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- Epilogue: Toward Whales' Ocean -

  After the fierce battle ended and the greatest incident in whales history closed the curtains, the large number of whales who gathered in response to Cherokee's singing voice were interacted mixing the hetero races, praised for a good fight tapping the pectoral fin and pleased with the visit of peace. Blowing fellows around the world who could not come to the scene also opened celebration feasts with their neighbor in the ocean. However, the danger of "Spirit of Death" still remained around "Mono-Ceti's Garden", so whales were obliged to designate there as no-entry area for the time being.
  The three males, who traveled together and passed through the deadline, were finally able to meet again at this harmonious gathering place. The three whales left raw scars all over their bodies, but their feelings were very refreshing. Though it seems that Cherokee's hurt was too much exaggerated by himself.
"Well done, Cherokee."
"What? Master, will you call me by name?"
  Cherokee asked him like as out of tune.
"Yes. You become already fully qualified a respectable adult."
  As he was praised by the great cachalot, he said bashfully.
"Not at all. I had ran away at full speed leaving Old Male."
"No, you knew what you could do and what you should do, and do it. That's something. You the male!"
"That is right. Thanks to you, we are all blowing safe in this way. You are our lifesaver, Cherokee."
"Ahaha, I will be embarrassed as you told so. By the way, have been solved the incident completely yet? What happened to that kidnapper killer whales?"
"Underling fellows were yanked by orcas of originator 'Fur Faction', but the mono-eyed boss has not been found yet."
"Well, he can not keep hiding forever in that heterogeneity. Because orcas are tough against those who break the rules."
  At that time, an orca having a stately style came swimming quietly to the three whales and bowed facing prudently to Douglas.
"Douglas, the greatest race. In response to this mishap, we all orcas apologize for your condolence from the bottom of our heart. It is obvious that we formal 'Fur Faction' are not involved in this case, but there is no denying the responsibility that we had allowed for a situation that markedly degrades the prestige of the race. Then, after negotiating between 'Patriots', we decided to implement a predation moratorium for 25 years against you the blue whale race by proud of the race, so I notify you."
"Thank you for your kindness, the noblest race. I wish Meta-Ceti gives you a blessing that not always change for your race."
  Douglas thanked him politely. The male orca of the representative of "Fur Faction" once again deeply lowered his head to the large race, and left with a majestic way of swimming.
"That's great news, Old Male!"
"Ho-ho, it came our fishing. Well, I hope someday my race can recover as much as they orca can release the moratorium."
"It’ll turn out all right. a day when the bus song by you the blue whale race shaking our heart fills the sea will surely come."
  A visitor came also to him. He was that master male of fearless cachalot whale. There were also comrades of slurries of tooth whales behind him.
"I think of giving you a service award. Please tell me anything you want without hesitating. We will follow your wishes as much as we can. Although it can not be said that we can present a harem with 100,000 females."
"OK. Well, there is just one thing I want to ask you."
  Other whales paid attention to Jansen at the same time. He looked starchy at the face of everyone waiting for the next words of the hero nervously, but suddenly said with his grin.
"Let's abstain from squid for a week!"
  Laughter occurred among whales uproariously. Even though some thick glutton whales slightly disappointed, everyone accepted Jansen's proposal of rewarding the small race who rendered distinguished services most in this case.
"It won't pay for them even if we would not do so."

