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- Chapter 48: Icon of Death -

"Come on, Jansen. Your seat is prepared to here."
  Jansen dropped down at the speed of five knots without hesitation, while being led by the echoing voice in the head. After a minute he passed the 600 feet of water that he dive with Cherokee and switch to nasal meatus diving as reaching 1,500 feet deep after two and a half minute.
  Strangely, no matter how deep he dives, this phosphorescence sea was not surrounded by darkness at all. For this reason, there was none of business of creatures with light emitters, and it was quite different from Jansen's familiar world where various performers are dancing flash dance on the black stage. However, the prospects were ineffective. It was exactly "white darkness".
"It's quite a strange sea."
  But it was not because of whiteness that the appearance of living things could not be seen. In this sea there are not any mid-deep-sea fish races such as lanternfish and spiny hatchetfish who are making dense layers near the water depth of half a mile in the oceans all over the world. Their bladder reflect sonar well, so it was mistaken the ocean floor if someone carelessly sees.
  He exceeded one mile of water in eight minutes after the start of the insult and reached a deep zone where salinity and temperature are stable. Jansen of a cachalot whale does not feel pain even over water pressure exceeding a hundred times of the atmosphere pressure. He went through the "deep tidal current" flowing from the North Pole to the South Pole or reverse, and after fifteen minutes he broke through the water depth of two miles. From here onwards it was an unexplored area for Jansen. Water pressure above three hundred atmospheres slowly tightens his tubular body. But even falling into the second half of the mile, the water pressure difference only increase by a quarter. He turned his head, a high-performance submersible, downwards and continued dive aiming at the boundary between solid and liquid without hesitation.
  On the way, an elongated shadow moving the body to the right and left waves approached Jansen from behind the white water wall. It seems that it is quite large as the teleost bony fish race whom he have a clue.
  Is that the Sea Serpent whom I have heard rumors? It is probable that an giant oarfish: the Queen of the deep sea, an giant eel: the Lord of the ocean depths, or an unknown race whom 'Bio-Observer' is not confirmed yet.
Since the sensitivity of the sonar fall badly for some reason, it was not able to ascertain the identity of the shadow who has went away. Well, someday I will watch the face; he thought.
  The appearance of the neighborhood changed unexpectedly. Although there was no change in brightness, the transparency rose much more. It was deep enough to reach three miles after a while.
"This is a magnificent view."
  Jansen blew the whistle of admiration. The scenery of the canyon at the bottom of the ocean with a width of around ten mile appeared there. He surveyed the terrain using sonar for eco-location and confirmed that vision is not lying. Probably not the opportunity to watch the view of the deep sea by eyes again. The elapsed time since leaving the water level separating from Claire and her fellows was about twenty minutes.
  The lower part of the rapidly narrowing trench below three mile deep was in a space filled with white liquid and it was darker only there. Even the supplier who regale lavishly with light, of energy seemed not to be illuminating the depths of this crevasse at the bottom of the ocean. Jansen found something caught in a corner of the cliff where the slope exceeds 45 degrees.
"What is that? There is a guy who spoils ruins of scenery."
  Jansen adjusted the buoyancy to zero and switched the axis of movement from vertical to horizontal. When approaching the distance that the figure of the infringer can be appreciated, he understood that his first intuition was right. The object which does not move stubbornly seems to be a kind of "Floating Rock". But it has a pair of triangular fins similar to ray, it was a shape he had never seen before. One of the fins was damaged due to contact with the genuine rock. Caudal fin was strange in shape, protruding above and to the left and right three sides.
  Jansen, who was aroused by the dead 'Floating Rock', tried to get closer. At that time, someone stopped him.
"Wait. I can not guarantee life if you get closer."
  Jansen looked back on the lord of the voice with strange intonation, then narrowed his eyes and stared at the opponent.
  It was a cachalot male who had a wonderful physique comparable to himself, contrary to a ghostly thin voice, but there was a characteristic that was understood due to the brighter sea water than the moonlit night. In a nutshell, the male was a white whale.
