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- Chapter 44: Moby-Dick, III -

  Jansen has not returned yet, even if the day is full of darkness.
"Master is late."
"I guess he is fighting with someone."
  Claire did not care about whimsical cachalot over it, and she went to bed of the wave with Douglas quickly.
  Cherokee was unable to sleep easily even though he closed his eyes. But the cause was slightly different from being concerned about the continuation of the story. So he sometimes saw the depths of the bottom while serving a lookout.
  When he returned his line of sight horizontally, the big green object with a lot of phosphorescence came straight towards him.
"Arrrggg! Dick appeared!"
  The remaining two whales who had entered a shallow sleep jumped up to the scary scream of the cowardly humpback whale. As she saw it, a big cachalot whale approached with a waving curve while emerging the contours. He was nothing but Jansen.
"This is quite an elaborate production, isn't it?"
  Two rows of teeth lined with grin and open lower jaw are wrapped in gorgeous bluish light. "Tonight sea firefly makes noise awfully."
  Douglas revealed the trick. Tiny crustaceans who stimulate movement and sprinkle the luminescent liquid applied a strange illumination to his body.
  He seems like a child at all. He can not tell a lot about his friend; Claire thought.
"Please stop bad joke, Master."
"Well then, shall I talk about the continuation of 'Moby-Dick'?"
"Ah, you can tell me next time."
  Unusually Cherokee did not try to pester, so Janssen looked surprising.
"Really? But I don't know when I will speak again next time."
  Uh-huh, I see.
  Claire who could read Cherokee's heart meant a bit against him.
"I want to listen now."
  Cherokee gave up as he saw Clare's face and pushed himself between Claire and Douglas.
"Here you go."
  Cherokee who said so with a stiff voice stretched the pectoral fin to make sure that Claire is next to and pressed gently on the tip of her fin.
  He-he, there was another little boy here too.

"Dick, who was seriously wounded by the enemies of destiny, withdrew in a quiet inland bay with a strong salt concentration near the regression line without the shadow of whales and 'Floating Rock' and rested fasting for two months. Though the flesh fell well as a result, the swimming ability returned to his original level. However, due to the injuries by 'Furless Seal', he get into the habit of twisting the tail strange when he dived. And a subtle change visited his mind.
"Dick never felt the fear of dust against 'Floating Rock'. However, now he has come to embrace some kind of fear. It was a premonition that his own course was determined entirely and he would not be able to escape from it: a fear of destiny rather than a fear to 'Floating Rock'. "'The child was born under a really unhappy star.'
"The prophecy that Eliza gave to him on the day of childhood now grasped Dick's tail which the harpoon pierced, and did not allow him to decide how to swim by himself no matter how much he went up. And a ruin is awaiting him at the place where he will lead.
"'You are strongly attracted to something and must confront it.'
"Dick no longer slaughtered whenever he saw 'Furless Seal' at random; though he still did not quit the fight with 'Floating Rock' to retain power and courage. Instead of an indefinite number of 'Floating Rock', one unique 'Floating Rock' set aside for him as a new goal. After thirty years from the day of the tragedy that later decided the bloodstained life full of anger and anguish, he reunited with the enemy as if being manipulated by the thread of strange fate. "Since then, Dick has come to be caught in a strange idea often. The 'Velella Rock', which he swore vengeance for his immediate family who was killed may be trying to counter attack against him. It may be trying to contend for 'Floating Rock' and 'Furless Seal' which I buried. It may be searching for the white whale to sanction on not only for the three 'Worker Rocks' and some 'Furless Seals' that I sent to the other world on the spot, but in order to pay the score of all 'Floating Rocks' that preyed by Dick in the last twenty years. Now those who are pursuing and those who are pursued: the position of the avengers and their enemies are reversed, he himself may be standing on the defensive. Such doubts started clinging to his white head.
"'No, I will not be killed by you. I will kill you.'
"Dick pounded the blood of hatred further to be sure to win when I next meet and complete vengeance. That 'Velella Rock' which is dressed with our teeth and bones is the accumulation of negative energy of 'Floating Rock' which has put the cachalot race in danger of decline, it is the authorization of the wickedness. It is the hatred bloody apostle which devoured my life.
"One illusion began to bother Dick constantly. On the evening of the bright moon, the three posts of the 'Velella Rock' on the horizon far shine brightly receiving the moonlight. The weird light of the ghost which strikes and eats whale was uncertain like as their blow, but it persistently follow him to dangle the existence and mocked him. When drunken Dick ran towards the enemy for miles, the shadow of 'Velella Rock' would certainly scrape.