  Claire, who was on the verge of death, became convalescent at astonishingly soon. Perhaps Justy used the supernatural power, that had been used only to deprive life until that time, to heal life for Claire for the first time. However, the presence of her son Joey and a new daughter Mel had the most benefit to replenish her vitality which had been exhausting.
  The three whales stayed lined up side by side in a gentle wave until the condition got better for several days, spent time talking slowly about what they had learned about the adventure stories they had experienced, what they learned during the trip. The spacious subtropical ocean gently embraced the parent and children to verify the bond.
  The two children immediately regained their cheerfulness and began to play with the children of the neighbor's minke whale of "Front Side".
  On that day, Jansen has came to greeting of farewell.
  The two adult whales watched over with a warm eye the calf whales playing innocently. Claire suddenly looked at the profile of the cachalot male who was vacantly following the hetero-race children playing tag. Slightly sigh leaked from the spiracle at the tip of his long head.
"What's up?"
  Claire asked Janssen who seemed strange not as usual and could not be felt passionate as much as masters.
"Huh? Well, I thought out of character how about if little calves like your son were wandering around me."
"Yes! Jansen, you should have a household! There should be pods that will surely greet you. Family is good."
  Claire recommended taking the opportunity.
"Family... But male is lonely. We can stay with females and children only for a short period of courtship season. And we spend all times the defense of harem getting full of scratches day after day, and was kicked out by a young guy when noticed getting older before knows. After that we will lonely send remaining years. Though it may be life."
  His blow which has got a relief in the warm sea is shelved. Claire saw the shadow of loneliness drifting on the black profile of the male who wandered only half a lifetime, swimming away from any bondage other than the law of the sea and his own heart.
"Oh, female is the same, too. Originally the children have been already weaned. How we brought up with great affection and care, they will leave the parents and become independent as long as one year passes. Even though we gave birth, every children passed away and eventually we ceased to give birth to children, but still we love young life and bark loudly to a young mother, but it is not real child anymore. Both male and female are lonely. But---"
  Then Claire smiled with her mouth pursing.
"Because everyone is lonely, there is bonds, isn't it?"
"You're right."
  Jansen also returned a smile.
"Someday you may bring your own child. If you do that, you know well how much the child embarrass us. And then, if you become a grandpa and you are driven out of Harlem, come and visit me at 'Fertile Sea'. By that time, I would also be a grandma whale, He-he."
"Let's do so if I will feel like it. But, I don't feel like I've had enough of a casual single life yet. It's still a long way off to settle down in a pod."
  Finally, once again looking at Joey, Jansen pushed the large big head into the water and entered the diving preparation.
"Bye, energetic and vigorous Minke Sister."
  Jansen laughed at his unique grinning laugh as the edge of his mouth bending, and then dived into the ocean of freedom waiting for him.

"I will introduce, Claire."
  Claire saw a young whale next to Douglas and shimmered her head glaringly. She soon understood who that blue whale male with bright and gentle eyes was.
"He remind me of your young days."
"My son."
  Douglas's son moved forward and greeted expanding both pectoral fins.
"My name is Stork. Thank you for taking care of my father, Douglas."
"My pleasure. It is me that being taken care by your father."
"To my delight, he says to succeed me."
"Are you going to be 'History Compiler'?"
  As asked by Claire, Stork responded to somewhat shy.
"I was at a loss as to which one I become to 'Acoustic Painter', but I made a determination after I heard about you and the incident this time. I think that it is a rewarding work. Though I am just a newcomer in the job."
"Good on you, Douglas."
  Douglas narrowed his eyes and compare the two young whales.
"I became a deputy witness who witnessed an unprecedented major incident in the history of our whale races over 50 million years. I saw all the whale's hearts become one. I also met my son. Besides, he says he will take over to the work of history compilation. All it is thanks to you, Claire. Now I can die without any regrets."
  The impressive Douglas gave in to crying.
"What the heck, Douglas. History is still going on. Please continue working well on firmly."
"Yes, dad. I am only a trainee at the moment, so I have to be taught by you variously."
  Douglas raised his face and nodded.
"That is right. I can not lose to you yet. I also have to figure out how the ripples of this incident will spread. Once this happens, I will survive for the next 40 years exceeding my teacher's record!"
"That's the spirit, Douglas."
  Claire looked at the big old whale again, three times as many as herself. Claire felt Douglas like as her grandfather somehow, who always gently supported her and showed a course when the young her hit the wall. She swam by the side of Douglas and gently pressed her nose to her chest. The old male whale gently tapped the back of the minke whale instead of the granddaughter with the pectoral fin.
"Please live long."
"Do not worry. Even though being forced to witness a bloody death match by that killer whales, my heart is still alive and kicking this way, ho-ho."
  Claire sent off with calming heart, "Historian" father and son who swim away to the open sea cuddling close together.

