to remember, now leaves itself, spreads rapidly in the water and is about to be diluted, the dolphins watched across the pain pushed deep into consciousness. Weakness increases moment by moment, body temperature gets steadily deprived, and a numbness sensation comes down. The ambient sound which has been clear until now becomes a mass that has become disgusted in the head, and it swirls and it gradually becomes cloudy. The image blurred, the coloring color of the world dropped out one by one, and the last one remained only red.
  Hey, why are you running away? Where you to be is in me, isn't it? It is like the end of the world that the sea has been dyed red...
  Jansen and Douglas pushed and made the two young whales, which are still not experienced blood-conscious, move to the offshore. The eighty dolphins nuzzled the water surface, burned the fins and struggled, gradually weakening while blowing up the blow of blood, the voice ceased to be one and one. Claire did not know whether the dolphin's voice ceased to exist because she ran out of the reach of the sound, or because all of them breathed out in the bay painted crimson.

  The two elderly males brought Claire and Cherokee to where the shore is completely out of sight. In the midst of Kuroshio, the four whales were flew to the east little by little, but now they decided to let the current carry them. Cherokee managed to calm down, but he still won't feel at ease unless ascertaining that blood does not leak out of his heart. Claire had only prayed in a tired mind for that the water flow could carry away herself to a safe place somewhere from a merciless reality while leaning to the current and closing the eyelids like this.
  I want to go home soon... to "Fertile Sea", into my mother's womb... Wherever I don't care, I just want to leave from here!! From such a world...; Claire thought.
  The four whales spent a time while doing no words, idly watching the row of black waves basking in the sunlight up and down. When coming to the offshore, the waves were undulating due to the influence of the typhoon that passed a few days ago, and even a big whale can safely enjoy surfing. Thanks to the gentle waves shaking the body calmly so as to cure the baby with a regular rhythm, their disturbed hearts have gradually got subsisted.
  Claire finally regained her self-control and tweeted a word.
"Why? I can't understand..."
  From the time she went through the Westerly wind drifts surrounding the Antarctic Ocean and witnessed the slaughter of a group of dusky dolphins by the brutal killer whales, Claire had the feeling that someday she would be shown more scary scenes. But she did not expect to be present at the scene of the massacre and to witness the full particulars. And also that the criminals were not killer whales but "Furless Seals" whom she knew its existence recently.
"I'm sorry. I was careless. There is 'Bloody Cove' which is set with the central 'Floating Rock' nest there. Although I never came so close to the coast of 'Whale-Eater Islands' up to now."
  Douglas said with excuses.
  However, as did not hear his words, Claire issued the same question again with an empty eyes that brightness had disappeared.
  After a while the old whale also said the answer.
"Predators will not show the feelings of rejection against the blood of the animals they prey. This is the inviolable rule of the living world. Killer whales and sharks do not make noise as they see the blood of ours, do they? Even if we are shocked by the krill corpses each time, we become neuroses. Although whether we can call 'Furless Seal' as a predator of a dolphin and a whale is another matter."
"Yes. It would take forever if I will count the previous offense of squid killing. Though their blood color is not red but blue. As I said before, squids are pretty intelligent. They seem to have conversations with their colleagues in body color and body language. Fortunately, I do not understand squid's language. That doesn't mean I want to break the contract. We eat squid wordlessly and they are eaten by us, too. Thankfully for them and us, it is said that the weight of all the squid races are about a million times my weight. They have a lifetime of at most one year, but one lay tens to hundreds of eggs. For that reason, toothed whales such as us cachalot, pinnipeds, large fish such as tuna, sea birds, etc. are all being cultivated. We all must thank a squid. However, because the addict who breached contracts got a lot of squid, the Pacific flying squid race and so on were drastically reduced compared to the past. They are going to extend their index tentacles more and more to various squid races in the seas all over the world. I don't think that the greedy fellows and dolphins have signed a contract to eat and to be eaten with introduction of Meta-Ceti like as we cachalot whales and squids."
  While nodding to Jansen's word, Douglas took over the rest.
"That's right. We baleen whales also have a contract with krill. We do not catch except for four months of the harvest period. The blue whale race of 'Back Side' only eat krill of one genus. The right whale races tend to feed more finely copepod and Parathemisto. I and Claire's races have major 'Dining Area' at the highest latitude, the fin whale race has more lower latitude, and the sei whale race has further north. There is feeding behavior isolation according to 'Large District' or by age and gender. We depend on what is acquired in the sea area where we live. We are not absorbed in starvation, but we never kill rashly due to having the ability to feed. If krill comes down, 'Chief Governor' will notice females to refrain from breeding and children born at that time will actually not well growing up. It can not be helped. When the difference between abundant fishery and poor fishery is severe, high omnivorous races offer a roll as coordinator, but there is a limit. It is a rule in such a case to painfully distinguish between ones surrounding the 'table' and between ones to eat and to be eaten." "However, the activity of 'Furless Seal' is obviously departing from the principle of such living things. They have an effect not only on squid but also on krill who should have explosive fertility. I intended to keep it in Claire and Cherokee, but the peninsula which was sandwiched between two troughs passed by us was actually once called 'Dolphin-Eater Peninsula'."
"Here is full of it at all."
  Cherokee blows the sigh of blow.
