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- Chapter 51: Desperate Situation -

  The black whale and the white whale faced each sides and glared at each other while drawing a circle slowly at constant speed. The scarlet eyes of the white whale blinked mysteriously tuning into his fearless smile. Meanwhile, bright red was put on numerous old wounds, which are proof of the battle, on the surface of the black whale and contrasted with a dull colored skin.
"He-he, shall I disclose you, Jansen? But I would have understood without saying any more. Because any tooth whale has it structurally. It's an ultrasonic beam, converges sonar sounds. Even though it is all general whales can do to give a little shock to fish or squid, my sonar is different in performance of diaphragm from that of ordinary ones. By raising the output and concentrating the sound flux on the focal point, it is possible to cook the target in any way; To cut up a whale into pieces."
"Shit! You only dirty tricks against the rules."
  Jansen said in disgust to the consequential "Doom Foreseer".
"There is just one rule, one who won is a winner. I'm Dick."
  Then the white cachalot whale suddenly turned into a coaxing voice and tried to admonish a black cachalot.
"Let me give you a chance to go through the current path of the fate again, Jansen. Be my subordinate. You have no chance of winning."
  Jansen looked at the enemy intending to take his destiny as super whale, and answered himself in a restrained tone.
"Although I had said such things to Claire, I really don't mean that Dick died with "Furless Seal" after the final battle with 'Floating Rock'. I believe Dick won his own destiny."
  The whale who self-styles Dick's reincarnation, inquired interestingly expressing the color of ridicule.
"So what happened to him after that?"
"Nothing is the matter. He returned to a ordinary cachalot whale just whom color is white. He ate squid, blew, traveled with ocean current, and finished his whole life as a common whale. Although he probably did not live long. You are not the reincarnation of Dick."
"Is it the answer?"
"Yes. Me too. I'm just a ordinary whale, a cachalot male named Jansen. I want to be myself free of mind. I don't intend to accept any bondage except that I have been born in this sea as a whale. So I also don't want to deprive freedom of the other living creatures. I never want to be an adjutant of 'Kingdom of Death' and put on airs."
  The two whales exchanged gaze like shooting. Suddenly, Dick II laughed a lot.
"Ha-ha! You are hopeless idiot! So you shall go to your long home while believing in the fictitious Meta-Ceti. The gateway to survival has now been shut down. Let me announce your fate, Jansen. You will surely die within 15 minutes."
"Go ahead, make my day!"
  After saying that, Jansen strongly shook the tail and accelerated. Dick II cooked the head and aimed him. The laser of the sound flashed, it approached behind Jansen while shooting through his route. No matter how quickly he swim irregularly, it cannot match the speed of sound close to a mile per second. The shooter has only to turn his head around the target. Coming under heavy fire of the ultrasonic, the scratches cutting Jansen's skin increased while watching.
"There is no choice at this point but to jump into the bastard's fin."
illustration   Jansen who was circling over Dick II suddenly turned direction and rushed into the enemy whale fiercely.
  Following intense collision, the battle of the two cachalot males shifted to scuffling fiercely together. The new weapon of mutant whale cannot be useful as it comes to close range melee fighting. The two whales struck with the head like a huge hammer corresponding to one third of the whole body, pierced the skin with the dangerous weapon aligned on the lower jaw, and also knocked to crush the bones with the tail containing the intention of destruction each other. Jansen took advantage of his own usual weapons that his accustomed use of teeth, tail and head while fitting perfectly to the partner's body not to use ultrasonic beam.
As the experience is effective, the black whale was fighting well supplemented a slight height difference against the white super whale.
  The fierce battle reached the climax, and the two whales clamped the lower jaw of the opponent while climbing up and down with each other. Both fangs bite into the gums of their opponent and could not easily disengage. Then Dick II narrowed the red eye and let out the low tweet.
"He-he, you've fallen into my trap, Jansen."
"Don't you forget your watch?"
  Jansen barely noticed. It has already been over an hour since he started diving. It takes more than 20 minutes to dive to this point about 3 miles deep. Even if he can reach the sea surface in 15 minutes on the way home, it will be too late not to start preparing for surfacing.
"He-he, even though trying hard the dive time of you common whale is limit for an hour and a half. But I can stay in this deep sea without air for three hours. It is not bluff saying that your life is only 15 minutes later some time ago. This is another prophecy. You will never look at the sky again."