"Welcome to this 'Mono-Ceti's Temple', Jansen."
"Do you know my name? I also became famous. Unfortunately, But I don't know your name."
illustration   At first Jansen moved his eyes when he saw the opponent's white body color and red eyes, but he did not surprise much more and said with his own blunt attitude commonly shown to all whales.
"I won't take not know for an answer. Because no one does not know among the cachalot race. Of course, my existence should be well written in abundant collections that are kept in your knowledgeable skull."
"I do not feel like I have to know since everyone knows. I only see you as just a whale with white color."
  The white whale looked awfully told that "a whale with white color", but he still continued with a gentle talk.
"You seem to be quite disturbing. Screw it. I don't mind bothering your mouth. I'm Dick; Dick II. I'm the reborn of the white whale Dick revived at the present age. I'm also called 'Doom Foreseer'."
"I'm not interested in fortunetelling. Because I know that's cheating."
  The whale who call himself "reincarnation of the main character of Moby-Dick" stared at Janssen with narrowed eyes, but he opened the mouth again after shaking his head.
"Your disturbing degree is considerable. Apparently, you would like to make me angry. But I'm a patient whale. I don't mean to contend with you. Although I and you will not be competitive because the power difference is too obvious. I would like to welcome you as a comrade, not as an enemy, Jansen."
"Sorry but I don't like to flock."
  Jansen refused the proposal of Dick II, who expanded both pectoral fin exaggeratedly, with an unfriendly feeling.
"You should not say such a childish thing. However, it will not mend matters even if we repeat such a question and answer. I think that you need to open your eyes to the truth about the world. First of all, let's tell you what that object you care about all this while."
  Jansen looked back to the carcass of "Rock" from the white whale.
"Look at the top of that 'Rock'. It's in a transparent shell."
  He moved to an easily viewable position and looked inside, then he frowned in his face. A dead body of one living creature was put in the lumen of "Rock" already filled with the same high pressure water as the surroundings. The dead body was cleanly skeletonized by work-enthusiastic deep-sea bacteria. Its hard whiteness was shining enough to make the whole-body white whale even more pale. The bone with a body length of about six feet lying on the back was "Furless Seal".
"Shit! Why a rand shrimp beast entered uninvited such a place? But both 'Rock' and 'Furless Seal' were dead and gone a long time ago, aren't they?"
"He-he, do you think so? Certainly, the original function is stopped. No, it would be better to say that the temporary function provided for its original existence significance stopped. That 'Rock' was created by the forelimbs of 'Furless Seal' as soaring 'Flying Rock-Eater Rock'. Stupid 'Furless Seals' used it for war among them. It is an event twenty and several years ago. As they do not know, their war, which killed over a million of their race and caused casualties of deferent races that exceeded more than many times of it, was set up only for one purpose that had nothing to do with the outcome of victory or defeat between the parties. Namely, it was Mono-Ceti's coming to the ocean world. That's so, Mono-Ceti."
  The white whale with fuddled looking eyes, and the black whale with eyes mixed contempt and indifference, gazed at the 'Rock' which had broken into the world of mud, rock and water.
'Rock-Eater Giant Rock' leaving for home from the southern battlefield to the transfer nest at the 'Whale-Eater Islands' encountered a storm as it came above this selected trench point and then it shake off one of the dozens of 'Flying Rocks' that it was carrying on the back to spread the death. Though 'Giant Rock' abandoned its child and straight home, the fallen child 'Sunken Rock' as destiny of fate took off the skin as a petty creature of 'Furless Seal' and revived as a divine sublime. That dead 'Furless Seal', who was a pilot of 'Rock', was dedicated as a sacrifice to celebrate the birth of Mono-Ceti with countless creatures of victims of war."
  Dick II turned his red eyes to Jansen who looked the other way with the face like as bored early to a verbal white whale's explanation.
"Are you not interested in documentaries related to Mono-Ceti?"
"I can't interested in things can't eat."
  Jansen sneered the nasal meatus that contained cold water scornfully.