"On the other fin, another problem occupied Dick's head continuously. It was about the sociality of 'Furless Seal'. What is the relationship between 'Furless Seal' and 'Floating Rock'? Are there some regularity in the composition of their flocks? How is it different from their 'School' or harem? Or is it similar? Are they tied together by close ties of kinship? Or is it a fluid group that is swapping strongly? Do they have social forms seen in other races such as dominance hierarchy and leadership organization? Does their society have governance?
"Hunting of 'Furless Seal'-'Floating Rock' complex was clearly a well-regarded collective behavior. Especially organization was found in several 'Furless Seals' manipulating 'Worker Rock'. It was difficult to deny that 'Furless Seal' has the ability to work precise communication among individuals.
"Why did Dick stick to such trifles? The reason why he had observed the behavior of 'Floating Rock' in detail so far was to identify its performance and limitations and to win. So he did not have a pure interest in the ecology of other races and a point of view to compare with the society of us whale such as 'Bio-Observer'. Since he had fighting ability well enough surpassing 'Floating Rock' now, there was no reason to know the social nature of 'Furless Seal'.
"However, Dick could not get the 'Furless Seal', who was rude to the monster whose weight is over thousand times and was half killed as a result of that, out of his head. In the crazed behavior of the individual he gave a glimpse of the kind of personality and intelligence as the base. He felt the same anger and sorrow as driving him own. That said so far, he felt like that he saw 'Furless Seals' on another 'Floating Rock' trying to save other individual which was threw out from 'Worker Rock' from the chin of 'White Demons'.
"No, that idea is hesitant. 'Furless Seals' are treacherous fellows which publicly override the rules and intend to overthrow the living world. Dick shook his stern head to clear up his doubts.
"Dick sent the days as frustrating while caught in illusion and imbalance and eroded by the scourge and grudence against the enemy 'Velella Rock'. His forehead wrinkles darkened the shadows further and so he looked more older than his real age. Bloody red eyes constantly radiated the anger full of the inside were windows that shook the viewer. However, the windows were too small to spew negative emotions piling up. Extreme tension, anger and fatigue caused by the struggle with repeated 'Floating Rock' remarkably reduced his spirit. If the time of settlement was delayed by a while, his crazy heart would have stopped working. But three years later it came.
"While holding a feeling of gradually rising like a tide, Dick came swimming off the coast of 'Whale-Eater Islands', the corner of the Pacific Ocean where the last fate meets, as if it was guided by invisible fins. And there, he felt sensitive to the smell of his father, mother and his colleagues: that was the smell of the enemy, like that time.
"'Bastard is here!'
"Separately from frustrating anger, things like cushioning material that softly accepts intense emotions infiltrated his heart. Something like his hometown, like mother's flank, like equatorial water, or like remote memory in the depths of the brain, whispered at his ear.
"'It's your fault that destiny. You can always escape from there. No one will blame you. Let's move the caudal fin slightly now. Either right or left, you can choose whichever you like.'
"'I used to be old.'
"Dick listened to the investigation of the faint shivering which struck the shore far away while floating between waves. The sun which tells the end of the summer softened down on his old back and tried to teach that there is still warmth in this world.
"However, his spirit and will which spent all his past existence in a revenge and wanted a fight were ruthlessly handed down. "'It's just fatigue.'
"Wounds covering the whole body like pockmarks began to achieve. Hatred got dominated again. He unconsciously performed the work of transmitting and receiving sonar that he got, diving and waiting for the prey. His acoustic detection network caught one of 'Velella Rocks' that clustered in this breeding sea area of the cachalot race. It seemed not to be actively approaching a group of whales for hunting, as if it was searching for a specific opponent out of them. "'I finally found it! I will get it back double this pain!'
"Dick raided one of the nearest 'Velella Rock' that was trying to catch up with the harem of the same race and crushed 'Worker Rock' into crimson dust. It was like a light preparation movement before the actual turn. Soon, Dick entered the close range of the 'Velella Rock'. It was no doubt that it was 'true prey' he sought. He dived deeply increasing speed, then he jumped ahead of 'Velella Rock' and rose on that way. It was a bold provocation against the enemy. Movement was seen quickly on the side of 'Velella Rock'. Three 'Worker Rocks' caught up after him. Dick pushed the wave swiftly, along the opening corridor by him, the pursuer gradually narrowed the distance. Whether they knew that the whale with the same body color as the ivory colored teeth is a dangerous as if he was made of sharp teeth, 'Floating Rocks' bolstered like a barracuda to 'White Demon'.