  To somehow escape from the enemy's chin, Jansen put the body in a tailspin to the right and the left. But the white whale also interrupted the opponent's attempt to twist off the jaws of both mates by timing with him. The sharp tusk of Dick II entered into Jansen's gums. The tip was much more sharp than ordinary cachalot whale. Besides, he also had conical teeth firmly from the upper jaw unlike the other cachalot. The taste of blood gradually spread in Jansen's mouth. Most of them were his own.
  Janssen bent the body forward, swung around with the power of whole body, and added rotation at the timing when centrifugal force was applied, so he succeeded in releasing both chins somehow. And he started rising at full speed aiming at the water surface. It was no longer the case that he care about water pressure. The root part of the chin complained of dull pain. It seems that there was a problem with the joint when he twisted it.
  As soon as he leave the distance, Dick II's unforgiving ultrasonic attack resumed. The amount of bleeding increased steadily.
"It's out of the ring once for refueling. I'll get even with you when I get back."
  Soon after that Jansen hit the brake. The direction which he rush as he thought it was on the way towards the above became dark. When he looked around, the fluorescent lighting weakened, the transparency also dropped and the landscape of the trench was completely wrapped in the back of the haze and became invisible. Eco-location for medium to long distance still does not work.
"Now, which one is above? He-he."
  Only the two red eyes of the white whale are shining brightly in a space full of rich white liquid.
  It's a ridiculous sea thoroughly as it not to distinguish between upper and lower. I'll have been a goner as running out of time while getting lost in such a place; Jansen was impatient.
  He shook his head and hesitated hesitation, and made a straight forward with the intention of maintaining the advanced course that he has gone ahead. However, when he went for a while, his forehead hit something hard.
"Hahaha! What's the matter, Jansen? That direction is on the bottom of the ocean."
  Dick II was overturned upside down. Jansen was deceived by the position of the enemy reflected in the eyes visually.
"Damn it!"
  Jansen tried to rush through blindly in despair. But he stopped hard at the point when he took the accelerator and cooled the overheated mind.
  Calm down, Jansen. The position of the center of gravity of this planet never change; he told himself.
  He stopped moving the caudal fin and advanced at the low speed to the direction that the head got lighter lead naturally as lowered the density of the brain oil.
"Well, run away!"
  Throwing a ruthless ultrasonic cutter with ridicule, the white whale urged him to impatience. It has already been 10 minutes since the rise started, Jansen's muscles which already spent energy in the previous struggle have already appealed for the lack of oxygen.
  Jansen began to fear terror in the weight of the water on himself for the first time in his life. A strong water pressure that pushes himself down to the bottom to stop breathing has been realized unlike as the deep-sea whale races.
  Still, he suppressed the feeling that he wanted to rush in response to the lung's needs, believed in the operation of the built-in automatic levitation device, withstood the feeling that the body's squeaks and internal organs would turn inside out, he continued to advanced.
As the result, finally he saw the fluctuation of the wave that is not whiteness of phosphorescence.
"Just a little more!"
  However, there was a whale that casted a shadow on him mixed with the oblique light that gets in between the waves.
"Ha-ha! You are too late, Jansen."
  Dick II was looking down at him from the sea surface of the goal in a triumphant manner.
"I am far more durable than you against changes in water pressure. I don't need five minutes to rise from the sea floor to the water."
  The white whale block the path of Jansen grinding while casting a black shadow. Jansen hurl himself without minding, but he can not squeeze the power to push back the enemy as bleeding and oxygen shortage. His body began to descend gradually, being pushed back. Evacuation that has been tolerated was exhaled from the spiracle as the last foam.
"It's the end of you, Jansen. You fought well. I will keep your name in memory as the strongest male among those who challenged me."
  The white whale made a declaration of victory and a high laughter in the sea.
"Well then, goodbye, Jansen. Take an eternal sleep held in Mono-Ceti's chest."
"I don't like it. I don't like..."
  Jansen murmured in a fading consciousness.
"Such a way to die---"

  Dokugan glared at his subordinate with the projecting right eye in an appearance of anger.
"What is this all again, the vice-commander? Explain it!"
"I don't have an obligation to explain to the former commander."
  Sakahire answered with irreverent attitude.
"Hey! Get back to the department soon! Otherwise, you will have to fast for a week or be demoted one rank for violation of the regulations. Are you OK even no food as you have associated with a fool?"
  The one-eyed commander yelled at about 180 members who arranged behind the vice-commander, but no one move on the spot.
"Well, don't worry about it. Because we are going to have plenty of the high quality blue whale after that."
