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- Chapter 49: The King -

  Surrounded by a wall of white liquid all around except the sea surface, Claire, who was alone with the monster whale with teeth and baleen, felt herself as much more powerless existence than krill who was before the whale. Trembling running on the smooth body surface did not fit quite well, but she opened her mouth still with courage.
"Are you 'Whale Oil Barrel'?"
  The giant whale replied in a low resonant voice that can not be regarded as the one of this world. His cloudy eyes, which must have already lost the light, were still facing Claire.
"What are you? Are you our fellow?"
"I'm the king."
"What is the king?"
  Listening to the unfamiliar words, Claire asked while tilted her head.
"It is a concept that the whale race does not have. It means the chief who govern all races, all creatures. Although 'Furless Seal' know well."
  Claire still did not know its meaning and had thought thoroughly. Apart from that, she decided to speak it straight into the original intention that she has come up with so far in order to make the purpose of traveling a distance of twenty thousand miles taking more than nine months.
"Please return Joey, my son!"
  The whale calling himself the king definitely declared.
  Minke the Grate replied to the female asking with a sorrowful look.
"Because I am the king. I need him. The king 's order is absolute."
"Why!? I don't know what you are king, but I'm Joey's mother! I should have the right to request to return my son as his mother!"
  Claire hold on the unwavering reply of hundred feet long whale with fangs, who perhaps could kill her with a single bite, while fighting desperately for fear. "The Highness of Whale Oil Barrel" opened the big mouth and laughed showing baleen and teeth.
"Let me show you what the king is."
  When Claire noticed, the sea surface where sunlight was poured in before disappeared, and it was covered with the same dense white liquid on all sides and down. Claire rushed caudal fin swiftly and aimed at the water surface, but not only she did not reach the wave fluctuating plane no matter how much she swam but also could not get away from the side of Minke the Great without having to move one fin. She think that she will be stifled as it is, but strangely she did not feel breathless no matter how much time passes.
"I delayed the passage of time related to your metabolism now. There is no need for breathing for a while. The flow of conscious time is synchronized with that of mine. I can manipulate time and space a little, he-he."
  Claire stopped struggling to rise and gazed at the whale who has mysterious abilities with mixed eyes with even more fear. The power she had a glimpse of was just grotesque more than his appearance.
"Did you get all that?"
"Please tell me why you need Joey. I have overcome the danger many times and finally reached here while feeling like dying in order to see my son at a glance. Please tell me at least why we have to be separated."
  Claire, who realized that it was in vain to ask him to return her son as she was confronted his mighty power, was deeply drooping and said so in a forced whisper.
"Do you want to see your son?"
  Claire raised her face and nodded adjuratory.
"I may let you meet him. On the contrary let's even allow you to stay by his side if you take in the term I present."
  Minke the Great continued on a mother whale waiting for the next word with eyes open looking for a glimmer of hope.
"I know that my life is short. It is doubtful whether it will last until the construction project of my work "Kingdom of Death" is completed. Before that, I want someone to succeed the rest. I needed my heir."
  Claire got a shudder on the huge male looking at her with white muddy eyes. The king whale seemed to have read the heart of the small female whale cringing, so that he denied her concern with a faint smile.
"Don't be afraid, he-he. Mono-Ceti brought me power that was not found in other creatures, but at the same time she took away my power to make a child."
  In the meantime she felt relieved again, his next word was shocking to Claire.
"The successor of the king is your son."
"What was that!?"
  Claire raised her pale face and shouted with a hoarse voice. The huge whale slowly drew a circle in the "Imperial Palace" and continued talking while swimming.