"'Come on worms! Right now I will destroy you and cut off the bondage of irritable destiny!'
illustration   However, Dick was a cut above them. Because he himself was the one flesh that the rudder and who steers the rudder unlike 'Furless Seal' manipulating 'Floating Rock'. He struck the floor of 'Floating Rock' and diminished the spirit of 'Furless Seals', then got the tip of the propulsion direction, the launching harpoon site which was only dangerous. In this way, 'Floating Rock' was like a killer whale whose fangs are completely stolen. Then he closed his chin slowly like playing with, and cut the 'Worker Rock' body into two pieces. Dick spy-hoped away and watched 'Furless Seals' who were struggling in the wreckages of 'Floating Rock' and bubbles.
"'Well, humiliation for you is not enough yet. If you call yourself a natural enemy of whales, the strongest ocean predator you should try again for me!'
"Dick blew to mock 'Velella Rock' which did not have the power to swim itself, swam away deliberately downwind with kindness and despair to them.
"On the next day, 'Velella Rock' caught up again with Dick who was swimming at high speed. Both madness-affected vengeful no longer let anyone other than their existence rise to consciousness. Only two existence dominated and shared the world. The sea was only prepared as a sparking stage of duel over a long time. Now Dick bleached as if he gushed at once anger that was kneaded and boiled for 30 years in his giant cranium as wheel.
"As a new 'Worker Rock' was added, the three snipers again fell to the surface of the water.
"'Did you revive the dead or increase among the overnight? How unscrupulous! Then I will not tolerate you too!'
"Today Dick sallied forth his own unlike yesterday. He rushed toward 'Floating Rocks' without giving the gap to arrange the position while thrusting out the excellent forehead on the water, piercing the lower jaw openly and plucking the water. He slashed the three 'Worker Rock' with the tail that stuck with hatred. 'Furless Seals' threw a harpoon one after another towards the furiously raging whale like a typhoon, but neither could bear fatal injuries. Not only that they got stuck in the trap that they invited themselves. As the rope of harpoon entangled and entangled like gulf weed in Sargasso Sea, 'Floating Rocks' were pulled within the scope of Dick's tail and crushed in a blink eyes. After flipping the third 'Floating Rock' from the bottom into the air, Dick who had wounds all over his body was pulled out gracefully.
"On the third day after the pursuit, sharks were wandering around and around. Although they might have smashed blood bleeding out of Dick's body, no one would try to swipe filch meat in the bosom of the great cachalot. They knew empirically that they would be available for a feast as early as possible.
"'Which will fill your stomach me or 'Furless Seals'? In any case, for you it will be the evening of the party tonight.'
"Three 'Worker Rocks' were resurrected again. Dick exploded fury, jumped in an arc. It seemed that the scar of harpoon he received yesterday was constantly hurrying his anger.
"'So persistent! I will arrange a settlement with you today!'
"Dick who got into the crowd of 'Floating Rocks' in a tremendous manner, damaged two of them by blowing the tail made of a bunch of powerful tendons in the same way as yesterday. But all the leakage of bloated rebellious spirit at once had been blunting Dick's guileful as a tactician and the sharpened battle sense, combined with fatigue that has been accumulated for many years and pain of many old wounds. The third 'Worker Rock' closed in on as be swallowed by his fountain. A harpoon was released with the shrill shout of 'Furless Seal'. The harpoon, which was deeply stabbed in the flank, gave Dick a realistic sense of pain sharp enough to blow away all of his delusions and phantom. He twisted his body and destroyed his enemy. Burning pain tried to invite him again from reality to unreality. The sail like as ghost under the moonlight came into the white and faint sight like his body.
"'It's time of the revenge!!'
"Dick barked.
"'Father! Mother! Brothers and sisters! Today I will avenge the killing of you!!"
"The white whale rushed fiercely against 'Velella Rock' which was disguised dead of relatives. Loud noises which was unknown whether the cry by colleagues of the pod or the scream of fear by 'Furless Seal' filled his ears. The cautiousness by which he could have survived a number of battles has disappeared somewhere along with the abominable thirteen years. Dick has completely ignored 'Velella Rock' so far. Because it was only a supporter of 'Worker Rock', and in addition he knew some cases that males who attacked mindlessly suffered head injury and got premature death since it was so solid. However, neither such knowledge nor warning came up to his mind.
"Dick dashed forward and crashed on the right side of the enemy who was trying to turn slowly. The 'Velella Rock' slumped and tilted with roaring sound, seawater flowed into torrent from the holes he bore. Dick went through under the lower abdomen of the enemy he brought down, trying to see the moribund target to put an end with a red eye with blood flow while shaking his head.