  When looking carefully, all the members who rose in revolt floated a dissatisfied expression and sometimes sent a avaricious gaze to the blue whale. Dokugan gave the opportunity to eat blue whale together only an elite class subordinate, so the rest of the members belonged to a group close to Sakahire who bore the humpback whale with him and those belonging to the lower class.
"Hey you. If you think that your head is packed with a better brain than porpoise, think well. Don't complain about just once you have not eaten the blue whale. It is enough only the big fool to throw away a promotion course after that. Approximately, if we divide this with 200 members, only the tears of damselfish are left per capita. You do not feel like having eaten the high meat of the top prize enough if you have only a little piece, do you? If you want to get on a feast, you should encourage yourself to keep on steadfast every day with the aim of entering executives. If so, you will able to taste the big ones soon. Be reasonable. Do you understand?"
"I'll not fall for your tricks of dodge yet. The weight of that blue whale is about 100 tons. Well, even though 10 tons is my part, it will be around one and half tons per capita if divided the rest. It is better to share it a bit in part than to be monopolized by creepy one who assume the air of an elite."
  Just a minute, even if said one hundred tons, how much is eatable do you think? Only bone, skin and fat remain except you. Why can not the others notice? They are just gluttonous and good‐for‐nothing."
  While I was out, everyone has been cutting of studying mathematics; Dokugan thought.
  It was unavoidable because he was the best powerful orca among Schutzstaffel regarding battle abilities, but Dokugan deeply regretted making Sakahire the vice-commander. However, some of the high-caliber members must thought that it would be beneficial to incorporate into unrefined Sakahire than politic Dokugan.
"That's why we are not going to follow your instructions. Everyone knows which one of you and I am worthy of the commander. You should have noticed early that it was same as you have released the position of the commander while you was leaving the 'Garden' for a year. Indeed it was OK to take over more calmly, but you can not help desiring greedy lust to monopolize that blue whale."
  The heads of the rebels bluntly said.
  Phew! Which is obnoxious, bastard doing a coup merely about meat of one blue whale or me?; Dokugan thought.
"Hey, Sakahire. How are you supposed to do if such a thing is known to the 'The Highness'? You missed the prey due to an order violation, exposed the 'Kingdom' to a crisis and then tried even treason. Even when 'The Highness' makes an important guest related to the fate of 'Kingdom' welcome, you caused unnecessary troubles with a silly motive. There is no doubt you will be capital punishment. It is surely you will reduced back to the element and no ash will remain."
"Don't talk pompously. Both 'The Highness' and 'Priest' must be all tied up their fins to interact the guest. That minke whale or pink whale must be deconstructed soon and be our dinner. Either way, this is a replacement inside us Schutzstaffel as usual, so the ones on the top will not complain. I just came to drag you down."
  Shit! This bastard understand nothing. Well, It is useless to say anything to the guy whom brain made of muscle, Dokugan thought.
  The remaining member were also forced to make difficult decisions behind the commander who sighed over with a shaky head swaying. Although they are elaborate, the number of opponents is more than ten times of them. The coup ringleader invited them flustered.
"Hey, come here if your head is working a little as your title says. You don't want to miss to eat the blue whale, do you?"
  A dozen of Neo Orca who were in a pinch between two superiors compare the two with a puzzled expression. But some of them moved through backwards slinky to the side with more number of orcas. The upset was also spread among Hanajiro and the remaining members.
"OK, you are quite smart compared to the rest."
  Dokugan warned his subordinates who resisted with intimidating voice.
"I see. Are you seriously going to oppose me? But remember one thing. I never forgive betrayal. Don't think that it costs about losing the meal."
"That' just sour sea grapes. Can't you understand your position?"
  Dokugan, who was losing its ground and getting into hot water, dreadfully glared at Sakahire, who was intend to acquire the seat of the new commander anymore.
  Is this the biggest crisis once in a lifetime? Does the record being the office of top my top of Schutzstaffel will stop in one year due to this fool? No, of course it will not happen; Dokugan thought.
  After thinking for one blow, he took a provocation of the rebel leader who is planning to overthrow the politics.
illustration "So, what are you going to do with me, Sakahire? Are you going to force them to bang with me being outnumbered?  Are you surely such a coward, a sissy and a sneak? Can you only put on a tough act same as the showing‐off opposite dorsal fin?"
"What did you say? Don't lump me together with you!"