"Well, because we are whales we have named it like that, but other creatures may have named them each other as going through bitter experiences. Anyway, in 'Peninsula' about 10 'Bloody Cove' had existed about a hundred years ago, but now they have all ruined. The reason is obvious, getting too much of dolphins. The prey took preference mainly on the striped dolphin race, but their victims surpassed 10 thousands to over 20 thousands each year. As a result of that, their 'Large District' near the coast is thoroughly decayed, 'Chief Governors' recommend females pairing and parenting from a young age and are pushing for reconstruction.
"And then, 'Bloody Cove' that we were in front of, in the old days it was about chasing the short-finned pilot whale race when mainly whales are not caught. However, from the time when Claire was born, the appearance changed completely. 'Furless Seal' here started attacking anyone regardless of dolphins. In addition to the short-finned pilot whale, pathetic bottlenose dolphin earlier, striped dolphin slaughtered also at the east, pantropical spotted dolphin, rough-toothed dolphin, pacific white-sided dolphin, common dolphin, false killer whale, Risso's dolphin, And to orca. The guest Sarawak dolphin who came from the south by chance was sacrificed. The number of murdered dolphins also increased sharply. They swallow one large group of dolphins in a year.
"And another islands called Iki in the western part of 'Whale-Eater Islands' has another kind of 'Bloody Cove'. Although it seems sporadic that 'Bloody Cove' here is dyed red, it is said that 'Furless Seal' angrily kills thinking their bait was stolen since dolphins and pilot whales eat yellowtails."
"Damn it! They are messing around! Do they think that yellowtails are all their occupation? It's not a joke, yellowtails are dolphins'. No, of course yellowtails are yellowtails'. In general, gluttony 'Fish-Eater Rocks' which are their fellows had catch almost of fish all over the offshore, so dolphins could not help but make the coast as 'Dining Area'. Well, they who assume that both the sea, fish, and whales belong to their own don't intend to split the difference from the beginning."
  Angry Jansen spit out a squid beak from the mouth.
"Yes. There is a flow of the current, fish are living there. Even though we whales can freely move, we must comply with the laws of nature in order to actually live in the ocean just like all other living races. If the creatures of bait move, we also move the fins and chase them, and if we do not get food yet, we only have to wait until the age of poverty passes away. Still we were living alive. No, actually because as it is, we probably could survive and have a peaceful time in general without self-destructing rapidly like as 'Dolphin-Eater Peninsula'. Also, like orca of 'Fur Faction', the race who took the position of predators of large animals such as dolphins and whales, it is the style to pick some one who failed to escape among the herd when hunting prey. They never extinguish the blood of prey. As Stella told us about their 'Pride'. However, 'Furless Seal' is different. They annihilate a pod of dolphin in one swoop. They kill a master of cachalot easily. With such ability they can even eradicate one race. Do you know the giga dugong race?"
  Then the old whale asked two young whales. Claire and Cherokee shook their heads.
"They are easygoing vegetarian beast race who lived in 'Foison Sea'. The body length was about the same as that of Claire, and they mainly ate kelp. While a large figure, they were peaceful race who were not roughly related to every dispute. But I can only talk about them in the past tense. Although there were not many in the beginning, they were eaten and quickly exhausted in about twenty years since they were found by 'Furless Seal'. It was about two hundred years ago. The relative race of about one third of their size still survive in low-latitude districts, but their survival environment is becoming severer year after year. There are other examples as well. The subrace of sea lion which were in inland sea behind this 'Whale-Eater Islands' have also been extinct. We whale who live in the ocean are able to widen the distribution area as a race, so fortunately we live without all the races collapsing. However, in the 'District' unit, a number of them have ceased to exist both tooth whales and baleen whales like as long-finned pilot whale in the North Pacific, and many races are currently in crisis like as right whale and gray whale in the Northwest Pacific. Neither cause can not be considered without the existence of 'Furless Seal'.
"It seems that 'Furless Seal' can not recognize the importance of inheriting blood whether prey or themselves. Dolphins know that they can not compete with 'Furless Seal' unless they break the agreement with Meta-Ceti and do not want to send a dark life contrary to their temperament, so that they seem not to conscious of 'Bloody Cove' as much as possible. Probably 'Furless Seal' do not know what kind of social life we whales are sending and how to swim in the sea. For example, it took ten years for a dolphin to become an adult, and a female took a couple of years to a child. The evidence is that 'Furless Seal' have slaughtered all the way if prey come though the dolphins chose the coastal course because the flow path of the ocean current has changed and just followed the recommendation of the ocean and Meta-Ceti. It is easy to understand unless they are so low intelligence animals that dolphins can not multiply like plankton. Either way, if they keep on with such unreasonableness, the nest of the 'Floating Rock' that barely survives will have decided to destroy soon."
  The blow by the old blue whale would be truly majestic and impressive in the waves of Kuroshio, but now the roar was heard in an empty state.
"I don't understand why they should do this. I can't understand 'Furless Seal'."
  Claire's eyes, which cannot shed tears, looking at the three companions were overwhelmed with sorrow.
"The blood of that bottlenose dolphins have disappeared. The warmth that filled the body have lost, the blood and the history of fraternity of the pod have forever erased from the flow of time, from the memory of the ocean life. It really got disappeared into the darkness that can not be regained anymore..."
  Claire wept copiously while clapping with the three knot torrent of sea. Suddenly a lyrics came to her mind. Why does a clear image come up in the empty head as blown away when sad? Claire dedicated requiem for the unknown bottlenose dolphins.

