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- Chapter 46: Creation by Meta-Ceti -

  Within a couple of days, Claire became able to breathe without having to borrow the backs of her companions. As Jansen said, the monster manta ray was not sent for the purpose of killing the four whales, but he just came to welcome greetings putting their skill to the test.
  Claire no longer doubts that Joey is in a very close distance south of here. Looking at the situation where his presence does not appear to be thinner any further, both they and the abductor killer whales finally arrived at the end of the journey. Thanks to that, she got an excuse to stay in the present place for a while for medical treatment.
  On the other fin, there was also a factor that makes Clare feel disturbing as they can not stay resting much more. The message sent from her son was not a word and it is blurred as if he is unconscious. In addition, she felt the sense of strong water pressure, cold and darkness reminiscent of the deep ocean.
  One thought gradually formed in the heart of Claire and tormented her. Joey's body swells and deforms ugly and turns into a figure of the monster whale seen in that dream.
  Then, she received the danger signal by her own body that she should not stay still here. It was a sensation that the sea was contaminated by an evil extract that continually soaked into the body through the gap dissolving in the water ; The same as she felt at the circular coral reef of Tuamotu Archipelago in the South Pacific and even sometimes felt after she came to the coast of "Whale-Eater Islands".
  Initially, Claire asked her companions for a feeling of stabbing a tongue faintly. However, the three whales only appeased her that ray's poison still remained.
  Until Claire recovered enough to swim by herself, they could not afford to stay in this area anyway. In the ocean which is more than 25 miles away from the nearest island, there are not any things other than waves to see, and there is little sign of living things except sometimes a sparse flock of migratory fish pass by, or a team of migratory bird getting a late start sticks a stain moving to a completely empty canvas.
  Are not other creatures close here because of the ominous shadow?; Claire thought.
  While entrusting themselves to autumn sunshine and the warm water of the south sea, the four whales have little conversation and just kept still. They were lost in thought about the journey of the past and what will happen on their own life from now on. Claire persevered until the sense of numbness completely falls out of her whole body while thinking in listless mind that; "Did he feel like this when Dick had rested after he was hurt by 'Floating Rock'?". Although goal is in front of her eyes, now it was time to wait.
  One day Cherokee insisted on Claire as he could not endure the boring days.
"Hey, Sister. Up to now I've heard a lot of stories by Old male and Master, I also talked myself, but I have not heard from your mouth at all. We don't have to do anything else, so may I listen to your holding story once?"
"I told you I was not good at talking. Besides, I don't know stories."
  Cherokee said to be soothing to Claire refusing with a melancholy tone.
"No, there must be one story that anyone knows."
"You can not help having hear something even a child know. You had better ask Douglas to tell rather than me."
  Even Clair understood immediately which story he was referring to. It is a story that has been passed down from parent to child, familiar to all whales from children to adults.
"Not really. That story is arranged for each race, and the speech is also different by each mother. Each has its own taste. It is a good opportunity. I always wanted to compare and examine how one story was transmitted among different races. Besides, compared with the story that female singing for the son, the story of the male is inexpensive."
  Douglas also said so and leaned forward.
"Yes. I wanted to ask you too. Hey, Mum, try to talk regarding us as your son."
  Jansen also cheered her comically.
  No kidding! There can not be a parent holding three children who are such big and old at my age. Going to speak so, Claire was sunk in thought a little.
  She get the feeling that the key may be hidden to solving the mystery of a series of incidents, including the encounters with "Floating Rock" and "Furless Seal" and questions about it, lessons learned in Douglas and Jansen, the stories of Stella and Margolia, a stir causing the case of kidnapping Joey, and the conflict of her own mind, in this story that has been heard for many times since the young age; It might be a hint to put these pieces together and complete one puzzle by remembering this story and talking herself.
"OK, I have no choice. Don't listen seriously, since I'm really awkward it."
  In this way Claire slowly began to tell about this long long story of the record of "Child of Meta-Ceti"'s growth, lying on the bedside of a gentle wave surrounded by the three companions.

Creation by Meta-Ceti
"Long long ago; although saying, there was not time yet, so I don't know whether it is the past, the future, or at this point of time; a whale has floating alone in a dam and too big space with nothing. She is Meta-Ceti. We don't know why she was there or who gave her up, but I don't mind starting a story from her who is directly involved with this world in which we live. Meta-Ceti was unknown in size, but she was the same figure as us minke whale who turned grayish white puncture in the pectoral fin and double grayish white band on the back."