  Dokugan smiled in glee and continued to talk to the impatient big orca showing anger and irregular teeth.
"Hey, Sakahire. Let's struggle for mastery as the honor of Neo Orca Schutzstaffel will not be defeated. I shall return the post of the commander of Schutzstaffel. In a one-on-one battle with you and me, the winner gains the right to take that position. Of course, the winner is free to handle losers. Instead, the other member cannot meddle with at all, and the side against the rule lose by committing a foul. How is that? I think that it is a proposal that matches the chivalry spirit indeed worthy to settle our fate."
  The subordinate of his brain urged attention to the strategy of the wicked opponent, but the simple and meaningful Sakahire inspired by Dokugan did not try to listen.
  It is easy to handle a dim-witted one; Dokugan thought.
"Hey, dotard blue whale. The feast is shelved for a while. Watch us at there."
  When saying to Douglas, Dokugan shook in the middle of the circle of Neo Orcas with Sakahire. Two hundred members surrounded the two most powerful orca in Schutzstaffel and arrived at bleachers of the fight to the death starting from now.
  One Neo Orca was making noise at the corner of Sakahire. He was Rangui.
"Boss! Please pulverize that conceited one-eyed guy!"
"Hey, Rangui. How dare you speak to me like that? Even though I have taken care of deviate you during the journey, don't you thought that you are ingratitude?"
"Shut up!! How dare you insult me such as sea squirt, sea cucumber or sunfish? Indeed you are a ugly male such as big‐headed bottlenose whale! But I firmly grasp your weaknesses! My boss will knock you on this place! Since you have underestimated me, you dig a grave yourself! Serves you right!"
  To pay off old scores, Rangui spluttered with hoarse voice.
"Bah! A barking fur seal seldom bites. Have you figured out my weak point? Aha! Then let's have plenty of results by the boss of the quack spy."
"Heck! Don't make a fool of me!!"
  Leaving the noisy outside of the ring, the two Neo Orcas have entered a battle that lasts until one of them dies.
  The two orcas had confronted each other with a threatening posture that bent their faces downwards to show the dentition, but Sakahire, who is the type thinking that whoever takes the lead wins, first jumped out. He struck the opponent with over 30 feet of body. He pounced with the sharp pointed fangs of about fifty on the each jaw upper and lower. Dokugan also responded opening the red mouth widely. The black-and-white pattern of the two one was confused, among the swirling whirlpool and boiling bubbles, the slaughters tried to eat each other's meat while rubbing. Fierce collision energy scattered vivid blood. The 200 members watched the battle to decide the new leader in the crucible of excitement and tension holding their blow.
  The battle hardly having time to breathe did not disappear at first, but as time went on, the difference between superiority and inferiority began to appear gradually. Sakahire of physical strength also surpassed Dokugan of intelligence. The challenger unilaterally turned to the offensive, and the champion began to tolerate defense. Hanajiro was lying in thought about how he creep into the new commander later. Some orcas moved to the cheering seat on the highest winning side.
  A momentary response delay gave Dokugan a severe damage. Sakahire's teeth tore up just above his protruding right eye, and the fresh blood covered the bloodshot eyeball. Dokugan shook his head and retreated while leaving a dent of a row of teeth clearly on the right half of the face.
"Aah! My eyes! I can't see!"
"Yes, Boss! How do you like them sea apples, barreleye guy? That's your weakness! The catshark is out of the bag, thanks to the observing eyes of me who have always watched your behavior. If he concentrate the attack to block your right eye, then the game is ours!"
  Rangui shouted as gotcha.
"Damn it! But have you forgotten that I have big ears, Sakahire? Even if I get deprived of sight, I don't care a bit."
"Do you really think it is true?"
  Sakahire's tone of saying was full of confidence.
  Dokugan, who was listening carefully, gave a dismayed voice since the whirlpool sound surrounding the opponent unexpectedly disappeared.
"Huh!? Where did you go, Sakahire?"
"I'm here!"
  Before he can turn around to the voice, Dokugan had a tail strike behind the spiracle. The assailant already disappeared again while suffering severe pain and dizziness and losing disorientation.
"Could you watch by ear that? I've been training day and night during your absence to counter your pride of big ears. This is the ultimate swimming technique of 'Sneaking Swimming' that controls the vibration of the skin to completely cancel the overflowing sound that occurs on the body surface; called 'Water Scroll'."
  Sakahire continued talking seamlessly while constantly changing position.
