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- Chapter 43: Moby-Dick, II -

  Claire and the three companions began to go west against Kuroshio again. However, they did not approach the land of "Whale-Eater Islands" anymore, and switched indirect search using exclusively long distance sonar. If then the mesh of the investigation inevitably become coarse, but the four whales have chosen to avoid taking more risk. They judged that it was inevitable that the process will be delayed as they goes back to Kuroshio for that reason.
  The shadow of Claire's sorrow has become darker since she was unfortunately at the site of the eradication of bottlenose dolphin that was held in "Bloody Cove". Unlike Cherokee's insomnia that he can not be helped because the continuation of 'Moby Dick' was on his mind, she became less sleepy due to nervous weakness. Her thought stagnated like slush and she could not afford a constructive action plan to rescue Joey. She kept waiting passively just for something getting caught in the sonic net while feeling depressed.
  When Kii peninsula where "Bloody Cove" is there receded backwards, the land was again visible beyond the powerful waterway of the current. It was Shikoku, the smallest among the four islands of "Whale-Eater Islands" and is the third from the east. Jansen disappeared in the vicinity of the offshore of the projecting two capes. A deep ocean canyon exceeding half a mile was digging in the east side of the cape, and so the other three whales were moving on slowly without concern him as perhaps he was eating squid.
  When he came back after a day, he has attached five or six new bite marks on his forehead.
"Oh, were you fighting again?"
  Jansen said to Claire, her mouth shrunken, without worrying.
"Well, there was a practical place of 'school' nearby. When I put in an appearance, there is a senior 'Instructor' a bit older than me and so I have a bout with him. It had an evenly‐matched game and a draw. I got meet by a challenging guy after a long absence, damn it! After that, I was guided by him to the squid's street, and I revealed the night to the male's talking while serving the better squid.
"Wow, there is a male who is equal to Master."
"Does Youngster also get hazing? The training menu is to stand upright for 3 minutes with a half bleach, and gets a strong blow with a caudal fin when you wobbles a little. If you do not reply loudly and properly as 'Thank you, Sir!' after being struck, you will be beaten another blow. He will surely welcome you as a day trainee."
  Cherokee declined to recommend to Jansen while waving the pectoral fin.
"No thanks."
"The teacher male is quite impressed with his appearance. There is a long streak in the forehead. The scar is not by a fight between cachalots, it was attached when he was chased by 'Floating Rock' at young age and was dying to the point of danger. The harpoon slightly aimed and gouged the forehead and shaved the meat. Even now, he feel that the scratch ache when he hear the sound of 'Floating Rock'."
  Claire pretended not to listen about Jansen's talk any more and speeded the fin. She recently got hate the words "Floating Rock" and "Furless Seal" to be mentioned.
  While the three male speaking, they followed the female whale going to the top so as not to be late. However, Jansen deliberately spoke to the side next to Claire, as he noticed that she intentionally would not listen to the story related to "Floating Rock".
illustration "I heard a strange story from the male. There were also some nest of 'Whale-Eater Rock' on the south Shikoku where we are looking to the right now, but one of them has recently started 'Watching'. It is surprising because he says that they are also observing those who go to 'school', namely cachalot. The type of 'Floating Rock' seems to be 'Fish-Eater', but apparently they are patiently waiting for them who dive for more than 40 minutes and only rise to blow. It is not Youngster's story, but times have changed quite a lot. Don't you think so?"
"I didn’t know that."
  Claire murmured with a low voice and turned to the other side.
"Do you hate 'Furless Seal', Claire?"
  Claire looked back on the elderly tooth whale gazing at peaceful eyes. She felt like to see through her heart she herself did not want to admit.
"We should not have feelings of hatred. She will feel sorry if Meta-Ceti knows."