  Claire finally reunited with Cherokee, who gathered with the humpback whale group of "Front Side". Now he seemed happy to be caught between two females.
"You have a double advantage, He-he."
"This is also thanks to you, Sister."
"Perhaps, it might have a jinx that a male without a wife shall do a escort of minke."
"Ha-ha, you got me."
  Claire thanked the companion of the journey for the longest, with a revised tone.
"There are not enough words to express my gratitude, Cherokee. I can survive a painful journey thanks to your encouraging me aside. And thanks to you I was able to meet Joey. Thank you so, so much!"
"Don't mention it. I myself always flew away and I was not in any way useful. Rather, I have to say thank you. I think that I grew a little while I traveled with you. I am as timid and weak as ever, but I feel I could have confidence in myself, including that too."
  Then Cherokee said hesitantly.
"In fact, I have one not told you consecutively. I'm not really 'Poet' nor 'Vocalist'."
"Oh, I knew such a long time ago."
  Cherokee was disappointed as Claire said with composed expression.
"No way. I wonder if I'm so a tone deafness being penetrated by the foreign race soon."
  Claire smiled and said as returned to a serious face.
"But the song that you sang to help Joey and me was the best masterpiece I've ever heard before flattery.
  Females on both sides also nodded. Then One of his race male came there.
"That's right, Cherokee. Actually, I have a happy news for you. As a result of acknowledging 'Judges' of both 'Front and Back', the humpback whale singing contest judging committee decided to elect you for 'Holy Singer' this year."
"Oh! Am I 'Holy Singer'!?"
  Cherokee is trembling both jaws without voice. To tell the truth, he never dreamed that the day when he would be called as "Holy Singer" by himself. The humpback whales surrounded him blessed the best young singer in the world with bubbles.
"Thank you... Thank you so much!"
  Cherokee, who was wrapped in the praise singing voice of fellows and silver bubbles, broke crying without fear of being in front of females. Although he was already sick of adventure as he have a lot of dreadful experience, but it will be in his memories forever that complemented his hardships.
"I will give you a celebration as well."
  As said so, Claire swam crawling to his side and kissed the bumpy tip of nose.
"Wow! It's embarrassing now anymore, Sister."
  Cherokee became red and covered his face with long pectoral fin. The females left and right were jealous and hit him. The bigger female hit him the lower body a little with the momentum, so the lightweight Cherokee was blown away.
"You surely will be the henpecked type, he-he."
  When the festival celebrating the birth of the new "Holy Singer" finally settles down, Cherokee talked calmly to Claire what he had accumulated in his mind.
"I think of becoming a 'Creator', Sister."
  Claire stared at the male of the hetero-race who loves children with full of humor and nodded.
"You can surely be fine 'Creator'."
  Your life has connected with a new life again, Rex; Claire thought.
"What are you planning to do now?"
"Well, Zamami on the other side of the Ryukyu islands is one of our 'Embrace Sea', and it seems that 'Furless Seal' there wants to start 'watching'. Before returning to the sea of 'Back', the 'Front' of ours, I'm thinking to go there for a moment."
"I hope to build a new relationship with 'Furless Seals'."
  Both Claire and Cherokee gave a smile. And they looked at each other's eyes without words. In retrospect, the two whales were growing together in a long journey but they were like real siblings from beginning to end.
"Well then, Good-bye, Sister. No, let's meet sometime again."
"Yes. At 'Fertile Sea'."
  Cherokee swam sweetly while keeping females along both sides. On his way he turned to Clare looking away at the street and shouted.
"Don't be killed by 'Floating Rock', Sister!"
"Don't worry about a thing! I will not make a mess three times!"
  Though, if we can make friends with "Furless Seals" even in the sea of "Back", that is really nice.; Claire thought.
  Cherokee swung a long pectoral fin and aimed for breeding sea of the race in the north of here.

  Lastly Claire saw his son and daughter alternately and said.
"Well then, let us also go."
  Following the two child whales, Claire swam straight with the pointing to the south; Towards nostalgic "Fertile Sea", where Lily and Anne are waiting and is full of the memories of Rex, the eternal paradise of whales.


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