"Well, could you break my art? If it is a narrow angle short range sonar, you can not follow my path. If it is a wide angle middle range sonar, I will scratch your throat when you feel to locate my position."
  Dokugan emitted sonar sounds eagerly, but Sakahire does not allow a chance to attack with a flowing body. He chewed and hurt the body of the prey and weakened it like a bonito attacking a sardine school. Soon the body surface of Dokugan grew steadily the area occupied by red in addition to black and white spots.
  As the winners have already become clear, the members sent an ale each time Sakahire assaulted the enemy and stripped his flesh. The seats of Dokugan's supporters were reduced to three.
  Sakahire, who no longer doubted his own advantage, gave a condolence that included disdain for those who were torn towards Dokugan, who seemed to have run out of resistance and were tightly bound.
"Now let's put an end your life. Don't worry, Dokugan. Because I am updating your tenure records as the strongest commander of Schutzstaffel. Go to hell without reserve!"
  At this time, Sakahire made one mistake. He approached Dokugan from the side of the left eye that should have been blinded, not from the bloody right eye. He should have judged that he may go from a safe blind spot to avoid the ruthless gaze that has always stared at himself. However, this choice has led to a decisive mistake that separates his own lives and deaths.
  At the moment when Sakahire tried to make a fang on the heart of the prey of the same race who was no longer moving, that prey suddenly turned around and gripped his lower jaw.
  Dokugan relentlessly chewed the opponent's chin filled with the fat till the marrow of the bone. Sakahire retreated with the white jaw dyed in red.
"You idiot! When have I say my left eye is completely blind? Thank your incompetent follower as possible. Anyways, you are not a right person for commander. No matter how much you show brawny in front of the subordinates and boast the best horsepower, it is not suitable for the position to swim over other whale even if you always have not to read the opponents and not to be thought by them."
  The reason Dokugan has always favor the left eye was not to hide the absence of sight but not to let the members understand the ability to sense light and dark. That helped in the place of the battle which the position of the commander was affected. It was to make the opponent worried as not to rely on the technique of 'Water Scroll' that he was pretending to be weak and not reluctant to attack his opponent. And he also calculated that Sakahire who does not know the precaution will explicitly tell me the timing to stab the final stop.
"Sakahire, I would have done it smarter and cautiously if I had been your position. I would have not been satisfied just to reduce the opponent's eye sight as feeling drunk on own upright swimming. If you really want to defeat the opponent, do this!!"
  Sakahire who was destroyed the lower jaw serving as the receiver of the sound on behalf of the degenerated outer ear, was now like as deafened. Dokugan tried to take another sensory function while approaching carefully, to the enemies who had abandoned "Water Scroll" completely due to pain and a panic as the sound from the outside was cut off.
  Dokugan bore his fangs deeply into the left and right eyeballs so as not to make a mistake. Sakahire has now lost both light and sound. The position was reversed from the previous time, Dokugan cooked the prey just unconditionally rampant. A few minutes later, the vice-commander who overturned the seat of power mostly in his fins became 30 feet lump of meat and was drifting between waves.
  Two hundred members waited for the strictness of the superior officer feeling awkward as they were slowly overlooked by both large eyeball covered with blood and small one that emit eerie light of the present commander who was brought back by the unexpected great reversal from an extremely precarious position.
"Hanajiro, you rarely had the right choice that requires a lot of courage. I appoint you as a new vice commander. The other two are also promoted."
  Hanajiro, who thought about switching to Sakahire's side for a minute, felt relieved and thanked Mono-Ceti for his fortune.
"And where did that damn fool go?"
  Other members who want to creep into Dokugan pushed forward Rangui, who was hiding behind the row.
"Hey, you were crying for me some time ago such as beaked whale or barreleye. What on earth was the matter?"
"Oh, no, that's not mean it. I said that Boss Dokugan is very handsome, completely different from beaked whale. Ha-ha."
"You didn't get out of habit to say boss until the end. You foolish! Shall I tell you another reason why I called beg ears? It's the long-term retention ability of auditory memory, in brief, I will never forget once caught in my ear! If you like so much handsome, correct your teeth and make it look more visible! Also let you not be able to talk again! Hey, pull all his scoop teeth and tongue!!"
"Help me!!"
  Then the Schutzstaffel commander turned a blind eye for the remaining two hundred members.