      Don't shed blood anymore!
      I'm begging you!
      Like a big river, like a tide,
      The red flow has come running through.
      Both happy and sad,
      Everything has been dissolve in it.
      Wave ticks the time and moves it forward.
      Energy to fill in our body.
      Every time we feel the world,
      It increase freshness.
      Warmth transmitted through the skin.
      Secret that has been put in each whale's heart.
      They all has overflow into the outside world,
      And has disappeared with water bubbles.
      I dislike seeing it!
      Brilliant red is proof of living life.
      What we feel own without exposing to the public.
      And what we feel our own life
      So, I do not want to see it.

      Don't exterminate blood anymore!
      I'm begging you!
      Young life, aged life,
      The red string of fate connecting everyone together.
      Everyone becomes a drop,
      And mix into one torrent.
      Chord of the blowing blow.
      The water stream strokes the skin of all equally.
      A blessing wrap a couple confirming love.
      The birth cry conveys the wave of delight today as always.
      Both sorrow and suffering have been overcome,
      And it has been finned down in succession,
      They all has overflow into the outside world,
      The curtain of a drama supposed to have no end gets dropped.
      I dislike seeing it!
      Fierce red is a sign of certain bonds.
      What synchronize with the flow of time.
      And what we transfer without words.
      So, I do not want to see it.

      Don't show me blood.
      Don't dye the sea with blood.
      I'm begging you!
      Don't shed blood anymore!
Was the song carried on Kuroshio reach the ear of "Furless Seal"?

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