"There is no point in denying emotions. It cannot be helped if having it. I hate 'Furless Seal'. Sometimes I think to be hateful to them. I refuse 'Furless Seal Watching' though how safe it is to be honored. When I heard the death of my friend, I thought I wanted to beat the fellow of 'Floating Rock'. However, even though I think about it in my mind, I really do not do that. You may not believe it, but I have approached to threaten 'Floating Rock' only when I rescued you from 'Tsukinbo Rock'. If you make a mind to hit 'Floating Rock' by hatred, it will be like Dick."
  The eyes of the three whales concentrated on his wide profile.
"Phew! I've been waiting, Master!"
  As soon as he is released from insomnia, Cherokee sent cheers.
  How can you be with glee? I am also interested in Dick's afterwards, but this is somehow a horrible story, Claire thought.
  Jansen grinned to the two males and then talked towards Claire again.
"Something might be helpful for you about 'Furless Seal' may contain in this story. It is up to you to decide whether or not to go all the way to 'Whale-Eater Islands' in the future, but I think there is any loss even if you listen before that. Unexpectedly, the place we are in now is perfect for talking about 'Moby-Dick'. The stage of this story is off the Pacific Ocean of 'Whale-Eater Islands'."
  The afternoon sunlight turned over to the sea surface and added a luster to the black back on the black current. It would be fantastic to listen to story with dark signs by the deep-sea race in the sunshine.

"In the last time, it surely ended where Dick swore vengeance to 'Floating Rock'. So how did he try to do that vengeance?
"As I said before, Dick was a whale with a strong fins and a sharp head. He also understood that he will just commit suicide after his fellows without fighting back even if he stumbled into the bosom of 'Floating Rock' which killed the master easily and slaughtered 40 flocks in a small hour. He just held one body, one life. To achieve revenge, he must win a hundred percent. One mistake meant defeat and death. In order to win, he first had to know the enemy more.
"Dick lost her family at once and he became lonely. Of course he could re-enter the other pod enough, or he could search for an ally to take revenge. But he didn't so. Because no one could share his anger, his sorrow, and his hatred. As Prophet Eliza told him, Dick cut off any relationship with other whales and kept selfishness for the rest of his life. He himself was just one 'District' and one race.
"When he was a child, Dick was also heard from adults of herds about the teachings of Meta-Ceti. But now, he was made aware more than enough that it is impossible to overcome 'Floating Rock' as long as he is bound by the conventions of the living community that Meta-Ceti has set up. Dick ceased to take the side of Meta-Ceti and living creatures who trust her. Even if he do so, there was none of those who blame him or refuse him. He ignored migration. He did not respected neither 'School' and Harlem nor the marriage with a female and the fight with a male. There were males who sell fight to Dick, but he ignored them. When there was a persistent insult, he defeated the male thoroughly. Even if the opponent admitted to lose and displayed a surrender showing a closed lower jaw, he grudged without mercy. It was out of the question such as stepping through the battle procedure. It was like a warming up for a deadly battle with 'Floating Rock'. As the rumor of the white whale who do not follow the rules spread, males ceased to come to him. They thought, 'Let sleeping Dick lie'.
"Then, how did Dick get to know enemies? First of all, he wanted to avoid the folly getting killed sooner before making revenge. For that reason, Dick constantly listened carefully, put around the sonar and kept watchfulness constantly. Anyway, because he is big and the body is white, so he was noticeable when near the water surface. He also exercised training to keep the breath stopped, extended the diving time, and accustomed himself to taking irregularly the surfacing interval. When he had got a carefulness to not tell the residence to 'Floating Rock', next time he had to build a way to discover the enemies. It was found fairly easily. It's a decoy."
"Decoy? Is it like a dummy bait of anglerfish?"
  Cherokee asked questions.
"Think twice. The opponent is 'Whale-Eater Floating Rock'."
"Could it be that..."
  Claire was going to speak and then breathed into it.
"Yes, if it becomes a decoy for 'Whale-Eater', it is obviously a whale. That is cachalot, his own race. For Dick, it was no more than a bait to lure 'Floating Rock' any longer. When he found cachalot's 'School' or harem, he tailed behind it at a certain distance. The whales spoke to him thinking he has an usage to their pods, but just follows the back exactly and does not reply in silence. So they ceased to oppose the spooky white cachalot male as soon as possible. And Dick waited patiently until 'Floating Rock' took on the decoy.