"Well, let me tell you, who want to become the future commander, one thing will be beneficial. Beat the opponent while your position is advantageous, the enemy gets damaged! But I got over it. Hard luck, he-he. By the way, as I told you earlier, I never allow confidence. Having said that, it is a waste to make two hundred elite raised so much zero and 'The Highness of Whale Oil Barrel' will also be in trouble. Accordingly... Make pairs with two next to each other!!"
  Neo Orcas did exactly as the superior told them.
"Kill the guy who is in front of you. The one who survived is permitted only by puncturing the fins."
  The line of sight of those who shared the feelings of frightened in the same circumstances changed to hatred and hostility immediately. Inside and outside of the ring changed, Dokugan leisurely enjoyed a hundred battle alone.
  While bruised to the whole body and covered with bloodshed on the eyes, the cold-hearted mutant orca showed his mouth and fangs full of the blood of the traitor who has just been defeated, and told another bystander.
"I kept you waiting, dotard blue. I will resume the party in a little while."
  Douglas stared at a point on the sea surface and lamented in the quarrel with their own flesh and blood of the group of the killer whale race, who is said the least frustrating within the same race despite of powerful predator.
"Oh, what an abomination! What a miserable situation! My history of us the whale races has closed the last chapter with such an ugly one page. Sigh..."

  Claire stared at the dead of acquaintances and friends who accumulated in heaps, while being shocked and trembling the lower jaw. She slowly advanced moving the fin.
  Then the whales who were thought dead got up abruptly. Their eyes opened wide were red in color. Claire got a cold for a moment against her colleagues who had lifeless red eyes and should be well known herself.
  Everyone floated away from the ocean floor, and turned the red eyes to her all at once. Claire stopped moving forward and wanted to run away turning around.
  Red eyes Cherokee said.
"Sister, the world is unkind as we are alive, isn't it? We are just scared, disgusting, or painful. It would be fine if we can leave our name and work as 'Poet'. Let's meet our end after singing a song."
  Claire faintly shook her head and told him to whisper. "No."
  Red eyes Douglas said.
"Claire, the truly meaningful thing is the history of the race. Before the history, the availability of individual whale survival is no more important, it become just a dwarf event. Then, what is history? It is just the accumulation of death, isn't it? Do not you think we should participate in history as a cornerstone to build great monuments of the race?"
"No! No!"
  Claire swung her head more strongly and raised a bigger voice.
  Red eyes Jansen said.
"I don't like the desire to live and survive. Generally, it is perverse to crawl up only oneself while kicking other one down from the edge of cliff day after day. Hey, Claire, don't you think so?"
"Why do you want to bother me doing that!?"
  Claire shook his head fiercely and shouted with a tearful voice.
  Dolphins of the tropical "Co-op" with red eyes jumped over the surface of the water that shines in phosphorescence. Instead of enjoying life as usual, they arranged a parade in line with the rhythm of rigorous death.
"Death death death death death..."
  Gray whales with red eyes passed through by forming a queue while holding up sloppy songs.
"YODO lah!"
"The world is not interesting at all."
"YODO leh!"
"There will be lots of interesting things in the other world."
"YODO lah! YODO leh!"
"Once you die, don't suffer again. All you can eat bristle worms and amphipods. You can eat until your belly is punctured. You can still eat after punctured it. Once you die, never die anymore. There is nothing to be scared of. Is it wrong meh?"
"You Only Die Once lah!"
  Red eyes sooty shearwater cranked silently, turning over Clair's head.
"Take care of yourself utmost. Oh, it looks like too late. I’m so sorry. Hehehe!"
  Red eyes hourglass dolphin male jumped high in the air and speaks of Claire.
"Pish! You're minkey. Next is your turn to be destroyed by 'Floating Rock'. Serves you right!"
  This time, a group of red eyes Dall's porpoise came jumping over the sea surface.
"'Tsukinbo' comes!"
"'Tsukinbo' comes!"
"It will kill us!"
"Yey, we will be killed by it!"
"I'm glad!"
"It will exterminate us!"
"Yey! Yey!"
"'Tsukinbo' is pleasant!"
"Several years until the day of destruction!"
"Several days until the day of destruction!"
  Subsequently, the carcasses of the sea creatures hanging on the invisible wall came into the sight. It was "Death Wall"; "Ghost". A big shadow entered Claire's sight through numerous painful "Death Corridor". It was a young child of southern bottlenose whale. When she approached in a hurry, the boy had already stopped blowing just as the spiracle did not reach the water surface only a little. Then the boy of southern bottlenose whale who should have died opened eyelids widely. The eyes were red.