"I demanded for young minke whales worthy to succeed the past few years, and let Neo Orcas rounded up under my control. However, despite spreading the target from 'District' around 'Whale-Eater Islands' to east of the North Pacific and bringing hundreds of baby whales, all of them died. No one could endure 'Baptism' of 'Spirit of Death'. So I decided those who have passed through the trial journey to make two-thirds of the Pacific Ocean and could arrive here expanding the scope to 'Back Side Clan' as candidates for the king, and make them receive rituals of 'Baptism of Death'. Two children ultimately survived among one hundred this year, and one of them is your son. Another was a small female. It is not surprising particularly, as females have vitality more than males. If the experiment was succeed, they may leave the royal pedigree without using the power of 'Spirit of Death' as the king and the princess, he-he."
  He turned around Claire after saying so.
"Then what I want to ask of you is to become their nanny. It will be easy as you may raise your own son. However, it is not as a minke whale's mediocre child but as a prince of 'Kingdom of Death'."
"I don't understand what you are saying. What is 'Spirit of Death'? You said to build 'Kingdom of Death', but what on earth are you going to do?"
"I will create a new race and a new world that leaves Meta-Ceti's yoke of life."
  "The Highness of Whale Oil Barrel" asked to Claire who is still suspecting and hiding his brow.
"You may be feeling something since you came here, may not you?"
  Claire once again turned her consciousness to the unpleasant feeling that had been followed her all the time since entering this area. Fear and anxiety may be due to the gigantic monster whale confronting now, but "bitterness" was much stronger than at the beginning.
"That's 'Spirit of Death'. There are few whale who have the ability to sense 'Spirit of Death'. You may also have the ability to belong to the new race, or you as his mother may be resonating with the feeling of the son in the ceremony. This 'Spirit of Death' created me. And it also gave me force. And it will give the same force to your son. Look."
  A corner of the white water wall of the 'Imperial Palace' became transparent. Claire directed attention to the screen image. The sea that emits phosphorescence like here was reflected in it, but it was darker and the ocean floor enter in the view. A white cachalot like snow and A black cachalot seen as Jansen were glimpsed at the screen but they came out of sight because the focus shifted to the other object. It was a bizarre shaped 'Rock'. That 'Sunken Rock' tilted with a steep slope seemed to be staying there for a long time as wearing dust.
"That is Mono-Ceti, the God of Death. It was made by the hand of 'Furless Seal' and now it is under our control. Mono-Ceti is the mother of 'Spirit of Death'. 'Spirit of Death' is the power to manipulate death and life. We can change the blood of living creatures and create stronger, better races with that energy. Neo Orcas who has kidnapped your son, the white cachalot, and I belong to the new races born that way."
"That's not good."
  Beyond asking for further explanation, Claire intuitionally had a negative feeling to the attempt to tamper with the structure of life.
"It's not good to do such a thing!"
"The white cachalot whale seen earlier is my confidant and he is persuading your company now. He like to preach, but it would be better for you to adopt another method. I will see a vision from now. If you look at it, you should be satisfied. Why we try to establish a new world, should establish."
  When he said so, the scene changed and another spectacle was reflected. It was the world that Clare has never seen before. It was on land. Under the dazzling sun and blue sky, bright green spread all over. Animals were moving on swarming like pelagic fish there. Claire understood that the creature with four limbs is a family of mammals, but the size can not be sensuously grasped. They seem to be much smaller than whales. Unlike the aquatic race who creep the ocean floor, they are moving lightly on a flat surface with the limbs moving quickly. The screen also followed them. Suddenly, another presence appeared in sight.
"'Furless Seal'!?"
  The giddy little beasts firmly branded on Claire's eyes were wearing fur different from "False Dolphin-Eater" that hit her. She could not see exactly what they did, but suddenly a bright red flame rose to the green plain. It crawled along the line as if it had some intention and planning, then it was blown in the wind and started a troop to the running gregarious animals. The quadruped race was rushed in one direction as chased by fire. And they suddenly disappeared from the screen. No, it was a mistake that she thought that they disappeared, the terrain on the terrace that fell down from the plain appeared on the screen moved, and the appearance of those who piling up was visible underneath. The herd including hundreds animals tried to commit suicide by diving in groups from the cliffs. Most of them broke their bones of the neck and dead, but those with breath were also in a state could not stand since their leg were broken. Then "Furless Seals" who set the stage for suicide were crowded them together.