"When the enemy appeared, he kept the distance that it could not find him and gently watched the fellows get slaughtered. How much 'Floating Rock' has the ability, how to get eat prey, what are those weaknesses? In front of the scream, shrieking and the sea of blood, he pierced the standpoint of ruthless bystanders and devoted himself to gathering information using his eyes and ears. Even if he should be noticed by 'Floating Rock', he did not hurt because he disappeared into the deep sea in no time.
"Witnessing the sight that the fellow whales were killed one after another while interlocking each other, why was Dick continuing to be indifference? Why did not he run into an urge to help them like his relatives were attacked by 'Floating Rock'? The answer is that he had spit all his emotions of sorrow all over his whole life at the first experience. Every time the same scene was reproduced, He was increasingly just looking for vengeance. And now he does not feel the hesitancy of somewhat to use the anguish and death of other whales to reach the purpose no matter how inconsistent he is.
"The member of cachalot race came to be kept away from fear the witness of slaughter by 'Floating Rock': 'White Demon' with the red eyes. Although it was a sarcastic story in the future considering the fate that he traces that Dick was whispered by everyone, 'He has sold his soul to "Floating Rock".'."
  Oh, no! It's a whale with the same heart of 'Floating Rock'... Claire surfaced in pursuit of the sunlight and clean air, and she breathed relieved.
"Through dozens of observations of the slaughter scene, he drummed the characteristics and nature of 'Floating Rock' into his mind. As a review of the last time, the 'Cachalot-Eater' group consisted of two type of 'Floating Rock'. As the name 'Velella Rock' which is the center of the herd suggests, it has a sail on the back so it was immediately possible to find it even if there was a distance. The main force of attack was a small 'Worker-Rock' which was spewed out of 'Velella Rock', feeding to 'Velella Rock' the whale whom they had slaughtered. The relationship between 'Giant Rock' and 'Worker Rock' is almost unchanged from the current one. Boss has been leaving all the hunting to the little followers, it always has been looking on indifferently shaking in the waves.
"However, these 'Floating Rock' did not work by themselves and there was a pilot called 'Furless Seal' though it was known as soon as the observation began. Small 'Worker Rock' was more visible on 'Furless Seal' on top. Five or six 'Furless Seals' were occasionally exchanged, but one of them on the tail changed direction with a bar-shaped caudal fin, and the rest fellows excluding the head were made 'Floating Rock' moving forward and backward by shrimp-like appendages. The problem was one at the top, he was in charge of predator organ.  The harpoon, the amazing weapon was connected with the body of 'Floating Rock' with a long tentacle. 'Furless Seal' shoots at the weak point of our body on the side.
"Their feeding behavior is done only during daytime. 'Furless Seal' mostly depends on the sense of sight. It seems that they discover the position of the prey by finding whale for blows or seabirds dancing in the sky. Dick measured the approach limit distance to 'Furless Seal'. He could get close to it up to six miles without being find by it. When they find a prey, 'Worker Rocks' separates from 'Floating Giant Rock' and spreads out following a whale. The success or failure of hunting depends on whether they can let harpoon hit us. When launching a harpoon, 'Floating Rock' retreated quickly and avoided the danger of touching the beating prey in pain.