  Claire was in the midst of "Black Fat". Sea otters, seabirds, fish, seals were in agony rubbed in the groaning sea. It was a big chorus of countless moans.
"Life will be gone."
"Will life be gone?"
"Life will be death."
"Will life be death?"
  Claire shouted almost with a screaming voice not to listen to the deadly chorus coming in through the ears.
"That's it!!"
  Claire desperately struck the caudal fin and swam to try to escape from the sea area full of agonizing singing voice. The color of the darker black of the ocean had changed to a brilliant crimson before she knows.
"My blood!"
"My blood, get lost!"
"My blood, get out of me!"
"My blood had been lost! Ha-ha!"
  Red eyes bottlenose dolphins were crazy with disgust against the blood flowing out of their bodies. Claire unexpectedly closed the eyelids and ran into a blanket. When she raise the surface at a moment after left the sea of blood and returned to the white ocean again, she saw a streamlined figure with a beautiful black and white pattern.
"Sharon! Please help me!!"
  Sharon is approaching straight while looking at Claire like shooting with red eyes.
"My mother is 'Far Faction'."
  Red eyes orca rushed toward the prey whale by opening a red mouth.
"Die for me, Claire. You're my friend, aren't you?"
  The appearance of the killer whale attacked disappeared like melting away, and she was in the ice ocean, the Antarctic Ocean. Minke whales belong to the Ross Sea "Large District" had peacefully going out to "Dining Area", talking with friends or giving milk to children.
"Oh, I have come back!!"
  Anne who pulled the pectoral fin of Lily greeted Claire.
"Oh, Lily!! Lily!! I missed you!!"
"Mom, my brother is missing you."
  Claire was bemused and gazed at the red eyes daughter with a dry look on her face.
"Hey, let's go together to where my brother is."
"Claire. Rex who was our favorite has gone. But in the end everyone passed away. Your Joey, too. Isn't it better for us to go along? It's the same thing anyway, it will not change even now."
  Claire did not have a voice and shook her head in a quavering.
"Oh, do you say no? It's all your fault that Rex was killed. OK, never mind. I will be a mother of this daughter and a partner of him instead of you. Now, let's go see Dad and brother, Lily."
  As she said, red eyes Anne swam away with Lily.
"Wait, Anne! Lily!! Don't go that way!! There is 'Floating Rock'---"
  Red eyes Maurine interrupted the way and dismissed with a ruthless voice.
"There are too many newborns. They must be thinned out!"
  While dancing like drawing a spiral, red eyes Fieble repeated the word of prophecy with a distant crazy voice.

      Still hear with caution:
      The identity of one who suffered a mask of life.
      Cessation of Time / Termination of the universe / Emptiness in which all falls /
      Quiet darkness / silence without light / Return of the soul /
      Quiet darkness / silence without light / Return of the soul /
      Absolute existence that governs all thousands of spirits
      Its name is honored even to the mouth:
      The "Death"...

  After running round "Fertile Sea" to seek a decent whale somewhere, finally a thick female whale, who got older, entered in Claire's eyes.
  I guess she'll be decent; she thought.
"Oh, Margoria! Please save me, my revered 'Narrator of the Past'!"
  Margoria peered into the eyes of the young female with gentle red eyes.
"It is not precious to merely survive, Claire. Why did the five whales devote their lives for their brothers? What is truly precious is love and kindness. It is affection of mother and child. It is fraternity between my friends. It is love that does not mind death. Love is death. We must respect it. Can you die for your son? Can you die for love?"
  Claire shook her head lost her voice, she left from her side to escape.
"Help me, no matter who!!"
  Soon no whales appears in the white phosphorescent sea. How long have she swum? When the time and distance sense no longer felt, the shadow of a whale appeared ahead of Claire who had been floating in a collapsed state. He is a minke male.
  Claire ran to the side of the whale whom she wanted to see than anyone.
"Oh, Rex! Rex!! Please help me! Everyone joins in bulling me!!"
  Red eyes Rex whispered to her ear softly.
"Claire, come to me."
  Mischievous eyes like a mature child, a way of talking as if hiding a secret while wearing a casual way, a gesture smiling with a slight head tilt, all was Rex himself. Claire was about to move her heart for the gentle call of the partner who she had loved, but she still shook her head and retreated.
"I can't go."
"I can't die now."
"You say sad thing."
  Red eyes Rex made a slightly sad expression and said.
"I just want your love."
"Oh, Rex! I love you, too! I had been trying to follow you. But..."