"Really? That part is supposed to be a humpback whale among us. She have long pectoral fins, knobs on the head, black and white spot on the caudal fin. Although she is a female, she is very good at singing and jumping."
  Cherokee said while checking the characteristics of his body.
"She is a blue whale on our version. It is supposed that her pale and long body was shining faintly in dark outer space."; Douglas said.
"Of course she is a cachalot in our story. The deep sea and the universe are all similar dark. Our mother opened her mouth and smiled grinningly showing white teeth."
  Jansen smiled grinningly as he explained.
"He-he, everyone is not wrong at all. But I think that Meta-Ceti laughed more elegantly."
  Claire went on proceed with her story.
"Meta-Ceti was falling asleep there. She just had dreams in the empty space without time of flow. A dream of the past, a dream of the future, a dream of a number of different dimensions; a incandescence world with burning the heaven, a world of high density and high pressure crushing even the light, a world where the purple mist spreads to the fullest extent; no beginning, no order, no order, no rambling ragged images going through her mind one by one. She was attracted to one world in those dreams. And the desire to realize it as a real universe has grown. Meta-Ceti began thinking things in order, thus time began to move.
"What she wanted to create in countless universe was the world full of drama of 'life'. It was a tiny world compared to other dynamic cosmos she imagined, but she loved the world she saw in her dream very much. However, the empty space now was cold and dilute, and small and weak life can not exist. So, she decided to send the 'living planet' where many of these lives can live to themselves.
"Then, Meta-Ceti became pregnant a child. For millions or billions of years, she imagined the image of the world to be produced from now and brought up her child in her womb with his expectations and love. Eventually the child settled in his belly, and morning sickness came also to Meta-Ceti. When she shook her body in a vacuum and swung her tail, stars were born from there, and galaxies has swirled."
"Galaxy? I did not know such a story."
  Cherokee gave a funny voice.
"Yes. They were generated a lot but she shook the tail in a tremendous manner, so every galaxies had swept far away. One in the sky of the north and two in the sky of the south that can be seen with the naked eye, and whales with good eyes can watch them faintly."
"Oh, by the way I have seen stars."
"Well, it's nice. It's hard to see that."
  Claire said enviously. Cherokee winked to Jansen.
illustration "The birth was close at fin. Meta-Ceti was hit by high fever and the child in her body were in a state of steaming as well. She was aggressively twisted her body while ups and downs in the waves of ether. All the dreams that she saw were finned over to the fetus of the planet through the umbilical cord. Then the moment came. Meta-Ceti bore a large round child with a diameter of 80 million miles. The newborn daughter of Meta-Ceti was steaming vigorously because the surface was melted due to heat, but she was in excellent health. Her birth is an event dating from 4.6 billion years ago.
"Meta-Ceti blew a hot breath that caught in the body and reached its limit at the same time as birth from the spiracles. That breath became a lump, floated in the air, began to shine. It's the sun. She gently put 'Child of Meta-Ceti' on orbit around the source of that light. The mother knew that her daughter would soon cooled and solidified, so she make sure not to leave her in cold outer space and not to freeze.
"After that, the afterbirth of the child by Meta-Ceti remained beside the child as it was. It's the moon. The moon went around 'Child of Meta-Ceti', casting a gentle line of sight and watching the big planet baby. In addition, by exhibiting it by waxing and waning, it acted as a pacemaker that kept the rhythm of tide twice a day as her breath and also spring tide and neap tide for a month.
"Meta-Ceti gave the cute planet baby a lot of nourished breast milk right away. This trace of milk flow still exists, and draws a faint white streak in the night sky. The milk wrapped around the surface of 'Child of Meta-Ceti' completely, inhaled the moist atmosphere, cleaned the body, and cooled her still hot. This is nothing else, the sea where we live.
"In her mother's milk, a lot of raw of life was melting. Based on the gift from the mother, "Child of Meta-Ceti" took readiness to create life immediately. The large planet mother pacified raw materials of life in the shaking basket while breathing the fire from the earth or flashing the lightning in the sky. In the dense milk soup, the raw materials called out to the colleagues.
"'We will make something interesting now!'