"You will be able not to say so soon. Because Mono-Ceti has truly miraculous efficacy. Can you see what she's holding on the belly? That is called 'Cylinder of Death ', producing 'Spirit of Death' and releasing it to this world more and more. Do you know 'Spirit of Death'?"
"I don't know. It is not the naming such as intriguing."
"Briefly it is a spirit called when the mass of matter was turned into energy. They have one characteristic. It is excellent in killing power, and possible to delete not only individual life but also connection. Organisms kill instantly if they take a large amount of this. They gradually go to death if they get showered it little by little. Then, extinguish the blood. It hurts elements that convey traits to offspring contained in the blood of all living things. However, depending on delicate adjustment, blood can be changed more firmly. It's an amazing force."
  The white whale laughed satisfactorily with the red eyes glaring.
"Actually, there are those who began using 'Spirit of Death' fascinated by its secret power. You know what I mean. What did 'Furless Seal' use 'Spirit of Death' for? They understand that its use is death that breaks the connection. In fact it was only used twice, in order to destroy two 'Whale-Eater Islands' nests in their second world war. The power of 'Spirit of Death' was never used for purposely since then as fearing Meta-Ceti's warning, but they still produce 'Spirit' elements with a plan to bring death and are getting ready to release. As an explanation of it, they worked out a perverted theory that a balance was created with the enemy forces and so 'use along purpose' can be avoided mutually by holding 'Death Cylinder'. Hang the weight which is approximately equal to both fins of a whale, and try adding it one by one. He will sink without leaning either side. They thought that they don't mind if they don't have to overthrow even if they go down to the graveyard without being able to rise again. Although it seems that they urgently required to build a new fictional idea, such as to overawe internal strives for small 'Districts' or spontaneous discharge of small pod of 'Furless Seal' since the conflict structure which was convenient for official recognition of possession of 'Death Cylinder' collapsed recently."
"Hmm, they are passing over multiple personality. I no longer feel like expecting anything in 'Furless Seal'."
  Jansen snorted the spiracle insultingly.
"He-he, I agree with your opinion regarding that point. They admitted themselves to unleash 'Spirit of Death' uninterestingly by admitting that logic. Even today the experiment of death is done in the muscles of this planet. They were also done even at the ocean including the Pacific Ocean until a while ago. 'Furless Seals' were already abandoned the doctrine of Meta-Ceti, so there is nothing to be hesitant even if influence on the surface for their own race is present for the time being. And hundreds of 'Floating Rocks' which loaded 'Death Cylinders' to prepare for a real war are also wandering around the world today. Of course Mono-Ceti measured that their efforts would not end indefinitely. Experimental release of 'Spirit of Death' included some 'Furless Seal' as the object of baptism and found the original meaning, and 'unexpected accident' was properly prepared for 'Carrying Death Rock'. Mono-Ceti is now being settled here as its end. So why do 'Furless Seals' feel even more attractive to 'Spirit of Death'? Why do they have preference for war?"
"I don't give a damn. There is no reason whales understand 'Furless Seal'."
  Jansen said over these words growling.
"I can observe their society living on land by some means. And now I has become possible to understand their system to some extent. Let's reveal to you the secret of 'Furless Seal' how wise whale could not solve. 'Furless Seals' came to be dominated contrarily while thinking that they were creating, managing, and controlling 'Spirit of Death'. In order to advance the process smoothly, clever Mono-Ceti made this pitiful and silly creatures have another object of faith to reduce the sense of resistance to worshiping death directly. They had an illusion of universal 'value' and made themselves drown.
"The world of living beings is where diverse races with diverse forms are involved in various ways; it is a world of change oriented toward stability. It is a chaos which is bounded by a chain of illusion called Meta-Ceti. 'Furless Seals' required for unified standards to escape from its yoke, and tried to find out its special position there. Well devised there is 'value'. Nothing but they just made up the symbol 'value' from naught. All things shall be measured by this 'value' as ruler and shall be reduced to 'value'. Every creatures races except 'Furless Seal' was sifted based on 'value', and was mercilessly slaughtered as 'resource' if deemed useful like us the whale races. Race who was deemed useless was sometimes destructed on the purpose of damaging other 'values'. Even the fat, earth and water of this planet is no exception. Even a single 'Furless Seal' themselves was judged which of those is better in ability to create 'value'.