  Rex casts a gentle gaze to Claire suffering from conflict. Oh, I'd be happy if I could throw everything this way and jump into him!
illustration "No."
  She raised her face and looked up to the red eye whale in front of her.
"I'm loving you. I'm feeling you. Even now! To the warmth of the sun, to the waves calmly shaking, to the sea water gently wrapping me. To a lot of creatures, to the form of living hard in the small races whom I have been taught various things by you. To young little lives you love. To each whale whom I encounter. To my companions I have traveled together. To their humor, to intelligence, to bravery. I see you in their kindness when they are aware me who behave recklessly. I'm still feeling the world in which you were amazed by the surprise, the world in which you are attracted to beauty, the world in which you are injured in sorrow; The space you shared with me, the time you spent with me, what you knew, felt, loved, shared with me in two! I want to feel you! I want to continue to love you!
"In order to protect me, in order to save me, you passed away at the expense of your life. I may not have a qualification that I myself alone survive brazenly. However, as long as I live, a part of you, you left in me, you I remember will continue to live! As long as my life continues, I will keep on you alive! I will never forget you! Otherwise, you who passed away, you who are slaughtered by 'Floating Rock' will be dead really!!
"Above all, Joey is my and your child! Your blood is also pulsing in his blood! He is your alter ego! I want Joey to experience all the world you felt, the world you knew! I want him to swim this sea you and I have lived! I want him to touch lots of lives! He may get sick and die tomorrow. He may be eaten by killer whale or shark. But I will protect him as he will be able to live today!! As he can think that he was happy to be born in this world, he can think it was good to take over our lives. And then, as Joey can hand over his life to the next with my and your life, so that life will last forever. Therefore, I live. I will not lose!!"
  Rex's vision disappeared blurred.
  The king of huge mutant whale opened his mouth.
"You are a stubborn female."
"Please return Joey."
  Claire asked for the monster whale no longer with a piece of fear.
"Please. Return Joey, my son!"
  "The Highness of Whale Oil Barrel" was rejected with a firm tone.
"You have only one choice each way. You will be a nanny of the new king or you will die."
  Claire emulously shook the head and repeated with a resolute voice.
"Please return."
"Do you want to live by that much?"
  "The Highness" queried with a more lower voice.
  Although Claire was silent, only the will of life was clearly displayed on the face.
"Even though the world is ruined, you still persist in your own life! You still stick your own son! Well, I'll check if your will is genuine."
  Minke the Great opened a huge mouth and gave a ruthless smile with anger mixed up. Numerous scarlet lights flickered behind the dreadful smile, spilling out of his mouth. The paired small crimson clustered in a dumpling shape and approached Claire. The owner of the red eyes was garfish. That fish with a silvery thin body looked like a harpoon used by "Furless Seal".
  The garfish flocked around Claire all at once, swirling to fly. Some fish passed by her, and a sharp pointed upper and lower beak suddenly drew a red thread.
"I will chop up your body by degrees. But I will not kill you. You asymptotically head to death. As much as approaching death, you never die but continue to receive only the pain of doubling. I will release it as soon as you take my request. If you desire death, that's right. I will pick your heart to make you put out of misery. It is your freedom to choose either. Now, as the words of you, live if you can! Try to live!!"
  The movement of garfish became quick, and immediately many red stripes ran on Claire's skin.
  The manipulated fish touched Claire's body surface nearly in parallel and gouged the epidermis. The number of scratches increased in a moment. A lot of blood penetrated black smooth skin. Each nerve seemed to be tormented. However, the weak female baleen whale, who do not have any means to fight or defend, had no other way than to writhe the body in pain.
  When "The Highness" signaled to swing the pectoral fin, garfish ceased attacking once.
"Did you feel like giving up?"
"Please... return... my son..."
  The other answers did not come to mind of Claire who trembled her body with a small wiggle and squeezed out the voice.
"Still say that!"
  Torture was restarted. Now Claire has been shredded whole skin from the head to the tip of the tail, covered with fresh blood. Epidermis, subcutaneous fat, muscle pierced, white sea water mixed with red blood.
  Claire's consciousness has been about to go away. Her eyes have already gone out of sight because of the blood that flows. The eyes themselves are safe but it is seemed to leave it to the end of a ruthless punishment hardship.
  Joey's face vaguely floats on the screen behind a scarred blotting eyelid, on the other side of pain.
  I want to live!! But... What am I gonna to do!? What can I do!?"

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