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- Chapter 50: Showdown; Jansen vs. Moby-Dick -

  Sakahire pursued behind the fleeing humpback whale sprinkling a smell of blood with a dozen subordinates. The prey of the long-awaited baleen whale has now emerged from the outer edge of the "Death Garden" that covers a range of 10 miles in radius centered on Mono-Ceti.
  Neo Orcas did not need to chase getting in a fret, even though the runaway was surprisingly succeeding in escaping from the area of whiteout darkness considering that he was rushing at random. The pathetic humpback whale would have been possible to extend the life expectancy by being lost in the milky white sea. Because Neo Orcas also could not use long distance sonar in this "Death Garden" territory. In any case, he is literally in full view once he leave the water filled with phosphorescence. It would not trouble the killer whales who can swim at the speed of three fifty knots to catch up with the humpback whale who can not put on half of them.
  "Mono-Ceti's Garden" consists of "Temple" three miles deep in the trench where their God and the priest are located and "Imperial Palace" located just off the top of it as the axis, Schutzstaffel's operational command room, a training room, a "Dining Room" serving as "Playing Room", a food repository (the largest institutional customer was priest's petty), "Core" which is a power source adjacent to the "Imperial Palace" that supplies lights and also is a donor of "Ecstasy of Death". Residents of "Garden" are separated two upper classists, the king and the priest, and two handred lower classists, Neo Orca Schutzstaffel. The formers have the special abilities exceeding creatures, but the latter who only excels in killing techniques do not have it. They are guarding the surroundings of "Death Garden" as remembered the position in the territory with the body through training instead of super abilities.
  However, they could not neglect careful consideration for "Floating Rock". "The Highness of Whale Oil Barrel" is tightly sentenced to the soldiers of "Death Garden" that we must not be known our existence only by "Furless Seal" until we are ready and the time comes. So far, "Floating Rock" which goes to this area corresponding to the deep ocean of the open ocean is rare, and it was OK to get them away with.
  However, one clearly intentioned "Floating Rock" came just above "Temple" where Mono-Ceti is lying and stopped this summer. At this time, "Mono-Ceti's Garden" was in an ferment as this is the most serious matter occurred since the establishment, and Neo Orcas of the new race watched the trend of "Floating Rock" holding their breath. All the fluorescent lights of the water molecules in the sea area were erased and the pump of "Spirit of Death" had to be temporarily stopped. But "Floating Rock", which came abruptly in the twentieth year since they had fallen "Flying Rock", just caught a little sea water and did not show up again enough. "The Highness of Whale Oil Barrel" told what Sakahire did not understand; "The ruler of 'Furless Seal' also does not want people to know the existence of Mono-Ceti."; having a gruesome laugh at his big mouth, and then stood them down.
  With only that one exception, they never permitted an intruder or a deserter. However, Sakahire was now losing the motivation for a simple mission to catch the fugitives of the baleen whale. The reason is not only that he is irritated to be saying hurry up by Dokugan. He frequently released sonars towards the prey, scanned from the top of the nose to the tip of the caudal fin, and listened to the echoes by which are possible to examine the condition of meat and fat. It become a thrilling escape for Cherokee in disgrace for that.
"It's bony."
  Look! Even if it has long fins, the flesh is less than a sei whale. Compared to this one, that blue whale is a big deal more than doubled of it, and flesh is also normal. Why bastard Dokugan chews a rare blue whale plenty and I have to divide such a skinny growth poor despite the same number? It's not fair!; he thought.
  Sakahire asked a subordinate who swims next to him while he kept listening to the bait without any indication to be fat at all.
"Hey, if the length is doubled, how many times will the volume be? Five or six?"
"It is eight times as it is two cubed."
"Eight times!? Then, it's more than six times. Hey you, it's not a lie? If it is not enough, you will have yourself supplement the shortfall."
"Er, well, maybe two cube is six..."
"Damn it! Fmm... But even so, Dokugan eat six times as much! In spite of he is smaller than me!"
  Sakahire did not even look for the petite humpback whale just matured, slowed down and stopped.
"What's wrong, Vice-Commander? Prisoners will escape."
"Idiot! Call me boss! I have ceased being vice yet! Leave such a humpback whale wounded. I can pick up as much as later. I won't be monopolized the blue whale by disgusting one-eyed bastard!"
  As soon as he spitted out, Sakahire turned back the way he came.
  Don't think that I was waiting for your return home without doing anything while you were out, he thought.