"By the way, this 'value' has a characteristic that one tastes strong deficiency when it can not be obtained interestingly. In addition, regardless of the absolute amount, this sense of lack increases if 'value' owned by others is less than or equal to others. In short, they can breathe rushing competition and ambition not found in nature, bring out the full potential. It's really fascinating, isn't it? We also adopt a system based on the 'value' of 'Furless Seal' in the regulations of Neo Orca Schutzstaffel which guards the 'Garden of Mono-Ceti'. Though 'Ecstasy of death' serves as a substitute for 'value' there."
  The long-talk favorite "Doom Foreseer" proudly showed off his wisdom modeled on "Furless Seal" and talked volubly getting more and more pleased.
"Well, as they compare and exchange everything, the balance of emptiness by Meta-Ceti collapsed. 'Furless Seal' has created difference based on universal 'value', not equality emphasizing diversity. 'Value' made itself possible to flow, unevenly, and accumulate. By that, overwhelming possessors and those who have nothing appeared. What it was impossible in a heterogeneous yet equally world was made possible through 'value' as a mediator. Everything is taken in and replaced by the 'value' system, so that 'Districts' of the majority 'Furless Seals' have lost their own existing specification. The restraint ceased working by releasing it from the local ecological and social struggle. Such an increase in disparity and confusion of identity creates hatred and causes severity. There is a reason for the occurrence of war here.
"Furthermore, the existence of resources such as 'Black Fat' that supports the foundation of the system causes conflicts over its control between 'District' of 'Furless Seal' to bring enormous 'value' and power. And when business that provides death and violence flourish and the war itself begins to produce huge 'value' newly, keeping the state which war can be broken at any time is the goal itself. After that the ability of slaughter kept on escalating according to the principle of 'value' and finally reached to an irrational level enough to produce tens of thousands of 'Death Cylinders'. This is the secret of the large scale, broadness, and indiscriminateness of 'Furless Seal's' war."
"Hey, the story of 'Furless Seal' is disgusted already. That's enough. So, what exactly are you doing? Are you going to earn wisdom by the follies of 'Furless Seals'? Or are you going to make a fool of yourself?"
  Jansen could not contain myself any longer and caught a mouth.
"Alright, let's get straight to the point. I'll explain what we are aiming for. After all 'Furless Seal' can not handle 'Spirit of Death'. They just succeeded in boldly introducing death to the living world. They are still frightened by the illusion of Meta-Ceti. But we are different! We know what the true universal value is. We can fully control 'Spirit of Death' without resorting to poor means as 'Extension of Forelimb'. We need not to wait for Meta-Ceti to caprice but we can modify the blood of the races as intention of making 'Spirit of Death' as a technique of creation. We can decide the way of the world without being bound by the spontaneous laws and bonds of Meta-Ceti anymore. Then we make all the races, including 'Furless Seal', kneel down in front of the Mono-Ceti corps!
"'The Highness of Whale Oil Barrel', ruler of the 'Mono-Ceti's Garden', is on top of us now and he has a force field pipeline of 'Spirit of Death' with me in 'Temple'. We control the element of 'Spirit of Death' contained in 'Death Cylinder' and put 'Spirit' in a critical state carrying out to the upper layers them exhaled. It is the performance of energy making by 'Spirit of Death' that shines this sea area day and night and obstructs sonar. We can do so much work by just one 'Death cylinder'. It is really handy. However, it's an amount that could make 'Whale-Eater Islands' all the land burned if it was left to 'Furless Seal'. Unlike 'Furless Seal' who can only hit to open it, we directly address the physical strength, so there is no danger and it is not comparable in terms of high energy efficiency. We also attempted to collect some orca's pods and remodel the blood. Every female we used for the experiment died, but we succeeded in creating two hundreds of orca with new blood. They are now constructing this 'Garden' as a new race Neo Orca with the ability to surpass the old killer whales.