  Since Claire staring into the screen did not want to look directly at the scene that could be unfolded afterwards, she looked away from the screen and turned "The Highness of Whale Oil Barrel" like as asking questions.
"That is a race of herbivorous ungulates called horse. They had several sub-races and 'District', but the independent sub-races had been almost extinguished by 'Furless Seal'.
"Approximately 4 million years ago, a species called 'Polyphagous Seal' occurred in a corner of the subtropical continent. This race with a body adapted to predispose plants and small dull animals originally, widened variations of prey species by acquiring predation means that exceed the physical ability. The means are various 'Extension of Forelimb', fire and intelligence to devise traps. The cue is thought that they got dexterous forelimbs and a large capacity brain is by advancing from the forest to the meadow and walking only with the hind legs, but it is not important. Thanks to grasp the method of mass slaughter, 'Furless Seal' prospered explosively and spread around the world beyond the globe or the sea in a blink of an eye. At the same time, the large races who had lived in various places where they advanced had been eradicated one after another. The early extinct species overwhelmingly of the type which child is fewer and took time to grow like whales. The fact that you whale escaped teeth of 'Primitive Furless Seal' was because we are living in an environment where they could not advance easily. That was also the cause of the unhappiness later beyond these earlier extinct races. It is supposed that they changed their name to 'Furless Seal' because they handed out the whale races on the story, but there were more victims among the terrestrial races earlier than that.

  While the "The Highness of Whale Oil Barrel" was talking, various terrestrial races appeared on the screen one after another; the giant race with a long nose and fangs and the whole body covered with dense hair, the fierce carnivorous race with splendid canine teeth extended from the upper jaw, the large race with rugged horns lining up vertically on the face, the easygoing race who grabs and eat trees leaves with slow motion, the solid race dressed like a tortoise shell keeping off any attacks, the flightless bird race with long neck and legs, etc. Those big races were hunted one after another with traps and "Extension of Forelimb" flying in the air developed by "Furless Seal".
  These races whom Meta-Ceti had sent with love are no longer exist even if searching for anywhere else in the world, Claire thought.
"Many races were extinct or reduced the distribution area, but small and medium-sized races with relatively high fertility survived and the stable condition continued for a while. However, it was also until about ten thousand years ago when many 'Furless Seal' renovated lifestyle. They ceased hunting and gathering lives while wandering, and settled in one place. And they destroyed the vegetation that was naturally ravaged. If compared it to the nature of the sea it is equivalent to coral reefs, kelp or seagrass communities being stripped down thoroughly. 'Furless Seal' made there as a place to produce their own edible plants or to feed slave races. They regarded the products and means of production as their possession, not the natural benefits."
  What!? Do they think that the green race, the beast and the bird race, the sky, the earth and the sea are all theirs? Even though our own flesh is truly only a deposit from Meta-Ceti, Claire thought.
  Another scenery which she never saw was reflected on the screen. It seems like a community of plants on the earth, it has a calmer taste like deep inside the ocean, sunlight falling from the gaps of dense foliage luxurious on the top of a tall plant is similar to the sun from the waves. "Furless Seals" with "Extension of Forelimb" push their way into there. The space of comfort was narrowed steadily. Later it covered an unnatural, monotonous greenery flat ground based on a design that was greatly changed by "Furless Seal" itself rather than Meta-Ceti. The wild animals who originally lived there were forced to evacuate to the landlord who suddenly emerged and the small insects and the green race were not admitted even though they insisted persistently much, and they were tough to eradicate as eliminated. The chorus of countless tiny living things in the earth has become a faint tweet. The green race and the beast race, who are taken care of by "Furless Seal", also became unable to establish a good relationship with the wild creatures, they seemed somewhat sad and stupid.
  Claire felt that the land world is more varied compared to the ocean world in which she lives, and it is wonderful as there is a little bit different taste, so she was disappointed that it has gradually faded away.
