~ Anti-whaling voice from Japan ~

Australia, New Zealand and other nations should sue illegal NEWREP-A to ITLOS/PCA immediately!!

- Let's travel to Japan after it withdraw whaling on the high seas!
- Let's enjoy "Washoku" after Japan cease to impose its values on Southern Ocean!
- Let's buy Japanese brands after Japan plead guilty to the charge of illegal whaling concluded by the ICJ and apologize to the world!

- Japan's public broadcast picked a fight with NZ, UK and Gabon!!

"News Watch 9"; a main news program of NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) said that "the real purpose of New Zealand is to waste Japan's image." And in the news, Johji Morishita, Japan's commissioner have compared a good relationship between Gabon and U.K. to "Trojan horse". NZ, Gabon, and U.K. should strongly protest NHK and Japanese government against the news report which distort the facts and denigrate their trust!!

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Stop Japan's illegal whaling equal to North Korea's missile!!

- Petition to request four countries to present a case to the ICJ for a ruling on Japanese whaling (JARPN II) which is in breach of CITES, ICRW, and the IWC resolution -

Peace to nature and animals before Tokyo Olympic 2020!!

- Stop developing Kasai Rinkai Park where is the sanctuary of little tern and other wild birds for Olympic canoe game!
- Stop destroying a large number of crows in Tokyo!
- Stop reclaiming Henoko, Okinawa where endangered dugongs live in for military base!
- Stop dolphin hunting and exhibiting at aquarium!
- Stop whaling in the Antarctic!

Is Japanese whaling a culture endorsed worldwide?

- An Open Letter to UNESCO about the Registration of "Washoku" (Japanese food culture) as a World Heritage -
-Don't register Japanese food culture on the Intangible Cultural Heritage until Japan stop whaling in the Antarctic and regain the spirits of their lost true food culture, "Chisan-Chisho" and "Mottainai"!!

Now, Japan is planning of entry Japanese food culture as the Intangible Cultural Heritage to UNESCO.
But their intention is to get the endorsement from UNESCO which has international authority and to use the excuse to justify their whaling activity under international waters and the Antarctic Sea.
They say that a feature of Japanese food culture is use food rooted in national land, but this is a overt lie.
Certainly there is a saying "Chisan-Chisho" in our Country that mean to use only local food, but Japan neglect own important culture and the food self-sufficiency of Japan is the lowest among developed country as you know.
And also the amount of food waste in Japan is over 20 million tons per year, this amount is four times all of world food aid and the amount per capita is the most in the world.
This is so sad as a Japanese.
Japan's activity clearly contravene the principles of UNESCO to protection wildness strictly.

Please send your message to UNESCO!

-Together At This Time, We Can Stop Henoko Relocation and Research Whaling!!

-The Japanese government is planning to apply a subsidy for "profitable fisheries" to research whaling in the Antarctic.

That means Japan's research whaling is not for science, but just for commerce.
Japan plot to continue whaling in the Antarctic the next decade.
And also, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries says that the 2.3 billion yen ($29 million) budget for recovery from the 311 disaster into whaling in the Antarctic is justified for the purpose of encouragement to victims of Tohoku.
Is that mean that Japan needed only the whaling to recover from the disaster but not need support and donations from all over the world?
To apply the budget for recovery from the disaster into whaling is gibe many Japanese victims still suffering and foreign people that helped Japan.

Please send your message to Japanese Embassy in your country and your government!

Japan has cut the budget for the Antarctic exploration, but has appropriated subsidies for research whaling. That's an insult to science!!

Unlike Europe, many historical buildings in Japan has lost for cost reasons. But Japan justify whaling in saying that's their important traditional culture. That's an insult to tradition!!

- Australia should tackle climate change and rough development for endangered species rather than feral cats!!

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