"So what we are proposing is that I'm going to give you some dividends on the right to manage the world, Jansen. And I would like you to take under me as the staff officer. Neo Orcas are certainly outstanding as it is but they work only in shallow knowledge and lack vision and foresight. Besides, they can not be credited since they like conflicts and power struggles as much as dolphin killing. Although introducing part of 'Furless Seals' blood was the source of failure. And this is just between you and me--"
  The adjutant suddenly lowered his voice and narrowed the red eyes with ambition.
"The king whom we have is a mutant of a minke whale and the owner of power that is outrageous with me, but unfortunately he doesn't have much to live. 'The Highness' is raging to leave heir, but this attempt will not succeed. Then the world will become the cachalot race's one. We with the largest brain of the living world stand at the true apex by controlling all the other races. You will be the number two of ruler of the world. Hundreds of bloody young males move under your orders. It's not a bad deal, is it?
"Surely You are strong. You are also an excellent male balanced intellectually, spiritually and physically. Neither the great white shark or the manta ray who I sent you did not fall short before your fighting spirit. So you have sufficient qualification to join a member of the new race. You may shower 'Ecstasy of death' as much as you like. It takes time to get used to the body, but let me treat you to your blood as you can endure 'Spirit of Death'. I will give you a harem with thousands or two thousands of females."
"Thousands of females? Don't be silly. I would become an old male in no time. I have never worked with other whale's orders. I'm my own boss though I don't have any power or thousand females. I don't feel like exchanging the freedom of swimming in the sea alone with the champions of the world that even a squid don't eat."
  Dick II aiming for a hegemony looked at the candidate for staff officer who still not bend the will of further refusal with steep eyes.
"I am aware that you are a obstinacy male. But you have only two choices left. To be my subordinate or death. Mind you, Jansen. Everything in heaven and earth is basically supposed to follow the trajectory shown in the form of a certain function. And this world line equation that seems to be infinite possibilities always converge towards death. These are all mathematical consequences that life was born on this planet, the whale race has a streamlined body and a direction changing fin that stretches horizontally, they have relegated to downfall by 'Furless Seal', 'Whale-Eater Rock' which wants 'value' can not be established without whales and their own destruction, the era of Mono-Ceti will come instead the era of Meta-Ceti will soon be over, and your destiny. It does not matter whether you are going to put out the right fin first or the left fin first. Just as it can not stop the ocean current, the global time flow is unwavering. The choice of individuals by free will is just as an ascetic to the scissors of shrimp in front of the great river of the time. And, no matter how diverse and varied the form of life, the solution finally led to only one, death. There are no other solutions.
"In the first place, what is the original form of the universe without space or time flow? It's death! And the universe ultimately will reach the end of thermal death. Life is only the process for the death to return to death as an intermediate being deeper it. On earth, can live exist without death? Who is Meta-Ceti other than the reaper covering the mask of life? How severely dead filled over her bloody daughter? The light of blessing that shines down from the sun to the ground is exactly the breath of 'Spirit of Death'. It is also the work of 'Spirit of Death' that supports crustal movements, which is the key to warm the planet from inside and cause evolution. In other words, the driving force which brings about the evolution of life and prosperity is death. It is because there is death even the world of living things can barely exist on a dangerous balance. Life barely survives as shaken constantly by death and also clinging to death. Mono-Ceti: "Death" is the only absolute law of the universe, God!!
"Look at 'Furless Seal'; The richness of the collective suicide repertoire they are preparing. They are running down the road to ruin without listening to the opinions of some stupid one who make a fuss about dealing with the crisis. Many 'Furless Seal' are resigning themselves to that no matter how much they struggle it is impossible to change the course or turn back against the inertia of a huge system. They realize that it tired and only lose 'value' even though taking a wasteful effort for change. They are comfortable by entrusting everything to the protection of Mono-Ceti. In that respect, there is something to emulate in their attitude.