"Then this was splendid! The small 'Worker Rock' remained at last that staggeringly stood between Dick and the 'Velella Rock' slowly submerged below the water surface. 'Floating Rock', which is being filled with seawater due to also being destroyed by Dick's blows, blocks him in front of 'Floating Giant Rock' which is no longer likely to survive. Several weak 'Furless Seal' were driving it desperately. Trying to protect the master from the hammer of the giant monster with themselves as a shield. Like a mother whale supporting a bloody child with her back. Like members of a pod gather to a wounded companion under the enemy's chin without fear. Teeth of his colleagues installed in 'Velella Rock' sinking with a whirlpool are screaming of the deathbed.
"'What the heck! Was the one I swore vengeance myself!?'
"The inside of his head was ringing like a deep-sea resonance sound. The dying 'Worker Rock' approaching Dick threw the harpoon towards the enemy for finest effort. The white whale sunk towards the depth with one 'Furless Seal' clinging to the rope: It is not certain whether it was 'Furless Seal' wrested the leg by Dick three years ago. Ever since that, no one has seen him."
  Jansen who finished talking floated on the surface of the water where the night wind crosses and blew quietly from a black head indistinguishable from darkness. Although it was moonlight, fortunately any vision of 'Velella Rock' that was extinct one hundred years ago could not be found. The three companions were overcome by deep emotion as they follow with their eyes the tracks of the long story finally completed while being shaken by the wave.
"Well, do you have any impressions, Claire?"
  Claire raised her face, being told by Jansen.
  The shadow of the deep sea race male who nestled 〉firmly seemed to constitute a part of the deep ocean and the evening dark. The echo was overlapping with the visual image by sea fireflies who were still rough, and it has a fantastic atmosphere. Even Claire mistily felt to read into the angle that the senior male whale was not merely a whim but now talk about "Moby-Dick" to her.
"I can't understand about 'Furless Seal' more and more. Although I can't understand, I admit that to be driven the revenge by hatred is foolish act that destroys oneself."
  Claire raised both pectoral fin with a voice of half reflection, half abandonment.
"It's unexpectedly simple to talk about who they are."; Jansen said.
"Yes. As your story suggests, the theory that 'Furless Seal' is a terrestrial mammal with a high sociality seems to be correct at all."
  Douglas also nodded.
"Really? What about 'New Type Floating Rock', 'Bloody Cove' or 'Rock-Eater Rock'? Was it true that the scene 'Floating Rock' protected 'Floating Giant Rock' Dick saw? It just happened to look like that, didn't it?"
  Claire's doubt still can not be solved.
"Dear me! Maybe it's doubtful for the other races whether we whales are really trying to rescue a wounded fellow, isn't it? They may say that it is the same we push up the relatives who can not breathe with our back as the surprised sea anemones fade away, the sardines are turning in direction at once, or the eyelids are closed when something is going to hit the eyeball; When there is something floating on the sea surface, whales have a habit of automatically carrying them on their backs. It is the same thing that a mother whale helps the baby's breathing, too."
"Oh, what a rude thing to say! Whales who say such things don't understand what instinct is. Surely it is decided to be a male."
"Hey, that's not fair! It is an analogy. Well, for good or bad, we know what put on our backs and why to do so. It is not the same to handle floating driftwoods as toys and dealing with injured fellows. It does not necessarily mean that everyone will help a friend. Even the same whale can not afford to be treated differently for members of the same race or the same pod and for others. There was a curious 'Sociologist' in the world, he had published a statistical survey on the actual state of rescue activities. According to it, females save children first, but they are not very concerned about rescue of males. On the other fin, males are passionate about helping females (especially when the victims are beautiful), but if they are other males they are indifference."
  It was Claire's impression that the "Sociologist" did something unnecessary.
"In the harem where I spent my childhood days, there was a sorry young mother. The female kept the dead body of her deceased child on her back for one month. Because of that, she herself could not eat much of the food and got thinned bony. She asked other mothers to keep the child's nurse when she dive, but she just said that 'Because my son gets drowned' and she did not try to lend her ears to the fellows. Thanks to being shoved by a shark, she caught life safely. Then, like a certain minke female with a strong mind, some ones can't be seen in danger too rich in the spirit of compassion even to other races."
  As he said while looking at her, Claire blushed.