"Finally Dick got the conclusion that 'Floating Rock' is unworthy of fear. The reason that the cachalot race was defeated by 'Floating Rock' and being swimming in the path of destruction was because we have been bounded by the biological behavior pattern. In fact they were slower compared with cachalot who can deliver up to 20 knots. They were only reading the time and position at which the prey emerged. Whales thinking only to escape, they did not consider them as attack targets. His forty relatives were all killed because they fell into a panic and lost judgment. Even when males confront, they affected the foolishness of 'Floating Rock' in compliance with the regular method. In fact, Dick came encountered several times in the scene that the master or the lone wolf of cachalot whale crushed 'Worker Rock'. Thanks to that, it became very useful for finding weaknesses of 'Floating Rock'. It was obvious which one is superior in terms of capability if they get serious about it. It was the harpoon that needs the only attention, but he also learned that the accuracy of hit is actually quite low. 'Furless Seal' can not hit the harpoon on the mark as long as the timing does not match. Most of all, 'Floating Rock' and 'Furless Seal' were both helpless unless they were united. When the two were falling apart, 'Floating Rock' loses both attack power and propulsion and tiny 'furless Seal' just struggles between waves, even females can easily kill rather than twist the baby seal's neck. All we needed was abiotic calmness.
"This is an aside, but research on habits and predation of 'Velella Rock', which Dick attracted with great pain and suffering high sacrifice, did not end up at all. Because, when the report circulated among the cachalot race, 'Velella Rock' has already gone, and the age of 'New Type Rock' has arrived. Their ability to kill and keep tracks was widely different between the old type and the new type, so his broken bones and lower jaw folds ended in vain.
"Well, the time of revenge was ripe. Dick was 25 years old, 10 years have passed since the day of tragedy. He would graduated from 'junior high school' and have a spree if he was a normal males, but he just got an accreditation to complete the observation learning period of 'Floating Rock'. The counterfeit had just begun.
"By mobilizing all the knowledge gained so far, Dick devised a course to 'slaughter' surely 'prey'. He had many favorable conditions. 'Floating Rock' can only act on the two dimensions of the water surface, whereas It was dangerous only when he went up to that plane and he swam freely in the water. 'Furless Seal' was empirically taking aim, but they can not know exactly the position of whales until the water actually bubbles and the black head protrudes beating the sea surface. From him the lower belly of the opponent floating on the ceiling was in full view. There was another blind spot in 'Floating Rock'. The guys were quite vulnerable to the attack from the bottom. He could also take advantage of the nature of 'Furless Seal' trying to read the behavior of prey. I could mislead in predicting his surfacing position and aligned the opponent's position to aim, or use a fighting counterfeit method by pretending to be frightened and escaping and striking suddenly. He also devised a wasteful tactics for emergency to make them thrust the departure tender spot deliberately and throw them off their guard to think that the harpoon had hit. When he release 'Furless Seal' to the sea and separate them from 'Floating Rock', the strategy is complete. Dick chewed the 'Floating Rock' apart, and brutally attacked pathetic creatures without both fangs, caudal fins and anything can scratch whales.
"For the next fifteen years, Dick hunted 'prey'. The white cachalot whale was just appearing in unexpected places, went to everywhere from the North Pole to the South Pole, the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Dick treating the 'prey' precisely and correctly himself did not understand why he wandered as pursuing something. Although it turned out when fifteen years passed. In any case, though it was nothing significant number as compared with our sacrifices which was hundreds of thousands, he took away the life or rendered it irreversible one hundred and several 'Furless Seals'. Even though it was only a coincidence that injured the 'Furless Seal' when other male whale attacked the 'Floating Rock' and overturned it, but Dick obviously intended to kill them. He cut through the body of 'Furless Seal' and took their limbs like as a killer whale prey on a seal.
"A turning point for a new destiny came. The growing Dick 's huge body had exceeded seventy feet. However, unlike lazy fellow sucking Pacific flying squid, his body was firm and tight. A number of deep wrinkles were inscribed on forehead of Dick who reached 40 years old like an elder, and the form distorted by anger never regained the smiling face of young days. The lower jaw twisted ugly due to the repeated attack of whole body to 'Floating Rock'. It was neither a squid nor a male of the same race who attached a lot of scars to cover the epidermis like pillars. In the evidence, there were many harpoons pierced on the flanks and fluttering in the water as war trophies with a pain. The pure white body like an iceberg and the red eyes were trademarks of 'White Demons' still unchanged.
