~ Anti-whaling voice from Japan ~

Japan's red list of marine creatures by Fiseries Agency is too terrible!!

Ultra double standard of Japan's diplomacy: 100% opposite in nuclear ban and "Favorite sashimi"

Ultra double standard of Japan's diplomacy: Territorial disputes issue and Japanese research whaling

Future IWC for Japan, fishery, the world and whales; the keyword is "Ebisu"

Why Australia order new submarines from "outlaw on the sea" Japan; the state which ignore the ICJ's decision and trample the international law for "favorite Sashimi"!?

Federal Court of Australia fines Japanese whaler Kyodo Senpaku co. ltd $1m over illegal whaling in Australian Whale Sanctuary in November 2015.
Australian claims about sovereignty over a part of Antarctica and the surrounding waters are not always internationally recognized like as Japanese sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands, Takeshima, and Japan's Northern Territories.
But, Japanese whaling in the Antarctic sea has been certified all over the world as clearly illegal for ICJ's judge.
New Japanese whaling named NEWREP-A is extremely inaccuracy unscientific like as JARPAII: the past illegal whaling, so the program was severely criticized by IWC SC and its expert panel.
Additionally, the main purpose of NEWREP-A is certainly "for stable supply of favorite whale meat Sashimi" just like as illegal JARPAII; which said at the Japanese diet by Mr. Motokawa, the top bureaucrat of the Japanese Fisheries Agency.
Australia never catch migratory birds around the Senkaku Islands for the reason of research or their own food culture as "the grilled chicken for Xmas".
On the other hand, Japan has done the same things in the southern hemisphere for long year, and intend to continue!!
Australian and people in the southern hemisphere definitely forgive those haughtiness and self‐righteousness of Japan!!
Does Japan buy submarines to defend the territorial waters from China, Korea, or Russia? Most of the Japanese will say "There could be none".
Well, does Australia choice the act Japan never done?

Australian patrol vessel should stop guilty by Japanese illegal whaling fleet!!
Mr. Turnbull should show an attitude to arrest Japanese illegal whaling in the Antarctic sea!!

Australian maritime officer may also exercise maritime powers under Federal Court and the ICJ.
Australia should strictly exercise authority toward Japanese illegal whaling fleet and stop their guilty!!
When Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull visit to Tokyo, he should strongly and clearly tell to Japan's PM Shinzo Abe that Australia never forgive Japan's crime to environment and will exercise authority to stop those illegal activity, and can't order to state which doesn't abide the international low!!
Australian people had better notice what he will say in Tokyo!

-Maritime Powers Act 2013

The ICR continues looking for the scientific reason of the research whaling in a postscript

-Japan will lose the legal suit about case of whaling in the Antarctic at ICJ

-Why the Japanese government grant a first priority on foreign policy for pro-whaling !?

Australia, New Zealand and other nations which opposed to Japanese whaling are imperialist?? NO!!

Japanese whaling that invade and eat away the Antarctic nature is what "Sashimi-imperialism" or "Epicure-imperialism"!!
This is Japan's "New expansionism" set with ultra nationalism which recalls Japanese militarism and imperialism with the extension of the colony in World War II.
Mr. Morishita; Japanese official of whaling section is a propaganda maker who play on words.

Do you still call "under control"!?

Japan has cut the budget for the Antarctic exploration, but has appropriated subsidies for research whaling. That's an insult to science!!
Unlike Europe, many historical buildings in Japan has lost for cost reasons. But Japan justify whaling in saying that's their important traditional culture. That's an insult to tradition!!
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