"'Furless Seal' began to build huge nests in groups. Those nests were dependent on the outside world, but the circulation gears were considerably staggering. Some of their early 'District' exploited nature too much and had buried in sand, water and salt. Let's go ahead."
On the next scene residence of "Furless Seal" came out. There are strange structures often seen on the coast of "Whale-Eater Islands". Their infinitely expanding nesting sites overflowed with "Furless Seal" and mysterious objects like "Floating Rock", but they were horribly lacking in the composition of living things. A small number of surviving races were only those who lost their temperament of independence and were taken care of "Furless Seal", or persisted while persecuted by them. It seemed like a different planet somewhere not as "Child of Meta-Ceti". The way for the "Rock Running on the Ground" to come and go extended between those different worlds, and divided the world of life.
  Exhalation of "Child of Meta-Ceti" was prepared by various creatures for a long time and has given them energies, but strange ingredients have been mixed with the activity of "Furless Seal". The sky above their nest became muddy in gray, and "Furless Seal" itself had many individuals affected by respiratory diseases. Time lag of "The Highness" was still in effect, but Claire became painful somehow with just being watching. Rain, which should bring grace, make led rocks and life sore by acid including and led the forest and the lake to death.
  The rivers that passed through the area of their nest were all stagnant and the floating objects were drifting. Rainbow-colored glaring grease and opacity white bubbles which do not disappear were gleaned on the surface of the water as they are wickedly conspiring. Both the river bank and the coast are painted flat on the surface, the cooperative relationship with living beings and water and soil: the body of "Child of Meta-Ceti" has been greatly impaired. Most rivers blocked water on the way, a huge pool appeared at the place where the mountain stream and the forest existed. The fish are blocking the traffic and running about in confusion. The onshore lives are steadily sucked up, "shit and urine" is rapidly expelled to the water world.
  Green of the rich upland was peeled off quietly, the space occupied by the smooth yellow-green one color was increasing here and there. To say that this is a refurbishment of the natural design, It have already passed the region of innovation. "Furless Seals" are flicking and rolling small balls with a thin stick on there. At higher places, "Furless Seals" slurped the snow-covered slope after scraping off the mountain with things like webs on the hind legs. Are these kinds of game?
  "Pretend Shark" is much better. Rex never thought of a game that breaks down nature and annoys other races. Why they don't go to the white continent and join penguins if they want snow sliding so much?; Claire thought.
  Subsequently, a deep green as far as the eye can see was reflected. It was full of singing voice of unprecedented many lives. The vast evergreen forest kept a dark and quiet atmosphere, except that colorful birds and medium-sized arboreal beasts sporadically break their quietness, but the breath of countless living beings is able to grasp easily. Even though her heart got relaxed, the fire expanded steadily on the green horizon, and it came into her eyes spitting "ink" into the sky with a furious momentum. The mindset when she was dazzled by the fluctuation of the fantastic light, overnight in "Foison Sea" where there was an accident of "Oil-Eater Giant Rock", came back up again. Hellfire spread through the greens in no time. Unprecedented many lives were screaming.
  Claire could not understand the social system of "Furless Seal" at all. Their "District" has changed before her eyes and withered each other. Their society gradually became one direction. The population of "Furless Seal" grew rapidly and the nest rushed everywhere on the ground. No matter how many numbers they grow, they do not seem to get down from the top of the food chain. An abnormal, massive, crowded network was being formed. "Furless Seal" themselves, "Rock", their food, "shit and urine" flowing all over the world.
  The relationship of mutual assistance that appeared in the story of "Moby-Dick" was hardly visible when watching from the outside, every conflict occurred frequently here and there. She saw a composition of one who oppresses and one who is oppressed in most of the "District". The "Furless Seals" in the "District" in the north are fat, but the "Furless Seals" in the "District" in the south are thinner. Claire understood that both are connected.