  The unknown creature crawled up from the dark rift which is closest to hell. The shape of a huge mass that flows as it expands or shrinks was quite difficult due to darkness. At that time, silver illumination blinked irregularly, then shined at the time and the true identity of the monster was revealed. It was a huge, huge squid. The total length reached thousand feet including the tentacles, and it was a scale deviating from common sense of living organisms. And the tentacles crawling with licking the rocks counted more than hundred different from the ordinary squid's ten. The color of a round eye with a diameter of six feet was red.
  Even Jansen, who was not afraid of anything, froze the raised back muscles at the monster squid. He did not think of himself to feel true fear for the first time seeing a squid whom he usually eat even though he never felt "Floating Giant Rock" was afraid.
  Shit! Clark is much pretty compared to this rascal; he thought.
"Come on, Susie, my cute pet."
  The monster giant squid put tentacles on the edge of trench where the owner is. It bloomed like a tsunami that advances on, and brought a cylindrical fuselage exceeding 130 feet. "You have a disgusting monster."
  Jansen groaned low and spitted out to empathize with courage laying his fear.
"It's time to eat, Susie."
  Dick II said so and gave Jansen a sidelong glance with a faint smile.
  The oarfish was proceed to the front of the squid. The imprisoned cachalot who crashed eyes struggled desperately while raising moans to show the last resistance. One of the tentacles of the squid grew and grabbed his caudal fin. As soon as the waiter monster fish passed away, the bait quickly disappeared being wrapped by several white gelatinous ropes. Susie seemed to be so hungry, she pulled the prey quickly in order to seize tight hold of the big treat for the first time in a while. She brought the whale in the center of a hundred wacky tentacles wriggling. There was a huge black beak waiting for it. The sharp beak, which was buried in meat and tightly assembled, opened up and down.
illustration   The groaning turned into screaming. The monster giant squid gnawed the mammal bait alive. She pressed the head and tail of bait firmly with a lot of sucker-attached tentacles and took off meat while turning around. Jansen who was supposed to be familiar with blood could not keep his eyes in this meal scene with the food chain reversed.
"He-he, is it tasty, Susie? This girl has a strong appetite at any rate, it is troubled that the food is always in short supply. I have already lost stock of fifty cachalot whales. I have to supply it soon. Though I usually give her dolphins and baleen whales, too."
  The owner whale watched with his eyes narrowed looking at how the pet squid desired the whale of the bait.
"Look, Jansen. This is the power of 'Spirit of Death', the greatness of Mono-Ceti."
  Jansen glared at the white whale sharply. Susie finished eating in a blink of an eye, and the raw food of cachalot became a bone leaving only the square head and caudal fin. She was blaming the light emitters scattered on the body surface, as if she had been asking for a refill. Dick II looked back over Janssen and said triumphantly.
"Have you changed your mind? You certainly knew that we would win 'Furless Seal' and Meta-Ceti. Become my subordinate. There is no other way."
  Jansen had been unable to make a voice for a while, but soon he said absolutely.
"My answer is no."
  And I blew out bubbles of signs of contempt from the spiracle. "Doom Foreseer" gazed at Janssen with eyes colored blood, but the smile quickly disappeared from his white face.
"I see. It’s disappointing that I must lose the excellent candidate for staff officer."
  The white whale moved his eyes to Susie and returned it to a one-sided lone cachalot who get obstinate. The black whale seemed to be willing to fight the gigantic creatures.
"Rest assured. It is rude to make you substitute for pet food. I will bury you carefully with my fins."
  The two males sharply glared at each other with black eyes and red eyes. Phosphorescent sparkle between the eyes that both the male intersect.
"It's also felt relieved for me. But are you OK? Have you ever done a fight? Besides that, you probably have not come out to the outside even once, have you?"
  Both of them are quite not to be outdone by the opponent in a rugged body that was tightened. But as Jansen said, Dick II's white body slightly above the body length was like as just born now, with no single injury. Anyone who is an adult cachalot should have got a proof of a quarrel a little. It was strange that he do not even have a circular trace of squid sucker even if he have never fought. Anyways, since squids going to the back as drivers of inattentive driving and speeding off, so creatures of the big figure can not help putting scratches on the epidermis as crashed.
If you are cachalot whales you can claim life for compensation.
"He-he, don't worry. I have already defeated over fifty strong males without even a scratch. Let me tell you why my white skin keeps smooth beauty. I can only know the fate of others but also control the spirit of the opponent. I was manipulating the great white shark and the manta ray who attacked you. I have also controls Susie. Not only lower animals. I can rule even the killer whale. And of course, cachalot whale too. He-he."
  The crimson eyes of "Doom Foreseer" have suddenly gleamed strange light. Jansen accepted a mysterious gaze aimed at him without hurting.