"Regardless, unfortunately it depends on each whale's free will, sensitivity and conscience about such actions. Saved life would increase if they are completely automatic patterned actions (though inconveniences must arise), it would make us feel somewhat vain. However, those who is prejudiced against the small races as simple idiot lower animals since they seem to behave inexcusciously get punished. Meta-Ceti has given each personality to each race and individual. I do not know whether that is good or bad. But it is certain that the world has become interesting. Occasionally someone like Dick has come out.
"Well, how about 'Furless Seal'? Those guys are extremely extreme. Are you OK, Claire? This is all 'Furless Seal'. It is 'Furless Seal' to manipulate 'Floating Rock' and slay whales. It is 'Furless Seal' to annihilate our 'District' after all. It is 'Furless Seal' to drive dolphins and bloody the cove. It is 'Furless Seal' to catch a lot of fish. It is 'Furless Seal' to foul the ocean with excretion. It is 'Furless Seal' to scatter 'Black Fat' and plague a lot of living things. It is 'Furless Seal' to make fancy wars and involve other races. Then, it is 'Furless Seal' to frolic by watching whales. It is 'Furless Seal' to play 'Singing Rock' and make orcas pleasure. It is 'Furless Seal' to protect each other while understanding both itself and colleagues will die. Those are all 'Furless Seal'.
"For now, which we can see, it may be too much to say, but it is more unlikely. However, some one among them maybe also think that to eat shellfish, seaweeds and land plants: foods that match them and can get in their habitat are better than eating whales. Maybe there are some one who say that I am satisfied with watching our bleach and listening to our songs. Maybe there are some one who think that I must not defile the ocean any more. Maybe there are some one who think that it is suitable for killing at all, and we deprecate any more wars. Maybe there are even some one who has a rescue spirit to the other races. "In short, they can not help it anyways. They are helplessly crazy 'living things'! I hate such a crazy double personality bastard. However, if they were aliens or abiotic, it would be meaningless to be angry, hated or disliked them, wouldn't it? I don't know whether 'Furless Seal' still has salvation or not. However, I still feel that we have not thrown away everything yet as they are the same 'living things' like us."
  Following Janssen, Douglas also expressed his opinion.
"Yes. Perhaps it is an important point that they resemble us in a way. That is not merely categorical but something close to us as sociality. If anything, perhaps the 'Furless Seal' race is more likely a type of race that fertility is not so high and places a greater emphasis on the life of individuals with a long life span and a high degree of freedom; that plays a role as an ecological balancer with few individuals like as us whale races, rather than a type of race that the degree of contribution of members as part of the link that supports the sustainable prosperity of the group is high; at the bottom of the food chain that forms the basis of the ecosystem like as large grouping fish or plankton. Nevertheless, they may be a sad species that chose the way to break the rule by Meta-Ceti and develop the ability to go beyond scope as a living thing in order to survive the race in the harsh natural environment and to overcome the biological vulnerability and ecological disadvantage, like as Dick.
"However, we are another races adapting and living in different environments of the sea and the land each other, so that it may be difficult to communicate with each other. Whilst we whales depend on auditory images mainly for the way of communicating information, maybe they are all different in the audible range and the weights of visual and auditory sense are reversed with us. We can only understand 'Furless Seal' subjectively in any way. Both races are blocked by the wall in various ways like the boundary between water and air. Or perhaps they do not want to communicate with us over there. Although it is the same thing between any race and individual; Even between the blue whale race and the minke whale race, even between Claire and Joey.
"However, we are satisfied with it. There are common things beyond the constraint of recognition barriers. True diversity is not exclusion of one another, but deepening. That is familiar to 'interest' of the world Jansen said earlier. That direction may be the only 'vain' part Meta-Ceti imposed on the creatures. Because of its 'interest', 'Furless Seal' had also born on this planet. They have noticed something other than 'interest' in the natural world. And there was no eye on the trap behind that 'fake interest'. I wonder they were dissatisfied 'vain', though there seems to be no end taste as if it seems to be unpleasant. Anyway, I guess it has developed to the heretical nature of 'Furless Seal' seen today. We should only expect them as 'living things'. I wish that 'Furless Seals' also looks back on the path they have followed, notice that they have made a mistake in the course, and turned their eyes to 'interest' of nature again as Dick finally noticed."
  Here, Cherokee who almost overlaid the pectoral fin on Claire asked Jansen.
"By the way, what happened to Dick later? Did he get caught in the past and lost to his destiny? Or..."
  Jansen gazed at Cherokee's eyes in the dark and also gazed at Claire and Douglas. The narrator replied diffidently with husky voice not like him.
"I don't know."

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