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- Postscript -

  This is the revised version of "Whales' Ocean" published by Hyoron-Sha in 1995.
  As a long time has passed since the publication of the first edition, some of the new knowledge about whales revealed during this time are also reflected in the revised edition. I treated as "Clan of Front Side" and "Clan of Back Side" of the same race in the novel, but today common minke whale in the Northern Hemisphere and Antarctic minke whale in the Southern Hemisphere are recognized as different species. Ecotype of Orca turned out that they are not only "Fur Faction" and "Scale Faction" but more numerous. Explanation on the mechanism of deep sea diving of cachalot is based on hypothesis by Malcolm Clarke. However, it is being denied in today's study. Although I like his unique theory and I think that the torque problem is unresolved. I mentioned that the minke whale race is increasing using the expression "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the ocean." in Chapter 1, but of course the meaning is that they compensated for damage by the whaling industry along with fur seals, penguins, crabeater seals, and it is impossible for the human race to control the ecosystem of the Antarctic Ocean instead of them. The speculation that Antarctic minke whale has increased is based solely on circumstantial evidence and we know that the number is stable or decreasing today. Maurine explains this in the sequel "the next age". I used the expression "Watch by ear" in the novel, but regrettably it seems structurally impossible using echolocation for baleen whale. But recently it turned out that dwarf minke whale use a special sound, which became a topic that it seems to be the theme of Star Wars, so the possibilities that they use low tone sonar may still be left.
  While much knowledge has been gained by the remarkable progress of non-lethal method in this way, the knowledge about the breeding sea area and social behavior of Antarctic minke whale is still almost blank. Though I had thought that it could have been elucidated already. For that reason, I rarely added the settings Claire's "District" or episodes at "Embrace Sea" to the first edition. Japan's research whaling does nothing but harm.
  As the last words of Cherokee, Zamami became a famous watching spot of humpback whales in the world. On the other fin, unfortunately whaling activity that should have ended in the last century is still going on. It is deeply ashamed as living in this country that Japan still covets to be keen to the nature in Antarctica. I hope that whaling activity on the high seas will disappear and whales will be able to fulfill their own lives as wildlife while I lives.
  Paul Winter's music is just right for this novel, so I always listen as BGM of each chapters.

  I'm currently looking for publisher / agent for the English version. If you are interested please contact me.

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