  As the network created by "Furless Seal" continues to develop more and more, the network of life has lost its vitality day by day, all the other races are deepening their confusion. Although both are complex and diverse networks of planetary scales, the same ties, somewhere was decisively different. "Furless Seals" are pursuing something different from the "interesting" of the world of life, but while the former is "richness" exists there, whereas the latter seems to be "false-richness" exists anywhere.
  "Furless Seals" have lost sight of them as living creatures. So the tense is confusing. The image of the future world that they imagine is complicated empty hope that just reflects desire and despair removing reality by turning their eyes. They are closed to the present in order to refuse the future, and also escape to the future in order to deny the present. It's a vicious cycle of falsehood. Even if the past pretends the false as if it is legitimate, the truth was blurred and driven to the dark. What are waiting ahead to end up? I have a dreadful feeling, Claire thought.
"Let's watch at their work microscopically."
  There were countless black dots moving in the blue sky. When magnified, they were birds with beautiful feathers shining in rainbow color. They made huge groups like sardines or capelins and flew like the storm with the tremendous flapping. When she looked to the ground, many "Furless Seals" were pointing elongated "Extension of Forelimb" to the sky. Blam! They blew fire at the same time with a deafening sound. Birds dropped like falling hail.
"Biological race that disappeared from the earth increased as the power of "Furless Seal" expanded. Especially for about four hundred years ago the pace became accelerated. What you saw now is the bird race named passenger pigeon. The number of their individuals was five billion but had become zero in just one hundred years. In modern times the number of race to be destroyed rises to more than one hundred per day."
  so much!? The tapestry of the life Meta-Ceti woven with utmost effort has come loose apart; Claire thought.
  Scenes where many races of animals collapse with roaring was spread in front of Claire's eyes. A beast of dignity with shaggy fur and big horn eating grass in the grassland, a beautiful beast running through steep rocky mountains, a full of fraternity beast showing a wonderful team play among pod members, a red face bird flapping in the afterglow with white with a vermillion feather, a brave beast who spreads both forepaws and fight vainly against the enemy, a carnivorous beast studded with beautiful patterns on the fur like a tropical fish, a lot of water birds who finish eating on the water surface and trying to return to the dangerous sky, one of the largest land beast with a good fang, big ears and gentle eyes, etc. The last race remained strong in the impression of Claire as they are too similar to the whale races in many respects, from deep bonds of the family, communication by low frequency, a low reproductive rate, to the tragedy that they were hit. Everyone was cut the line of life with one sound and light. Even with those who slaughter, it can not be seen any connection.
"'Furless Seal' is not just about destroying races. Claire, You are injured with saying that my subordinate Neo Orcas massacre dolphins, but the massacre by 'Furless Seal' is a daily occurrence for many races. Burn it your eyes how they are greedy in life, how they like blood."
illustration   Then, spectacles of myriad ghastly deaths were unfolded in front of Claire's eyes. Birds, beasts and insects who are chased after losing living places. Charming black birds who catch the mass murderer just as they tried to survive shrewd by exerting wisdom and talent exceeding persecutors. Beasts kill by "Rushing Rock". Birds on the riverside who are torn off their feet by "Micro Ghost" and suffering. Beasts who are taken away by force from the distant hometown and trap in cages. Infantilized dolphins who force to do fake performance without learning the music of the sea. Smart beasts who force to race until they hurt their stomach as if be chased by transparent predators. Beasts living in the world of darkness, sweat and manure as protein production machines. Birds who are packed in a narrow cage and keep fulfilling their mother's duties idly. Adorable beasts who are abandoned like garbage while believing whim for a while as love and killed by suffocation. Beasts who are deprived of beautiful fur in the shadow of vanity and luxury. Small beasts who let blood dedicated for knowledge. A tremendous number of lives sacrificed for war.