"'Interesting things will be created!'
"'We are going to be interesting things!'
"'It makes me more interesting!'
"Many kinds of raw materials gathered together and increased their associates, which are the parts of life. In this way, life gradually revealed its shape.
"By the way, what is life? To breathe, to eat food, to increase the same as itself. But the real definition is 'relationship'. To take into life and to be taken into life, to fin over life to the next generation, to play their roles on the stage of nature with all the actors together, to build relationships with friends, to communicate with each other. There is no one who can live alone. From the time the primitive life gave birth, relationships have been continuous with this planet without cutting.
"Well, What was the first relationship? Each ancestor of life made from raw materials had special skill. The green race who is exposed to light and produces nutrients, the race who is good at converting energy, and the race who looks like a stringed string with exercise capacity. Before long, they noticed that the possibility of life will spread more than if everyone sets up a balanced house rather than falling apart. In this way, the cells were completed as the invisibly small heterogeneous groups became one pivotal pod. In the same way, cells with different roles mutually struggle to build one body, to divide each other and support one life. All of our multicellular animals and plants are made up by relationships of small life. And we living creatures own can be said to be cells that support 'Child of Meta-Ceti' through relationships.
"When life finally started to shape, the ocean still filled the surface of 'Child of Meta-Ceti', but the lactation period had already passed. The lives have not been able to just rely on milk soup to make the body, spoiled as before. However, Meta-Ceti left us a method to properly manage ourselves. It's the light of the sun that she sent to the world at the same time as 'Child of Meta-Ceti'. Our ancestors first saw the sulfur out of volcanoes, as the fuel to light the light of life. This race lived hot springs for hundreds of millions of years lazily behind the submarine volcano. Soon, another race who chose water as fuel is coming out. This the race of 'Water-Eater' eventually expanded. On the other fin, the 'Sulfur-Eater' race left the 'Water-Eater' later and retired from the evolutionary stage. However, it is not so if the old race had been shaken out of the wave of the new era. Their descendants still can survive beside chimneys lining the bottom of the deep ocean, in a fountain beyond 80 degrees, or in a puddle that is full of strong acids or salt, where other life does not come close. Are they lamenting contemporary circumstances in hellish environments? No, this stubborn relaxed race combining toughness and naiveness say that 'The world has changed completely, but there are still heaven for us.'"
  Claire stopped her mouth at that moment.
"Oh no! I got a tone like Jansen!"
"I guess it looks pretty good, He-he. I wanted to tell Sharon what you say now."
  Jansen made fun of her.
"Stop you're embarrassing me. I will rephrase!"
"By the way, It was doubtful from before, why does sulfur or water become the fuel of life?"
"Umm, I don't know. Please tell us, Douglas."
"Although it becomes confusing to explain in detail, we breathe by blowing because take oxygen from the air and spill out carbon dioxide instead. The plants which are descendants of 'Water-Eater' also do the opposite gas exchange. You can think that they are cooking materials of carbon dioxide and water with light and preparing carbohydrates for we animals. Oxygen remaining in the process is released into the atmosphere. The oxygen is an essential element for us, but it was poisonous for the old race who used hydrogen sulfide instead of water."
"Do you understand, Sister?"
"About a half."
  Claire went on proceed with her story.
"Then the 'Water-Eater' race spiritually kept spitting oxygen bubbles for hundreds of millions of years. Oxygen was associated with iron dissolved in sea water, it became red rust, and steadily accumulated on the ocean floor. When the red snow disappeared, oxygen was released to the atmosphere and finally joined in the relationship as indispensable for life. One of the trillion or quadrillion bacteria discovered that using oxygen when converting food to energy would make it much more efficient than before. I don't know who the great bacteria was, but the result he / she discovered are fully utilized for our blow. By the way, the algae family who continues to supply the source of our vitality for three hundred million years ago still lives in a salty creek. Direct descendants of the race who pretended to be the coloring of green for the first time in the world are quietly carving ancient times while exhaling a matrix of silver bubbles.