"Do you understand why I name 'Doom Foreseer'? I told myself to be Dick's reincarnation. What happened to Dick who disappeared into the deep ocean together with 'Furless Seal' after the last of the story? Two creatures who were confronted with a cruel fate of mutual revenge and confronted inevitably passed through the completed ritual of death. And this is I who revived as the unified existence of the two lives dead in fate, along with the success of Mono-Ceti.
"I can calculate the destiny of others and scientifically predict with a confidence probability of ninety-five percent by solving the equation of death in the space-time coordinate system. The vector of your destiny leaves the possibility to go down in two directions for the time being. Sorry, but it does not lead to the sea of freedom and independence. The potential of the barrier is too high, so just enough energy to jump is not left in your time vortex. Since you came across the female minke whale, you caught up with the ocean current of irreversible fate and came this far. You were destined to have an audience with me just as Dick encountered; had to encountered a fateful confrontation. And you can never escape from the fate of the future."
  "Doom Foreseer" has finished the preaching which started to admonish Janssen with a confident expression.
"Thanks for your blathering opinion. Sorry but I don't accept such a solicitation. It is better to be careful because you are truly captured by strange delusion as long as you are chanting how destiny is. You may understand as you shall know the story of 'Moby-Dick'. Well, we definitely have to eat the food decided as a whale, blow, and migrate to the appropriate sea when the season comes. Though it may be said if you say that it is destiny, that's all there is to it. I wouldn't hold and impose others the idea that living itself is the bondage of destiny and will be released from there if dead. It's not my nature to slaughter dolphins, abduct child whales, play toy with the life intending to reveal the secret of creativity, and treat other races slovenly. If I admit value to something, I choose not death or 'value' but the opposite. There is no other reason. I like that way better. And whether I like it or not, no matter what it is, is important, the only criterion for me.
"You have get caught in strange thinking and logic traps because you are stay indoors at such a place. You had better neglect such rusty scrap iron and go out to outside. No one surprises you being a ghost of Dick. Although I want to beat you two or three shots till your white body is scratched like others. Well, I will rise soon.
"It was nice to achieve the deepest diving record and have had a nice view, but it was the first time that I came down to such a depth and just took time and sermon instead of eating a squid. Hey, you, where are Claire and fellows?"
  The whale lecturer was staring at the invited guest who are warming up and getting ready to go back, but he slowly relaxed expression and leaked a bitter smile.
"Certainly you are right. Words are imperfect and can not convey the truth sufficiently. However, I will show you one show as you can abandon fear beliefs more effectively even if you do not understand it in words. Sure enough, will not your reply change yet even if you look at this?"
  Dick II made the teeth engaged. Then, one oarfish came wiggling the flat body. Although oarfish is the largest race in teleost fish, the length of the fish with red eyes who appeared now is close to double of normal size, almost same as Jansen. The oarfish had a red decoration barbels on the forehead and the jaw, but the two lower barbels bowled strangely and thickened like the forelimbs to grab objects.
  Shit! That is one I had just encountered before. It's ugly "Queen"; he thought.
  And a cachalot male who are still big in size same as Jansen was grabbed by that barbels. That cachalot male raising groaning was an ordinary whale and his eyes were not red but it was crushed.
"He-he, he is the master, the last member of the pod which had a territory in this waters. They refused to join the new race, despite my kind invitation. It is in trouble for those who are not believers to stay in "Mono-Ceti's Garden". And there was also a practical use."
  The white cachalot whale gave a squeaky voice that pulled the tail from the high to the low tone for a long time. Then there was a sign that somewhat huge things wandered around at the bottom of the dark trench. The noise grew gradually and was felt climbing a cliff near vertical. Something like mountain or Tsunami crawled up while stirring up. Soon it has appeared---

  When Dokugan returned to the thirty subordinates waiting, they surrounded the two baleen whales, who stiffened themselves, with their eyes glittering eerily. Phew! Considering their position as Schutzstaffel, there is no way for guests to entertain; he thought.