"That year, the north western Pacific Ocean : we are now, where is females' winter resort, hunting ground for 'Floating Rock' and also for white whale Dick, he came across one 'prey'. When he saw the three posts, the scar of the harpoon, which was hindered by the thick greasy skin in front of the heart, began to hurt. That 'Velella Rock' was an ages-old 'Floating Rock' as old as him indeed endured the wind and the waves at the age of the year. Each 'Floating Giant Rock' looked different little by little as each one of us had individuality, but this one was exceptionally unique among them. It was hundreds of cachalot whales' teeth that were bordering around the back of the 'Floating Giant Rock'. It was pretending itself with the bones and teeth of the slaughtered prey.
"And Dick saw the proof of his father's valor in it! He smelled the smell of his mother's milk! He heard brothers and sisters' laughter and screaming voice! Apart from a shocking intuition, there was no evidence that this 'Velella Rock' was the enemy which killed all of his companions, but his intuition was too strong and undoubtedly doubted.
"Palpitations rang so hard as to shake his big bodies. For Dick who has steadily accomplished the work of destruction and slaughter with constant coldness like the moonlight, the warm mind, which had been buried in the undersea valley a long time ago, has now been sent out from the heart into the body again. However, it was just the same anger that he felt for the first time, blinded the eyes when he lost his immediate family and friends. Dick who has taken careful tactics such as secretly creeping in and surrendering other whales rushed to the enemy 'Velella Rock' while shouting like his father who was unfamiliar with 'Floating Rock' brought up at his end.
"That 'Velella Rock' which had already found Dick's forehead shining white that protruded from a series of the crest of waves immediately put on three 'Worker Rock'. 'Floating Rock' was joyful in the appearance of a big game it rarely did not see, and attacked to Dick. The shallowness of them made Dick live at this time. Three 'Worker Rock' surrounded the single prey as usual. At that moment when they stopped moving to set the aim, Dick swiftly raised the tail and hit it down. Following a severe blow by the huge body of 70 tons, the two 'Worker Rocks' sank out into dust. But he gave the third 'Worker Rock' room to counterattack. A harpoon 'Furless Seal' throwing penetrated deeply into the root of the tail, which is his propulsion engine. The pain doubled his anger and the third 'Worker Rock' was also crushed without appearance.
"While being nervous about burning pain, he tried to find out whether other enemies still remained by the cautiousness that stained his body. Fragment of 'Floating Rock' were massaged by vortices and waves around Dick. Suddenly, he noticed something prickly around the back. How, one of 'Furless Seal' clings to his back as large as 'Floating Rock' like a louse and seems to be poking the epidermis by something. Surprisingly, one of 'Furless Seal' clung to his back as large as 'Floating Rock' like a lice and seemed to be poking his epidermis by something. He has never encountered an indiscriminate and daring 'Furless Seal' who is still heading to a whale while isolating from 'Floating Rock'.
"'Such impudence even though a worm.'
"Dick hesitated a little to swung off that 'Furless Seal' and it came under a dull 'warm' who was struggling underwater. When he got a poor hind leg on the lower jaw with twenty sharp teeth, one of which broke easily. It was a small amount compared with the blood of a whale exuding with breath, but the red blood same as us flowed out.
"Dick who was unable to endure the pain, left the remnants of 'Floating Rock' and 'Furless Seal' that should have been seriously injured, and went away the water of 'Whale-Eater Islands' offshore where still a lot of 'Velella Rock' are in swarms. Although he also palsied the opponent's combat capability, it was the only defeat of the "White Demon" who had not seen the sorrow of defeat even once even for 15 years and hence living until that time."

"Sorry, let's take a break for a moment. I'll lightly meal. groups of Dana octopus squid and flowervase jewel squid are passing under here."
  Jansen unexpectedly interrupted talking and said so, he entered a deep breath for the dive to catch up before the feast ran away.
"Again? I can not get rid of my insomnia forever!"
  Cherokee protested.
"I'll be right back."
  Jansen laughed and came down to the "Dining Area" one quarter mile deep.

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