"Well then, multicellular animals appeared in the ocean. It was Ediacaran biota, a thin, sheet-like creatures who played a subordinate part. They had a very strange shape rich in variety, but now we can not see that figure anymore. After that, the races without bone and shell appeared, such as sponge who are pioneering group of cell cooperative arts, transparent water fairy jellyfish, helminthes wriggling under mud blankets. The races with somite or shells had appeared five or six hundred million years ago, jostled in the sea and competed for the novelty of modeling. There were many one in this generation of creatures with a huge strange appearance. Strange races were overflowing such as the race with five eyes and a mouth with a nozzle, the race grows with a lot of swords on the back, the horrible carnivorous race who roll prey with two shrimp-like limbs to jagged circle mouth. Of course, if they see the appearance of their descendants later, they may jump with surprise or burst out laughing rolling on the sea floor.
"Among them, one race who did not draw particular attention grasped the opportunity and made a great breakthrough from five hundred million years ago. The fish races who are the protagonists of the sea with more than thirty thousand species today were derived from this lanky race myllokunmingia with the notochord that supports the body. About forty million years ago when primitive fish flourished, the huge fish covered with a plate-shaped shell like the turtle was piled up in the sea. Some of them were carnivorous fish who had a big and terrible face, as large as a minke whale. The fish called Dunkleosteus got a big eyeball and swimming wielding the big chin."
"Cherokee, you are glad not to be born this age, aren't you?"
"I think so too."
  Claire went on proceed with her story.
"Well, one race, who parted company with teleost races became the mainstream of fish later, found a new place at around the same time. one fish race with closely related to coelacanth and lungfish challenged the adventure to which no one of their colleagues had tried until now. At that time they heard the voice calling themselves from the other side of the water / air boundary.
"'This is a new world. It is a interesting world different from the sea. The sun is bright. The wind is refreshing. We can also hear rain melody. Come this way!'
"The fish race, who can support the body with fins and whose bladder and the oral cavity were connected, decided to respond to the call and aim for a new way of living. Those who took courage and took the first steps to the ground were welcomed as a companion sharing the world together by jungles in which a huge plant such as horsetail and lycaenidae grows densely, and the indigenous races such as snails, insects and millipedes. These creatures were preparing to welcome the newborn race with backbone, stretching the network of lives on the land ahead of them. This newcomer is the family race of amphibians.
"However, the life on the land was rather difficult. They had to fight a violent temperature difference, the wind depriving you of body temperature, direct sunlight to shine on, and, above all, the threat of dryness. Even though the amphibian races are living in the land, their domicile is still underwater and they could not leave from the side of the water. If they can more tolerate the land which filled with change and stimulation, the drama of life will become more interesting. Thereupon, the reptile races boasting of toughness with a durable scalp and hard egg shell that keeps the body moisture appeared. The era of the amphibious races which lasted about one hundred million years had ended, as they baton-touched the reptile races. The descendants of the water edge races, which had reached 27 feet in length, have become quite small, but they are active in full today. Although we whale can not see them because they live exclusively in the freshwater area.
"Thus, as the creatures fill one world as seen in the dream of Meta-Ceti, 'Child of Meta-Ceti' has been constantly changing. One example is the gradual increase of oxygen produced by algae into the atmosphere. Thanks to this oxygen, the light harmful to life was softened in the sky, and a new world could be opened on the land. On the contrary, carbon dioxide which existed in large quantity was decreasing gradually. This is also the work of living things. 'Child of Meta-Ceti' does not get too warm by corals and plants absorbing carbon dioxide, which acts as a blanket for the planet.
"The mother Meta-Ceti has been always paying attention that 'Child of Meta-Ceti', the tremor of life, do not overturn and creatures living above her were not shaken off. 'Child of Meta-Ceti' herself has too. She kept her body temperature almost constant like us whales (although she sometimes rushed into the glacial era by catching a cold), and also satisfied with the same clothing of atmosphere without getting tired during the adolescence after she wearing the oxygen quilt. Besides that, sunshine and saltiness of the sea have been constantly being adjusted for the living things just right. Meta-Ceti carefully watched over this planet changing from moment to moment to prevent the light of life itself from being blown out."
"I'm sorry frequently, but I also have questions, Old male. Why is the sea salty in the first place?"
"I doubt it too."
  Cherokee broke down the story, then Claire joined the questioner. When the two young whales turned their eyes towards the elder whale again, Jansen intercepted the answer.
"Of course it's because we are going to piss every day."
"Don't be silly, Jansen. I have not asked you."