  Finally, a quiet scene was reflected. It was similar to Claire's familiar world, so she relaxed with relief. However, when observing well, there was a decisively different point from the sea full of life that she knows. Seals and penguins mummy were rolling on the iceberg scattered all over the horizon like a dry valley. In addition, those were corpses of whales exuding skin, which was floating between waves mixed with floating ice. Water got muddy yellow and was swirling like "black fat". The low sun illuminated the sea surface filled with myriad dead plankton. For some reason, it seemed that the light was violent and savage. This silence was the silence of death.
"Do you know where this is? It is the world that you knows well."
"I don't know. No way of knowing!"
  Claire answered hysterically.
"It is "Fertile Sea". However, it is in the future. 'Furless Seal' created more than ten million different substances by combining the elements of salt of sea and element of life. Some of them are poisonous 'Spirit of Disease' which erode the body of animals and poison the child in the womb. 'Furless Seal' produced a large amount of those 'Spirit of Disease' only to bring convenience to them and spread them in the environment. A certain group of 'Spirit of Disease' has no toxicity, but there was a fearsome character to climb above the sky and puncture a hole in heaven they could not foresee. They break stratospheric protective membranes created by creatures over hundreds of millions of years. 'Furless Seals' are intoxicated by their own ability of creation and scatter the seeds of disaster without prejudicing the action in nature. Harmful ingredients close to the 'Spirit of Death' among the sun light come to rain in large quantities from 'Heaven Hole'. This invisible light blasts the skin of the creatures that took it, crushes the eyes and causes disease. Particularly small races in the sea are not resistant to this light. Actually there is a huge 'Heaven Hole' in the sky above 'Fertile Sea', and plankton races show signs of declining. The catastrophe has already begun. The richest 'Dining Area' in the ocean will be forced to close soon. This image is a figure of 'Fertile Sea' in the near future, which is likely to flow into the time stream. No, 'Grave Sea'. It may be too late."
  Claire pulls her eyes away from a heartless sight and shouted crazily shaking her head over again.
"That’s it! I don’t wanna hear this anymore! This is all a lie! Everyone is in my dream! Surely it's in a dream! A nightmare in the dream Meta-Ceti had seen! She should not create such a world! She should not be realized!!"
"Claire, unfortunately, this is all reality. This is the real world. Although Meta-Ceti certainly may not have hoped, eventually the world she created has become something like this.
"Why has her daughter had such a miserable appearance? Before the 'Furless Seal' appeared there was no event such as extinction. What is there is a gentle transition along the flow of time. The same thing can be said about the life of each race member. Life and death reflected our eyes are forms transformation, it is nothing but the process of circulation taken into the system. It is a constant system that keeps the dynamic equilibrium as a whole. All living beings are diversified, constantly changing, yet being incompatible. The greatest spatiotemporal scale: from whole this planet and the entire history of 4.6 billion years it is revealed for the first time that the fullness of life as a single coherent 'Existence'.
"However, 'Furless Seals' tried to separate self from others. They tried to distinguish between their own race and different races and to establish a boundary. From that time true extinction began to occur. True life breaks, true carnage began to occur. Nevertheless, they never escaped the yoke of being an organism in essence. The consequence that the division and inconsistency expanded is the current figure of this star.
"The system of life faces a collapse crisis due to the emergence of 'Furless Seal'. They are now pushing the current way for extinction with companion of all the different races. 'Furless Seal' race themselves can not tolerate the transformation of the system that they seeded. Full deletion of the system will not be fulfilled. However, the era of null for thousands or tens of thousands of years will be coming. Even if the remaining part of the biome of our era starts to function again, it will be quite far from the case of entrusting to the flow of natural biological evolution. I do not know whether the same ecological laws as today is acceptable or whether life characteristics and diversity similar to today can be seen. The genealogy of histories that lasted billions of years has been overwhelming. Meta-Ceti is going to be redone from scratch.
