~ Anti-whaling voice from Japan ~


Australia should tackle climate change and rough development for endangered species rather than feral cats!!

AUS' field study at '14 show that a 50% decrease of corvids was observed after baiting. It's disturbance of ecosystem.
AUS should cancel the plan until that reason and influence on all non-target species has been clarified "clearly".
AUS should draw up comprehensive plan & show the culling number of rabbits and rats before carrying out only destruction of cats.
AUS' plan is just like NEWREP-A;Japanese research whaling which prioritize lethal method than non-lethal.
There is no scientific basis for the number of 'cull 2 million by 2020' as same as Japanese research whaling.
Killing number is seen easily for public but is wrong index for conservation. It doesn't mean guarantee for endangered species.
Prof. Johnson (UTAS) said significantly reduction of those wildlife began recently, not from 200 years ago when cats arrived.
In Japan, feral cats influenced to endangered species are captured "alive" and conditioned as domestic cats. Why AUS can't!?
Humane culling is guaranteed only in a laboratory, not in a field. It should be perfect, not "as possible".
AUS request Japan humanely capturing of whales & dolphins strictly. I agree that's right. But AUS have to do so for cats!
AUS has granted pro-whaling Japanese with strong assistance by this mass-culling cat plan.
AUS' report presents many threat which is greater risk than feral cat predation. But AUS doesn't show countermeasure for them.
The highest threat to AUS' wildlife is climate change. Not cat. Why doesn't AUS attack against stronger enemy but to the weak!?
Does Minister Hunt love coal industry and the livestock industry more than cat and wildlife?
AUS shouldn't fear cat or carbon tax, but fear climate change and rough development threatened wildlife.

- Australia should stop mass culling cats just like as Japanese research whaling! (Sorry, Japanese text only)
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