"Well, the salt of the sea is formed by the minerals carried by the river from the land and the gas blowing out of the submarine volcano, but if it has been left as it is, it will accumulate rapidly in the seawater and we will be salted. The reason why does not it is because it is stored as rock salt in the tideland and the ocean floor. Thanks to this, salt in seawater is kept at the optimum concentration for us creatures. It can be said that 'Child of Meta-Ceti' autonomously controls the environment, that is evidence that she is alive."
"I see. Well, I will continue.
"But sometimes a big incident happens. Huge stardust hardly hits her child when Meta-Ceti looks aside a little, or 'Child of Meta-Ceti' boldly strikes the continents trying to make an adventurous make-up for a change of mood (There are times when she falls into such a mental state), a cold got worse and her whole surface has frozen. In such a case, the world of life should also be affected and a considerably large number of races will perish in a short period of time. During the long 'Child of Meta-Ceti' half-life, there were several such major incidents.
"One of them is the end of the era of the reptile races. The dinosaur races who began to look out about two hundred million years ago, together with pterosaur in the sky, ichthyosaur and plesiosaur in the sea, became the main character of this era. The dinosaurs who produced the largest race on land comparable to the blue whale and boasted of magnificence for more than one hundred million years suddenly disappeared by about 65 million years ago. We do not know why they, who have many races including the strongest carnivorous dragon on earth, suddenly ended up including the strongest carnivorous dragons on the ground, why they ceased like suddenly. "However, there were many races who escaped the mass extinction at that moment. That is why we can now exist. Even among the same reptile races same as dinosaurs, the races such as crocodiles, turtles and snakes survived. In the ocean, ammonites and belemnites belong to cephalopod, which prosper with the reptiles, traced the path of destruction, but the reef coral who are a delicate old races living in the warm sea area were not exterminate mysteriously. One thing I can say is that many races faded away together, there were races that could survive in it (even if it seemed to be a weak living thing that seemingly could not make a natural disaster thorough), and the world of life was able to be reconstructed because the lives are connected.
"Since the birth of life, many races were born and destroyed. Today the number of races subscribing to the network of life on 'Child of Meta-Ceti' is said to be tens of millions, but if you combine the races that had become extinct in the past it will be ten times as many. Even outside the extinction period that occurred concentrating at one time, the living creatures were always extinct. As a single born life die inevitably, it is impossible to avoid one race perish. However, participants in the network may not mind being unsubscribed. Because the relationship is not lost.
"One pattern of extinction is the type that leaves the race that descended the progeny. Some races continue to inherit their way of life in a more sophisticated way or a way that does not get any better than the previous generation, and some races change to a completely different way of life while descended the same blood. Another pattern is not a direct lineage, but also those who are attracted to the same way of life, which is from relationships with other races, to living, to society's mechanism, and inherit afterwards. The adopted race often mimics the race who first opened the road as if it was a mirror image reflected on the mirror in time.
The races of creatures leave the successor tribe, or give way to another race who chose a similar way of life, and leave it behind as each creatures leave their descendants or leave their bodies to predators. The race that provided the finhold to the future and left the character can be kept forever in the memory of 'Child of Meta-Ceti' as a character of the long story of life. As long as she continues to live.
"Like an individual creatures, races also live in different ways. Many of the races that have prospered in that era have not been conspicuous in the previous era and choose an unobtrusive way of life after retiring from the big moment of evolution. For example, the priapulida race, the barentsia race, the sea lilies race, the lamp shell race, the Coelacanth race, the amphibia race, and so on. Every single race has an initial adolescence, after a young adolescent burning passion, it reaches a stable mature age and eventually returns to the source of time. There are various life patterns there. There are also short-lived races and long-lived races. It is not necessarily the case that the race of mighty predators, the race of the large household who created several schools, or the race who spread the distribution around the world would live long. And the race that has been breathing for a long time is usually plain, never strong nor superior, yet it has a strange and unique mode of life. Perhaps it may be related to the enjoyment and interest of living.
"Do you know a creature called nautilus? They are family of cephalopods similar to ammonite and have a history of races dating back to 500 million years ago, and several species survive in the South Pacific. They have nine feet and high-powered eyes, but the most proud of them is a house of shell like a spiral shell. A beautiful house colored with white and brown stripes is divided into several small rooms. A large room connected to the entrance hall is holding a soft body in the living room, the interior of which is an airtight room, floating dive by taking water out. Nautilus can ascend freely in and out of the water with this house becoming an elevator. They have a jet injector so that they can move horizontally.