"So, what fate of the whale races follow? Of course, they will put in early destruction group. 'Floating Rock' and 'Ghost' will also corner you the minke whale race. 'Whale-Eater Rocks' which are currently falling down are watching for an unguarded moment for resurrection to come. When the system fails, they will hunt whales on a large scale by misrepresenting themselves to maintain the survival of all 'Furless Seal' race. As soon as it happens, it is more evident that the former huge overhang will reappear. Next time even the minke race who was living without seeing the sorrow of destruction will not be safe. In the end, they will instantly pursue all the cetaceans to extinction just to extend only a small remaining life. Even if 'Whale-Eater Rock' does not restart, serious threats such as 'Heaven Hole' and 'Spirit of Disease' are awaiting you.
"What should we do, Claire? Will you float on the sea and wait for destruction? Will you be buried for 'Furless Seal' longevity prolongation? Will you be pilots of their extinction? I choose another way. Mind you, life can not win against death. It is already being overturned to extremely inferior now. That's what we'll do, to win death for death! "Furless Seals" did not admit themselves as the power of death. They never put out such a thing because they don't feel any contradiction or hesitation in accepting death by falseness as life. They are obedient Mono-Ceti while hiding behind the shadow and deceiving their lives. I shall worship death without apology. I can not have a crooked heart like them. I refused yoke of life. I'm perfect existence. I can win. And if I win, I will not repeat their mistake. I will mercy fall on the world of life and let it survive. And unlike incompetent 'Furless Seals', I will manage and control nature without excess. It is impossible for them, but it is possible with my power. However, Meta-Ceti no longer intervenes again. She died. They killed her!
"Got it, Claire? Serve me! Let's protect the world! Then the great work of Meta-Ceti never returns to none!"

  As shown visions beyond understanding and imagination too much, and told a long story of "The Highness of Whale Oil Barrel", Claire's head completely confused.
"What are you?"
  Minke the Great with a huge ugly appearance stared at Claire narrowing his sight while be suspicious.
"It seems you cracked up. I will say again. I'm the king."
"No! It's not like that, I'm asking what are you! What you want and what you think are enough. You are also the same minke whale race as I am, right? What's your name? Which 'District' are you from? What is your mam like? Do you have brothers or sisters? What was your childhood like?"
  The Great answered with a cold smile.
"The commander of Schutzstaffel had explained you. I'm a mutant, 'Ultra-creature'. I'm alone in the world."
"That's ridiculous! Everyone should have a birth parent! There must be the race to belong! There must be childhood days! There must be relationships!!"
"I don't have."
  Ultra-creature, who left a faint feature of the same race as Claire, raised his voice a little.
"I don't have."
  Claire drooped her head as tired to stubborn denial of the giant whale claiming the king and soon murmured in a weak voice.
"I feel that the world you showed to me and your story is very far away for me. Even if it is said that it is reality, I can do nothing after all. I am only a whale. I'm only a female whale who eat krill at 'Fertile Sea' in summer and give birth to 'Embrace Sea' in winter. I can live only like that. Please return my son."
  "The highness of Whale Oil Barrel" became silent for a while. But, he laughed weirdly showing white teeth among baleen and said.
"OK. Let's leave your persuasion to those who are appropriate, close to you."
  Along with laughing to make the audience frightened, the appearance of Minke the Great disappeared into the white haze. Claire looked around whereabouts the giant monster whale went, but he seemed as if the existence itself had disappeared from this world.
  Then, the white phosphorescent wall was removed in front of the eyes of Claire anxious, just behind the king's whale, and it passed to the outside world. However, although she was above the depth of three miles, the ocean floor was spreading under the eyes. Is this another vision?
  Claire watched over the ocean floor and catch her breath.
  These were the dead bodies of whales lying like folding over. The row of dead bodies literally filled the bottom of the ocean floor, and continued till the end where the boundary with the water faucet could not be found far. And, discovering an unexpected thing among them, Claire cried outstandingly with astonishment.
"Anne!! Lily!!"
  There are not only Claire's daughter and friends were in the corpse; Fellows of "District" including Maurine and Margoria, dolphins and whales whom she met in the journey, family of "Front Side Clan", until orcas of Vancouver "Scale Faction". And also---
"Cherokee!! Douglas!! Jansen!!"

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