"Now you become my yes male. You are no longer a cachalot whale. You are a squid."
"Don't say stupid things. Nothing in particular."
  The black whale sneered at spiracle as he will not be fooled by a swindler.
"Don’t be so sure. Look at your own fins."
"What did you say? Wow!"
  When Jansen looked at his pectoral fin, there was not a fin like the black oar, but a long thin tentacle like a whip with suckers somehow.
"Well, we cachalot whales are contracting with squids. You squid must be eaten by me whale. You can never resist me. Come on, supper tonight looks delicious."
  "Doom Foreseer" opened the narrow lower jaw, revealed two rows of teeth while turning the red eyes, and beckoned Janssen, who transformed into a squid, piercing the pectoral fins.
  Jansen desperately tried to resist it, but his body did not obey him. His gaze was pinned to the whitish teeth, white whole body, of the predator that looked emitting light. He could not take his eyes off the brightness. He twisted ten tentacles and slowly swam to the mouth where the sharp teeth of the pilot were lined like as sucking.
"Come on!"
  When approaching the distance the fins could reach, Jansen suddenly jumped to Dick II and pierced his teeth on the white forehead. The white whale who was taken by surprise inadvertently swayed from the chin of the enemy quickly, but he set up a shout never had before lifetime against prey that should be unable to attack fought back unexpectedly.
"Why!? Squid should be not allowed to resist whales!"
  Jansen who was released from suggestion shook tremblingly the chin and tail, and had a fearless smile.
"He-he, I did not breach the contract. Certainly, a squid cannot oppose a whale, but it will not be complain if the squid oppose a squid."
"Well, I have thought of a squid that seems to be crisp while I was watching your wan pale body. Indeed, you are too old a squid to deal with."
  Even though transformed into a squid, apparently Jensen's fighting character did not change.
  This time it was the turn to growl of the white whale. The red blood overflowing from the wound of the forehead attached for the first time in birth spread on white skin without stains.
"Did you understand the pain a little also with this? Whether winning a fight or caught a prey, you are asking so much to get over without one wound. What’s wrong? Is it already over? Then, my turn!"
  Promptly Jansen entered a charge attitude. Then, Dick II who was teeth grinding and trembling with silence ceased growing and smiled a gruesome smile on his face.
"You seem to have made me really angry at last."
  The glowing eyes increased more reddish. At the moment he put the much force on the white forehead, blood blew out of Jansen's whole body.
"What was that!?"

  After the desperate resistance hidden in the 80-foot giant body in vain, Douglas finally got laid in the fins of Neo Orca Schutzstaffel. The old male was closing his eyes as firmly fixed the tip of the nose, both pectoral fin and the tail with biting by a sharp fang. The figure that blushed the red blood everywhere in the pale body was very painful.
"Hey, decrepit blue. You are too enthusiastic at getting old. It is the first time that a baleen whale has so much trouble."
  Dokugan got closer to Douglas's face by the face and looked into the his eyes with the protruding right eye.
"What a touching story that let the other race escape at the risk of your life. But apparently your kindness has backfired. After all, those who chased your partner is not only the most fool in Schutzstaffel, but also the most gluttonous. Poor thing, I guess surely no bone will remain as such a skinny humpback."
  Douglas looked expressionlessly and silently at the head of the killer whale drowning in a gloomy pleasure.
"You seem to have totally given up. Is it the wisdom of age? Do you have any last words?"
"There are lots of things to say, but it is against members of my race, not to you."
"Oh really. So give it up. We are not so good‐natured whales as to tell the testament will. But, I can give the opportunity to tell your same race in our stomach."
  Dokugan smiled with showing the sharp fangs and the bright red mouth between the black upper jaw and the white lower jaw.
  Then the commander of Schutzstaffel called an orca with a large white spot around the spiracle serving as his assistant after the death of Mitsumata.
"Hey, Hanajiro. I will be going for a moment, so torment this guy suitably. In the meanwhile decide own share. Mind you, leave the best part to me!"
  To order so, Dokugan disappeared somewhere.
  After the superior left, before the large whale at the mercy of the fate, Hanajiro thought how to distribute this feast. After all, he decided that it would be a good idea to distribute the red meat to everyone and the rest from the descending order of the class, but could not decide to which part make for the commander. He was of a type could hardly be promoted since his ability to make decisions was slow.
  So Hanajiro asked a subordinate Oishippo for an opinion like Dokugan.
"Hey, corporal. Where is the top meat?"
"Speaking of whale meat, it's fin's tail meat, sir."
"Fin whale? This is a blue whale, not a fin whale."
"Well, it will be similar."
"It's quite lazy. Have you really eaten fin's tail?"