"There are also creatures called horseshoe crabs. They are also the descendants of the race who enjoyed life in ancient times. They are relatives of trilobites have twice the history of about 500 million years of their progeny relatives. The horseshoe crab has a large shell like the dome, and has a humorous face with eyes like bean grain on it. They living in the shallow ocean floor usually go with their backs facing down on the back when swimming. The female is bigger than the males, and there are differences as much as parent and child. On the evening of full moon in spring, female and male are connected to the front and back, aiming for sandy beach for egg laying; There are also cases that males are repeated behind a female and makes a long queue."
"I know nautilus, but I have never heard of horseshoe crabs. Where do they live?"
  Cherokee asked Douglas.
"I heard that they have some 'District', but also live in inland sea of 'Whale-Eater Islands'."
"Really? Are they all right with such a place?"
"They seems to end at that place."
"Well then, what was the ancestor of we whale? In the beginning it was the shark race who stood at the top of the food chain in the ocean, but a little down the era, creatures similar to our race appeared. At that time, sea turtle and alligator larger than the current races, mosasaurus, ichthyosaur and plesiosaur had selected the ocean as the place of life among the reptile races. Among them, ichthyosaurus was creatures can be called reptile dolphins. Ichthyosaurus, whose length was about 6 to 12 feet, has an elongated beak on the streamlined fuselage, a dorsal fin sharpened with a triangle that breaks the wave, and a pair of pectoral fins used for diversion, so that they had almost the same body as dolphins at the present day. It was also the same point that the nostrils were open at the top of the head and blowing. However, it was a bit different that they also had small hindlimbs like as fin, the caudal fin was not horizontal but vertical and the spine passed through the downward protrusion. They gave birth a child in the water as those who run a perfect underwater life. Their races maybe made pods and 'District', sang songs and talked about stories. Do you doubt whether such creatures really existed? Let's stand on the deep trench and listen. The reverberation of their songs one hundred million years ago may be heard faintly.
"But we need not to so. There were those who responded to their songs. The races, who differentiated from the reptiles in the early era and had quietly live in the shadow of the undergrowth while the dinosaurs are sending the heyday, survived the disasters that destructed the great reptilian champions. It is the mammal race who is wearing fur and keeping body temperature with a small body. They took over the heritage of the dinosaurs and spread to various environments. And among them, there was a race with a hooves who lived on seashore and whose size as big as a seal.
"One day about 50 million years ago, one of the pakicetus race stood on the shore, watching the sea which was spread far beyond. While wetting the limbs at the edge of the beach, listening to the sound of the sea, they gazed at the surface of the sea in a dazzling crumbling of light. They saw that the shadow of the vision drew arcs in the sea fog, far away from the offshore area. Just like as the farther ancestors have heard in a certain day about 400 million years ago and were brought to the land, they listened to the voice from the peaceful comfort world, the world of freedom, singing and joy. I don't know if that vision belongs to the previous generation race who was destroyed over thirty million years ago or was the appearance of their own future. But then the pakicetus decided to return to the sea of Meta-Ceti's milk that all life originated from there, the world that water occupied. We lost fur, hindlimbs and taste, we gained fins, the ability to watch by ears and to dive, we were divided into two groups, the baleen whale races and the tooth whale races after the era of the bold basilosaurus race. As a new challenger, we whale, who overcomes problems such as lack of fresh water and low water temperature that deprives of body heat, is now fully familiar with the living in the water. Perhaps after tens of millions of years, we will have surrendered the way to the following races. I don't know whether the opponent is a direct line of us, a junior race such as seal or sea otter, or a different race at all, such as gigantic penguin. But we believe that the unknown descendants will continue to sing over the songs we sang in this sea.