  The killer whale with whom he had exchanged a conversation before came back, so Cherokee stunned his heart with a relief. This commander will surely not see us with strange eyes; he thought.
"What has become of Sister?"
"The minke female? She is currently auditing with 'The Highness'."
  Dokugan responded in a casual tone as if there were not any harboring ill feeling.
"Is that so. OK, we may just wait here, may not us?"
  Cherokee got a smile while pulling his face towards the head of the wastrel Neo Orca when it was jumped out unlike "orca" of "Scale Faction".
"You just don't have to wait for it."
  While saying that, Dokugan slowly drawn a spiral and gradually approached by the two whales.
"The minke was invited by 'The Highness'. The cachalot called by 'Doom Foreseer'. It is a pity as anyone do not have business for you, but we may entertain you if you like. I have been asked by the minke to offer hospitality to you respectfully. So, I think I will treat you something."
  Other Neo Orcas around them were grinning and drooling.
  Cherokee said in a shrill.
"Er... You don't have to treat another hospitality for us. Because I've been eating a lot in summer at 'Fertile Sea'."
"Hm? Have you eaten a lot? You are a bit small considering that."
  As Dokugan ascertained his flesh, he made a line of sight along small humpback's streamlined body.
"Oh, now I'm mistaken, I really eat a bit but I feel like I've eaten a lot, so I don't need hospitality."
  Cherokee fit with pectoral fins snugly, making it appear as thin as possible.
"What? Don't you want to eat? That's a pity. Although two lively whales have just arrived today."
  Now Neo Orcas completely besieged the two whales. Cherokee swallowed audibly on several blood-throwing eyes nailed by lively whales.
"Er... Er... I think We'll pass whales..."
"I see. Well then it can not be helped. Let us eat on behalf of guests."
  The subordinates at this moment made a vulgar laugh. They tease the two whales who turned to feasts from guests while striking the water surface with the pectoral fin, ringing the whistle of the coldness, meshing the teeth with the rattle. Dokugan called Oishippo, the corporal who has reputation as the premier gourmet among Neo Orca Schutzstaffel.
"Hey, which one is tasty humpback and blue?"
"Speaking of whales, market prices are fixed to be the tail meat of fin whale. There's not much to choose between humpback and blue. But blue whale is a delicacy that is hard to get at this time."
  Oishippo explained.
"Hmm, is that so? Well then..."
  Dokugan compared the two whales as if valuing judgment, but he stopped the line of the sight when it moved from Douglas to Cherokee.
"Let's keep the blue on the main dish and make the humpback hors d'oeuvre."
"Oh no!!"
  Cherokee screamed and tried to escape. Neo Orcas nearly tried to strangle him catching up on his long pectoral fin, caudal fin and nose.
"Help me!! Eat humpback is not good!"
  The killer whale's teeth bite into Cherokee's body and red mixed with the color of white turbid water. He was about to be fainted when he saw his own blood.
"Run, Cherokee!!"
  As soon as he shouted so, suddenly Douglas shook the tail and scooped out several Neo Orca nearby. Neo Orcas, who were thinking only about the feast and approaching the reach of the fin, could not keep pace with the sudden rebellion of the prey. Even the killer whales were blown away in a blow of the thick tail that produces thrust of thirty knots with a huge body exceeding one hundred tons.
  Cherokee broke through the place where the siege of Neo Orcas was disturbed without looking aside.
"Shit! Hey, Sakahire. Take half of subordinates and chase! You must not neglect as escaping outside 'Garden'."
"Is ours the humpback even though we are half of members?"
  Sakahire complained so.
"You idiot! You will not eat while complaining! Get a move on!"
  The vice commander inevitably obeyed Dokugan's instruction. Dozen Neo Orcas were dispatched following Cherokee who jumped into the white wall feverishly. While receiving the counterattack of the remaining Neo Orcas, Douglas cried out as much as possible.
"Run away!! And let everyone know!"

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