  When asked by the superior, corporal Oishippo answered looking awkward.
"Ur... I have not. But so they say."
  The assistant commander shook fins bluntly and let down the treacherous gourmet orca.
"Well, it can not be helped. Let's preserve the tail meat for the commander Dokugan for the time being. Then, I will have Saya (tongue in the gourmet term of killer whales)"
  Then, the killer whales inevitably chose their favorite part according to the order of the team.
"I will have unesu."
"I will have obaike."
"I will have sunoko."
"I will have hyakuhiro."
"I will have mamewata."
"I will have kabura."
"I will have usu."
"I will have chohji."
"I will have kohige."
"I will have fukiwata."
"I will have ikawata."
"I will have ohwata."
"Let me see... I will have denduru."
  When all the members have selected, Hanajiro said.
"OK, everyone decided. Well then, let's exercise before meals."
  Here the killer whales gathered and gave laughter vulgar at the same time. They surrounded Douglas circle.
"Are you ready? Go!"
  The killer whiskers jumped one by one, bite into the Douglas's skin and return to replace with the next one. Every time a sharp conical teeth bite, Douglas swayed in pain.
"Don't touch the meat yet."
  The blood that filled the large body gradually dyed the white sea water red. Some of the killer whales excitedly watching the color of blood gnawed a little bit of skin against the orders of his superior officers. While mercilessly hurting the immovable prey, they got ridiculous insults and ridicule.
"Hey! Hey! Hey!"
"Put out saya! Put out saya!"
"Put out early!"
"Hey! Hey! Put out saya!"
"Let me eat saya!"
  Although Douglas suffered from the killer whale's fangs, he firmly tied his mouth hard not to show his tongue.
"How can I put up with being robbed the important 'Historian' business tool!"
"It is a stubborn old male. But, how long will it have? Oh, commander!"
  Dokugan came back making a gloomy face there. He was going to explore the situation of the confrontation between white and black cachalot whales.
  In this "Death Garden" which is helpful neither visual nor hearing sense, there was a spot where the sound blows through. Dokugan, the owner of the most superior hearing power among Schutzstaffel, was listening at the top layer of the "Temple" in the deep sea, secretly spying on the behavior of the priest whale. If the black cachalot is predominant, he can support him secretly and ensnare the disgusting white cachalot. Or if the white one would win, he can observe his ability deliberately.
  However, when the condottiere killer whale pricked up his ears there, he heard whale's scream at first.
"Damn it! I have forgot to figure in guy's grotesque pet."
  Dokugan returned without any help. He lost in thought on the way that how he can get rid of that monster giant squid. The mass of appetite and swelling who eats up an adult cachalot male as a snack is probably the most powerful creature in history except for "The Highness of Whale Oil Barrel" transcending creature.
  Nothing seems to work unless I have got to do something about the repulsed squid earlier. I feel irritated but I shall ask the scholar specialized in religion studies, mathematics and biology to teach about the squid's ecology and find a way to hold back or the weak point. Well, let's concentrate on rice putting it aside for now.
"Hey, have you decided your own share? What has become of my part?"
"I will have the commander Dokugan The captain of Dokugan eat tail meat and I decided to have saya."
"You stupid! I'm going to eat both tail meat and saya."
"Yes, sir..."
  The assistant commander dropped his pectoral fins, but he took up his mind and said it.
"Then, I will have unesu."
"I will have obaike."
"I will have sunoko."
"I will have hyakuhiro."
"I will have mamewata."
"I will have kabura."
"I will have usu."
"I will have chohji."
"I will have kohige."
"I will have fukiwata."
"I will have ikawata."
"I will have ohwata."
"I will have denduru."
"Let me see... What else is left? How is fukiwata?"
"It had already taken."
"How is karakimo?"
"Silly, it can not be eaten."
"Really? Let me see... Let me see... I will have kintuu..."
  When redistribution of the prey was over, Dokugan looked around the subordinates who were dazzling their eyes.
"Have you done worship before meal? Feel grateful to Mono-Ceti as it is thanks to her protection that we can keep on our lives every day. Giving thanks for her grace and paying close attention to dietary manners so as not to be ashamed as a selected elite member. Did you understand? Huh? Do you say that it doesn't matter right now so start quickly? Can't be helped. All right, then, let's have!"
  Everyone jumps out at the same time as the whistle signal.
  When Dokugan looked at the voice with the big right eye, the vice-commander who arrogantly protested the opposite dorsal fin was there. All Schutzstaffel members except for a dozen orcas surrounding the pray whale lined up behind him.
"I will eat that blue whale, the commander Dokugan. No, the former commander."

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