"Indeed, the surface of 'Child of Meta-Ceti' is filled with life from the top of the clouds of seven miles to the bottom of the sea of seven miles. The world full of life is full of wonders. Why does knobsnout parrotfish sleep in bed? How does electric ray generate electricity? To whom did Flying fish learn how to fly? Why is Fiddler crab's claw bigger than any other one? Why does razorfish swim doing a headstand? Why does walrus have long fangs? How does coral know the time of the spring tide when laying eggs? Why does salmon come back to the river who was born? But why does eel go ovipositing in the ocean? How does bluebubble decide the course by all the group members? Why was not blowfish made ill by own poison? Why is hammerhead shark's eyes left and right so far? Why does arctic tern reciprocate between the North Pole and the South Pole? Why does sea cucumber spit out the contents of their belly when surprised? Why does sponges collapse but restore? Why do fish above and below the sea change places at night and day? The answers to the endless mystery of life are hidden in the history that each race inherited, the story that they talked about, and their own way of living. Even the life of us whales may be quite strange if looked from the eyes of other creatures.
"Open your eyes, the world of life is full of sparkle. Treasures of colors Coral reefs, dancing of silver scales without disturbance of the floating fish, crystal marine snow of fine life, luminescence performance of deep-sea fish, the art of life which one mother births praying with one prayer. You can hear music when you give ear. From lively ramblings of the beach, to the singing of the whale of the middle of the ocean, it is overflowing with a lot of investigations of life. 'Child of Meta-Ceti' also produce with sounds playing on the waves, shore and the ocean floor. That song has not ended in the past three hundred million years and continues uninterruptedly.
"Those who support each other. Snapping shrimp and shrimp gobies, sea cucumber and pearlfishes, jellyfish and wart perch, Venus' flower basket and spongicola, shark and pilot fish, cauliflower and coral crab, moray eel and barber-pole shrimp, sea anemone and anemone fish, etc. Of course, these are just a few superficial relationships visible. All the lives who have enjoyed life on this 'Child of Meta-Ceti' are indirectly connected to everyone in some way.
"Mother's love. Octopus mother keeps to guard without eating food until the egg hatches. Spiny lobster mother sends water flow until children are born from eggs hanging them around their belly. Father's love. Half-lined cardinal guards eggs and newly born babies in their mouths. Surfperch, rockfish, group of sharks and rays, and we whales give birth after raising children in their belly until they can swim and feed by themselves. Some races such as seahorses male keep eggs from females and fulfill the task of childbirth. Many races bred eggs in seaweed, coral, sand, etc. and skillfully camouflage so that they will not be eaten immediately. Those who entrust everything to the milk ocean of Meta-Ceti birth a lot of lives and bet on surviving roulette. After the sunset where the drama of intense life and death settles down somewhat, the mothers see new lives off to travel to the vast world full of danger and wonder. Abalone lays two hundred thousand, tuna lays several million, and sunfish lays three hundred million of eggs. However, among those innumerable eggs and children, only two are able to grew safely, became adults and produce the next generation. The remaining number of lives, which is the number taking subtract two from millions, will be a source to feed other lives.
"The marine creatures world is as harsh as any other world. Most of the small single-celled algae will not live longer than a day. If they could worship the morning sun and the sunset each once, then it is already lucky. Small lives are eaten one after another in larger lives, in six or seven stages, in many cases. Parent fish eat carnivorous plankton which ate the fry. A big fish eats a squid which ate a middle fish which ate small squid and ate a small fish. Most fish finish their lives by being eaten by natural enemies. It is the world of radiant life. Nine nine percent of children who die soon after they were born. Young one who lose their lives without leaving the next generation on the verge of becoming an adult. A mother robbed life without waiting for the birth of her son.
"But, comprising and overcoming all of sorrow, joy, anger, and suffering, literally all lives live today with their best. If we survived today we live tomorrow. Whether we live for ourselves, for our descendants or for someone else, life surely be handed over. Every one including a baby who died on that day of birth and a boy whom troubled his life, is a bearer of life. Sometimes we all realize that our lives are connected to other lives. Speaking of something closest to it, it may be a 'smile'. When the smile spreads in your heart, you are 'Child of Meta-Ceti' herself.
"Let's listen to the voices of participating members of the network of life.
"A mitochondria says.
"'I never thought that life would be interesting so far'.
"A stromatolite says.
"'Who is taking oxygen I made for 200 million years ago?'
"A graptolite says.
"'Yeah, there are also lots of life today!'
"A ichthyosaurus says.
"'Hey, have you found happiness beyond us?'
"A basilosaurus says.
"'I'm glad we had advanced into the ocean.'
"Now Meta-Ceti ask you a question.
"'Are you satisfied with living? Are you happy as you are alive?'"

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